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Zworld Afterlife is a free zombie survival, which you may have known as Zmod on Gmod from 2008 to 2012. It is the first of its kind long before DayZ, WarZ, H1Z1, Survivor Story.

My references were Resident Evil 1, 2 and 3. And the first three Silent Hills. The suggestions of the players influenced a lot this project, and real life experience was the basis.
This website is translated into two languages, French and English.

Content you will find on the website

Two Homes, one French Home and one English Home.
Two forums. One forum for Francophone and one forum for the Anglophones community.
A world ranking with several categories,
The list of official servers, showing the players connected in real time.
A shop where you can activate the premium status, purchase Zcoins, Rent a server.
A complete tutorial of the game written by the author himself.
A profile area with each player's stats and a list of their survivors and unlocked successes.
A support ticket space.
A to-do-list allowing the author to inform the progress of the objectives on the development of the project.
There's no room for laziness, I've worked hard. You will find History of all updates sorted by year.
A cool donation system, Sometimes a player is satisfied and feels like buying the author a cup of coffee. Here you will find the list of his users.

You are looking for a healthy, relaxed and unbiased workspace? You have found.
Read the documentation to answer your questions.
Friendly regards,

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