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Par David (Nordahl)

📌 Changelog

➕ Feature:
+New website fr: https://zworld-afterlife.com/fr/home
+New website en: https://zworld-afterlife.com/en/home
+New system of server list fr: https://zworld-afterlife.com/fr/servers
+New system of server list en: https://zworld-afterlife.com/en/servers
-Removed the old server list system.
-Removed the TOP50
+New system of global ranking fr and en (Check the website)
+New loading screen.

✅ Patch:
+Fix When the chat block the panels in use.

➕ Feature:
+ Wiki is updated about the next line: +
+ You need now the saw to craft plank with the woods
+ Some item crafted will be stored directly in the inventory.
Zworld Admin tools:
+ New Spectator Mod
+ The admin eyes can see now the vehicles

✅ Patch:
[Fixed] Door : When the fortification of the door, all goes well but during repair the 200 hp will repair 20 hp
[Fixed] Door : The buttons of repair is called "burning the body" instead of "repair"
[Fixed] Barricade : The buttons of repair is called "burning the body" instead of "repair"
[Fixed] Scale : When improvements ( +1 lvl and 100 hp ) appears, but if one analyzes the lvl of the scale falls to 0.
[Fixed] The pile of plank made automatically 1 small in it.
[Fixed] Stuck when you have alot wood: When cutting the wood, and that it poses a bunch of wood (50/50) we cannot ask a second near it, and so we can easily stay block.
[Fixed] When you receive a message in chat and the menu is open some of the buttons no longer works until the message disappears..

➕ Feature:
+ New chat system
+ Disable the chat of the source engine
+ Reduced the loading time by reducing the number of query.
Zworld Door Improvement:
+ Add Shortcut: Sprint+Use to open the doors without open the menu of interaction of the doors.
Zworld Admin tools:
+ Marker of maps (Player can see the point)

✅ Patch:
+ Speed Prone Glitch (after the death)
+ Fix some Animations
+ Fixed the pocket
+ Craft Wood fence Fixed
+ Prone Glitch (Bypass the effects of the weight)
+ The builder was reversed with the arms dealer.

✅ Patch:
+ Speed Prone Glitch (after the death)
+ Fix some Animations
+ Fixed the pocket

➕ Feature:
Zworld-Objective :
+ New server configuration
+ FPS Optimisation
+ Add means of payment by phone. With StarPass (1 code = 120Zcoins)
+ Add means of payment by phone. With AlloPass (1 code = 120Zcoins)
+ Zworld Footstep System Optimisation
+ Winter immersive (35 maps done)
+ Autumn immersive (35 maps done)
+ Recode All the animations system
+ Add the animation to crawl on the ground.
+ Announcement system with banner clickable to the home screen
+ Recode Zworld_Skybox System
+ Optimize NPC Merchant system Interaction with the windows
+ Auto-add to the whitelist when renting.
+ Possibility to rent a server from any server. (System table)
+ New HUD + Optimisation : Screen
+ HUD Effect for the immersion, cold, blood, snow, rain.
+ Synchronization of seasons with the players when the admin change the season manually.
+ Improvement and optimisation of the admin eyes. screen
+ Spawn Menu icon : screen
+ Add a NPC Merchant of skins
+ Interface to interact with the doors
+ Interaction with the windows
+ Persistence of Ressource, Stock of Planks & Woods will be saved afte reboot.
+ Possibility to change the skin since the menu escape.
+ Possibility to identify the owner of the stock of timber and plank. Screen
+ Interface improvement (Generator, Watertank, campfire, collector of rain water)
+ Collector of rain water is persistant
+ Collector of rain have a life, and can be destroy by zombies.
+ Collector of rain, can be restored. screen
+ The fuel tank. screen
+ Persistence of resources collected, Stock Wood, Stock planks, Stock water, Stock of fuel.
+ Jump voice sound
New Map :
+ rp_stalker_v2
+ gm_greenatomic
+ rp_greenapocalypse
Zworld Optimisation:
+ Physics of Trees
+ Physics of Constructions
+ Physics of Furnitures
Zworld Workshop Side:
+ New Content send on the workshop content pack
+ Merge the Pack-maps 24 Addons to 13 addons for the maps
+ New map is send in the pack-map content.

✅ Patch:
+ Fixed glitch of animation (Swim animation)

➕ Feature:
New maps:
+ Optimisation
+ Add the Furniture
+ Add the foliage
+ Nodegraphe for the AI
+ Publish the maps+Content on the 12 servers
+ Add new human spawn
+ Add zombies spawn
+ Convert all in script lua
+ Optimisation
+ Add the Furniture
+ Add the foliage
+ Publish the maps+Content on the 12 servers
+ Add new human spawn
+ Add zombies spawn
+ Convert all in script lua
+ Nodegraphe for the AI
+ Optimisation
+ Add the Furniture
+ Add the foliage
+ Publish the maps+Content on the 12 servers
+ Add new human spawn
+ Add zombies spawn
+ Convert all in script lua
+ Nodegraphe for the AI
+ Wiki update Fr&En (For new wood construction)
+ Major Improvement of the website.
+ Remove the old Server review system
+ New Server review script
+ Server review icon
Zworld Fire System:
+ Remove from all my systems the Source Engine Fire system
+ Create a New system of Fire, more realistic more optimized than the original of Source Engine
+ Zombie can burn with the new system
+ Burn the note with the new system
+ Vehicle fire + Explosion + Smoke
+ The explosions of the vehicles kill the zombies.
+ The explosions of the vehicles Destroys the buildings.
+ Fuel fire
+ New campfire system
+ apply the new effect when you burn the human corps
+ The jerrycan immolate the zombies when it explodes.0junk_12.png
+ Turn off the zombies on fire with a extinguisher.(Zombies on fire are dangerous for you and your wood construction.)
+ Turn off you self or an player on fire with a extinguisher.
+ New Fire, Make it dangerous for the player.
+ Optimization of the fire extinguisher
+ Wooden buildings can burn and spread the fire.
New Craft:
+ Icon
+ entitie: Ladder(Wood).
+ entitie: barrier small(Wood).
+ entitie: barrier middle(Wood).
+ entitie: barrier large(Wood).
+ Add in admin spawnmenu
+ Add in craft system
+ Add this new crafts in the wiki
+ Blacklist System is improved.
+ The axe cause bleeding on humans.
+ Death by explosion is now write in the console.
+ Thridperson View improvement.
+ Campfire interface
+ The temperature is added to the date display.
+ System to talk with players from the console. (Because the command is not compatible with the system of chat of Zworld) This will allow me to answer the players ' questions more easily before the maintenance. Without being connected to the servers.
Global Ban System Improvement:
+ Servers Blacklist is updated in real time.
Optimisation and news:
+ Bleeding system + New bar for the blood in HUD
+ Zombie Bleeding effect.
+ Human Bood effect.
+ Important optimization of servers with the new system of foliages. The maps will be even more green. Without any loss of resource!!!!
+ Adapt the new system of foliages for the 33 maps.
+ Adapt the new system of foliages for Zmap Maker tools.
+ Add more foliage type. Screen on Facebook: LINK
+ Upgrade of server data management: CPUx2: 2 cores -> 4 cores + RAMx2: 2048 Mo -> 4096 Mo
+ 3 category of trees. Deciduous trees, conifers and dead trees. 16 models of trees.
+ New Ruined Vehicle Control System.
+ Icons of Npcs
+ Icons of Ruined Vehicle
+ New Foliage Control System.
+ Icons of Foliages
Death Sound:
+ Drowned
+ Burned
+ Simple Death
Weather Optimisation:
+ Snow: improvement of the script, huge gain of performance (x10)
+ Rain: huge gain of performance (x10)
+ Made the Zcoin Logo
+ Include the Zcoin System in game
+ Remove the old system of payment of Zworld-Afterlife. The browser Gmod is too old to use paypal.
Currently you get a message like: "Looks like you’re using an older version of your browser. To check out with PayPal, please upgrade to the latest version".
+ Use the Zcoin ingame to rent server.
+ Use the Zcoin to activate your Zworld account.
+ Web interface.
+ Game interface.
+ System of Log for every time you use Zcoins.
+ Possibility to give some Zcoins for your friend.
+ Possibility to give some Zcoins to support the renter of servers.

✅ Patch:
+ Thridperson View Glitch
+ Duplication of the barricades when they are purchased at NPCS Builder. Need the removal of any buildings on the servers.
+ Fixed script for zm_diamondshoals_a2
+ Fixed script for zm_gasdump_b4
+ Fixed materials for the map zm_downtown_v1
+ Fix rp_neverlosehopehospital_v1-6 (impossible to change for this map)
+ Fix zm_downtown_v1 (impossible to change for this map)
+ Fixed elevator invisible in map never_lose_hope_hospital
+ Fixed campfire wood limitation.
+ Explosion of cars kill everyone now.
+ Store at a distance, in the backpack. Fixed.
+ Fixed script for zm_diamondshoals_a2
+ The F1 menu not centralized correctly for all resolutions. Now Fixed.

➕ Feature:
+New system of interaction between the players
+A player can violently push another player. (Useful for people who are afk on the passage. And another...)
+Script System to Take item in the backpack of your friend without drop it on the ground
+Skill to check the heal point of construction
+The End of the 'Reload button' on the barricade. (New menu with interface)
+New menu with interface check Screens
+Possibility of recycling the constructions are not finished.
+Possibility to repair of the barricades
+Possibility to level the reenforcement of the constructions.
+Possibility to drop the stack of metal or choose the quantity you want drop, not only 10 per 10.
+Add new ressource. The screwed for the constructions improvement. And more later.
+Add the new ressource in system of loot for the furnitures.
+Script System to Store in the backpack of your friend
+Translated the new things in 21 languages.
New Item:
Sound Effect
Inventory adaptation
Add in Zword Spawn Menu
Info: The Saw usefull to recycle the construction and crafting of plank.
+Screwed box:
Sound Effect
Inventory adaptation
Add in Zword Spawn Menu

✅ Patch:
+Fixed batterie error lua server side. (Reason some time you can not take the car batterie)
+New administration panel.
+New system to manage the server.
+Optimisation of the admin panel(The new system is more lightweight, it works with 40 files in less and spends 350ko to 141ko. Edit: 98ko)
+New rank, Super-Admin, Co-Owner
+Season control
+When you open a menu with F1,F2,F3 or F4 you can close it by pressing the same button.
+New F3 Menu for the Owners.
+Edit your own reason of Kick & Ban
+Fixed gm_fork map (collision)
+Optimisation gain:
Old Version vs New Version:
8.15Mo 7.09Mo
997 files 749 Files
1.Gb of bandwidth saved for the connection of 943 players.
+New structure for storage of data.
+Optimisation of the loading bar.

➕ Feature:
Interface to burn the corpses: more here
Distance meter with sorts system in the panel of management.
Improvement of the admin eyes (check facebook)
Optimizing vehicle scripts (fix also some error)
Fix number of slots on backpacks
Fix Spawn maker
Fixed map ForestRoad reported by Bayner
Host the 20 packs of maps on the ftp with materials included and on the workshop:
-zwapackmap_1 cityruins 687161007 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=687161007
-zwapackmap_2 gm_bay 687166674 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=687166674
-zwapackmap_3 gm_forest 687167016 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=687167016
-zwapackmap_4 gm_valley 687167470 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=687167470
-zwapackmap_5 rd_apartmentcomplex 687167947 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=687167947
-zwapackmap_6 zombiesurvival_invasion_v2x 687157183 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=687157183
-zwapackmap_7 gm_aftermath_day_v1_0 687168754 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=687168754
-zwapackmap_8 gm_atomic 687170037 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=687170037
-zwapackmap_9 gm_shambles_day 687170745 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=687170745
-zwapackmap_10 gm_fork 687173142 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=687173142
-zwapackmap_11 rp_neverlosehopehospital_v1-6 687174436 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=687174436
-zwapackmap_12 rp_necro_forest_a1 687175674 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=687175674
-zwapackmap_13 rp_oviscity_gmc4_fixed 687176496 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=687176496
-zwapackmap_14 rp_outercanals 687177798 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=687177798
-zwapackmap_15 rp_outercanals_winter 687179885 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=687179885
-zwapackmap_16 rp_necro_urban_v3b 687197244 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=687197244
-zwapackmap_17 rp_v_sacrifice_1 687199639 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=687199639
-zwapackmap_18 10maps 687201000 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=687201000
-zwapackmap_19 rp_v_torrington 687240098 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=687240098
-zwapackmap_20 rp_evocity_v33x 687260091 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=687260091

➕ Feature:
Backpack order of capacity:
3,4,6,8,9,9,10,14,16 Slots:
Possibility to move, stack. The corpses come back to life as fast infected between 2 minutes and 10 minutes after they died and become slow zombies the next day. Burn the corpses with gasoline, or move them on the camp fire to destroy them before they become a problem for your base! ^^
System of identification of the corpses.
Les Cadavres:
Possibilité de les déplacer. Les empiler. Les cadavres reviennent à la vie en rapide infectés dans un temps impartie entre 2 minutes et 10 minutes. Et deviennent des lentes zombie le jour suivant. Bruler les cadavres avec de l'essence ou deplacez les sur le feu de camp pour détruire avant de devenir un problème dans votre base! ^^
System d'identification des corpses.
New system of loading Resource
-1 Will bring a lot of optimisation that was never seen on Zworld. Better performance for all the systems.
-2 Rules show also in home screen
-3 Possibility to contact the renter in the home-screen
-1 Background performance scripts improved by 40% client-side.
-2 Background performance scripts improved by 30% server-side.
- Optimisation of the detection system +30% more zombies.
Stress Test Result; 17.68Sec with the old system
Stress Test Result; 6.28Sec with the new system
The new system includes the detection and destruction of the wood piles as some of you leave them to block zeds. (also works with the planks stock )

✅ Patch:
+ Décharger une arme en admin mod la rend équipable
+ Le Flaregun ne peut être ramassé lorsqu'on le sort d'un conteneur d'objet
+ Voiture toujours fonctionnelle après sa destruction : Rester à l’intérieur pendant la panne.
+ Les bandages ne pouvaient être craft à condition d'avoir six vêtements.
+ Lorsqu'un Loueur vient de louer le serveur il sera plus nécessaire de rebooter les serveurs pour initialisé le systèmes des votes.
+ Fonction Send Wiki en grade 15 n'envoiet pas le wiki mais une autre page.
–Paper spawns when you "hold" it from a furniture
–You can heal your friend with the red medkit
–No more bug related to the collision with the battery
–You can now store the battery in the furnitures and in the backpacks
–You can store the metal bucket in the vehicle
–Double Crate crafted when persistence of servers is enabled

➕ Feature:
Sleeping Pills (Check the wiki)
1.Chat System. screen
2.Escape Menu. screen
3.Survivor Corpses lootable: More on our Facebook page
4.New Admin Function "Force Model": Link
5.System Vote for the Owners, Follow the owner permanently. It will not be reset at the end of the rent.
6.Players Dead Bodies Lootable
Function auto-refuel is replaced by "Vehicle total repair" function.
Option for the Owner to boot on custom map made by the owner and his team:
Option for the Owner to boot on custom spawn of human and zombies made by the owner and his team
-Chat Command:
1.Chat command: !rand to generate a random number between 1 and 100.
Sometimes useful to use the opportunity to share items on servers friendly fire is disabled. And for other use that I have not thought of yet. Owners are generally creative with the tools I create.
-Modeling by Popkill:
-Ammo box of Zworld
-Wiki Update:
Chat command FR & EN
Medical Object FR & EN
Spawn function very light.
Mounted a Server FTP for the global update in one time.

✅ Patch:
+ Gilet par balle infinies
+ Safe zone
+ Course infinie
+ Ne jamais avoir besoin de dormir
+ Réparation à l'infinie
+ Vue à la 3éme personne
+ Les joueurs ayant la database et un tournevis dans l'inventaire, perdent le tournevis si il

1. The weapons doesn't spawn in the body of the survivor
2. Impossibility to continue when you died.

➕ Feature:
-Rain collect HUD Optimizing.
-New way to indicate that the container can not be filled. More information here
-AdminEyes of Admins can be disabled. (This new system reduces number of functions used in function HUD. Gain some fps.)
-Dynamic Third Person View in vehicle.
-Possibility to sit on the ground.
-FPS Optimization: Optimizing functions of view
-FPS Optimization: Optimizing functions of HUD
-Color codes added in the console when you die (The colors helps to see the differences from the way of dying) screen
-Chat Command: /clear or !clear to clean the chat.
-Click on the name of player in the scoreboard to copy information like, SteamID, SteamID64, Steam prifil link or open STEAM REP.
-CreatorMod can be enabled with a simple button in panel F2. More here
-Starpass and Allopass scripts improved.
Pannel F2:
-Option Global Ban for support and Author. Allows saving time.

✅ Patch:
[FIX] The ability to see through the scope sniper when you are in the third person.
[FIX] Support Color CHat fixed for the support members
[FIX] Support can add Owner on a available server
Error Lua Fixed:
[FIX] gamemodes/zworld/gamemode/joueur/manipcl.lua:792: attempt to index local 'meublenow1' (a nil value)
1. unknown - gamemodes/zworld/gamemode/joueur/manipcl.lua:792
2. unknown - lua/includes/modules/concommand.lua:54
[FIX] gamemodes/zworld/entities/entities/food_girlscout_cookies/cl_init.lua:392: attempt to call method 'Close' (a nil value)
1. DoClick - gamemodes/zworld/entities/entities/food_girlscout_cookies/cl_init.lua:392
2. OnMouseReleased - lua/vgui/dlabel.lua:218
3. unknown - lua/vgui/dmenuoption.lua:116

➕ Feature:
Santa Claus
New System to Optimize the servers:
-Remove the invisible entity trunk of the vehicle for a new system based on vehicle. (Optimizes servers and control of driving.) Corrects the same time the storage bug.
-Owner can insert person "screen loading url" in the panel of management of the server.
-Set wear car batteries when you plug a lamp

✅ Patch:
-All Bug reported in version 18.0a: Fixed
-Interface to take: Red Medkit on the ground Fixed
*Fixed some item can not put in inventory since furniture interface :-radio Fixed
-flask Fixed
-bottle Fixed
-kevlar Fixed
-Pills Fixed

➕ Feature:
-Possibility To Wake up a friend.
-The energy drinks restores 50% of stamina. 10% of the stripping bar.
-New article about the story of Zworld-Afterlife in the Z-Time (4 Janvier/January 4)
-Korean translation By Refirser[???]
-Major optimization of vehicle seat systems.
-Creating entities for urban areas. To sleep or take a nap.
-Place bed and armchair entity in house of on all the maps (They are 30 maps)
-The car battery will discharge when using the headlights.
-Heating in the car
-Add Hazard lights [car]
-Icon of status effect left midfielder position. You can not miss them.
-Generator System + Icon
-Connect lamp on the car batterie
-Charge the energie of the car batterie with the generator
-Add 2 Closed Sleeping Bag
-Add 2 Deployed Sleeping Bag
-Add new tool for the maintenance of engines, the screwdriver.
-Generator can be broken
-Repair the Generator +25% (Pipe + 4 Metal plate + Ductape)
-Repair the Generator +5% (Screwdriver + Hose)
-Repair the Engine of the vehicle +25% (Pipe + 4 Metal plate + Ductape)
-Repair the Engine of the vehicle +5% (Screwdriver + Hose)
-Translation in 21 languages the word of the interfaces.
-Enable the skill "engineering"
-Level up System for the skill "engineering"
-Light Optimization
-New Jerrycan
-Optimizing performance script of fuel in all system use it.
-New Spawn Menu (Menu F3)
-Use the cloth to dry.
-Optimization of transmission scripts damage to the engine. Many processes for nothing. The result is the same but with less computation.
-New access system to the vehicle parts
-Put new loot in auto-loot system
-Knocking on doors and making noise check if a zombie is on the other side
-"-Press E-". It appears fluently. And only if you are close to the object you are targeting
-28 News music Event in Admin Panel (F2)

✅ Patch:
-[Fix] Easier to find the position of the seats to sit.
-[Fix]Overlapping music. Event & Ambience:(When the music of events are launched by the admins, the original ambience music is muted.)

➕ Feature:
Adapt Old script of Items for the new menu:
+ Drink, Food, Medical, Material, Ressource, Melee Weapons, Ammo, Handgun, Primary Weapons.
+ New storage system inventory information.
+ When players die the Ammunitions dropped is concentrated in a single entity in its class. Lightened of -25 functions.
+ Ammunition boxes is not a fixed value. This will create a storage. This avoids Droper several magazines on the ground when you do not have the sufficient amount to drop a full box.
New system of Interaction:
+ Script of dynamic Interface
+ Skin

✅ Patch:
+ Note stuck in your inventory.
+ Stamina as low as a negative value with melee weapons.

➕ Feature:
+ Set the Fov for the handguns.
Wiki integrated to the game| Wiki Full Fr & En:
+ Wiki Français. Par Nordahl.
+ English Wiki. By Nordahl.
Inventory + Craft:
+ New interface.
+ Now you can move when the inventory is open.
+ Chance rate system for the ignit of campfires.
+ 1 News News Paper = Chance rate +50%
+ possibility to add paper. 1 Paper = Chance rate +15%
+ possibility to add paper money. 1 Paper Money = Chance rate +1% per 10$
+ New Interface (screen here)
+ Support Rank (Guest < Moderator < Admin < Owner < Support < Author)
Support Team= Popkill, Billy, Nanaki, Sheo.
Admin, Owner:
+ New function in the panel of management, when player have not a realist name you can invit him to change it.
+ Button to remove all trees
+ Button to remove Grass and Bush
+ Improvement of the interface, SCREEN: Link
+ Function Return Position after teleport a player
+ Function Teleport with the tool
+ An admin mod noclip could block a player. It is now not possible. And this allows the invisible admin not interfere.
Avoid certain thing happening again:
+ An Owner can not remove itself from the list of Owners.
Selection Survivor:
+ Improve Light effect on the models.
+ Get 3 Rounds in Zworld-Afterlife: Virus to win the game. (Before 5)
Set the Basic equipment for Minigame: Zworld-Afterlife: Conflict Survior, Capture the Flag, Collect Ressource
+ Compass
+ Flashlight
+ Talkie Walkie
+ Mp5 (Magazine (30))
+ Beretta (Magazine (15))
+ 1 Box of 9mm (60)
+ 4 Batteries
Subscription Automatized:
+ For 6 Month.
+ For 12 Month.
Rental servers:
+ Interface.
+ Automation of the rental.
+ Player can give a Score for the Renter with F2.
+ Access Info And Score of Renter (Owner) with F2 if the player is not the admin or moderator he have a special interface, the others in management panel (Tab Owner).
+ System of Warning when server is not managed by the dev team.

✅ Patch:
+ Fixed instability of the last update of gmod. Client crash on someone map like gm_shamble and others.

[FIXED] Lua Error Know:
+ [ERROR] gamemodes/zworld/gamemode/cl_furniture.lua:204: Tried to use a NULL entity!
1. GetClass - [C]:-1
2. v - gamemodes/zworld/gamemode/cl_furniture.lua:204
3. unknown - lua/includes/modules/hook.lua:84

➕ Feature:
Jerrycan Interface Information in the corner.
Jerrycan animation
Extinguisher Interface Information in the corner.

✅ Patch:
Glitch with the Fuel in Vehicle. With negative numbers.
Glitch with the Jerrycan with negative numbers.
Possibility to take money dirrectly in storage without drop on the ground.

➕ Feature:
+Complete translation Norwegian Version by [W-G]Pese3
✅ Patch:
-Pink Link Discovery and report a glitch that could crash the servers at 100% of attempts.
-Fix Glitch with cooking pot and campfire, repported by Bily.
-Fix Glitch with the possibility to take the watertanks in the pocket. repported by Pink Link.
-Fix Glitch with the possibility to take the Metal Basin in the pocket. repported by Pink Link.
-Fix Glitch with the possibility to take the Metal Bucket in the pocket. repported by Pink Link.
-Fix Glitch with ranking system.

➕ Feature:
+System of Safe-Zone
+System of Music Controle
+New Panel (F1)
+New Mod Graphic: (Comic Book Mod)
Event Music From youtube:
+Possibility to set the volume.
+The script that allows the use of items in the furniture inside is optimized by 415%.
Admin tool:
Updates list of Items can be picked directly into the furniture:

✅ Patch:
Errors lua collected and fixed since the 2 last months Fixed:100%
[ERROR FIXED] gamemodes/zworld/gamemode/cl_option.lua:947: Tried to use a NULL entity!
1. CreateSound - [C]:-1
2. ZmodMus - gamemodes/zworld/gamemode/cl_option.lua:947
3. unknown - gamemodes/zworld/gamemode/cl_classes.lua:91

[ERROR FIXED] gamemodes/zworld/gamemode/cl_voix.lua:108: attempt to index global 'client' (a nil value)
1. PlayerEndVoice - gamemodes/zworld/gamemode/cl_voix.lua:108
2. unknown - gamemodes/zworld/gamemode/cl_voix.lua:69

[ERROR FIXED] gamemodes/zworld/gamemode/cl_option.lua:373: attempt to index global 'client' (a nil value)
1. SendText2 - gamemodes/zworld/gamemode/cl_option.lua:373
2. unknown - gamemodes/zworld/gamemode/cl_option.lua:560

[ERROR FIXED] gamemodes/zworld/entities/entities/bac_1/cl_init.lua:103: attempt to compare number with nil
1. unknown - gamemodes/zworld/entities/entities/bac_1/cl_init.lua:103

[ERROR FIXED] gamemodes/zworld/gamemode/cl_furniture.lua:463: attempt to compare number with nil
1. unknown - gamemodes/zworld/gamemode/cl_furniture.lua:463

[ERROR FIXED] gamemodes/zworld/gamemode/cl_init2.lua:149: attempt to index global 'client' (a nil value)
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➕ Feature:
New Open World:
+Place point of extraction on Outercanal, Valley, Bay, Fork
Server Management:
+Improvement of panel of Management.
+More word translated in 23 languages availables on Zworld-Afterlife.
+Viewer system.
+70 Events Music In the play list.
+Use the youtube video link, to generate a music event of the server. All players can hear it. Since the panel of Management F2
+Ability to pay in a different way. Not only PayPal.
+Option to subscribe with AlloPass.
+Option to subscribe with Starpass.
+Status visible Member donor in the scoreboard.
+Automatic activation of the account and instantly after payment. No more waiting for the automatic activation. No need to find and send the steam ID.
+New music for the Homescreen created by Nordahl.
+Script to include the music in homescreen with fading when menu is close.
Construction: Someone screens: here
+A wood cabin
+Insert in craft list
+Update the wiki
+Insert in construction system
+Add the cabine in System of persistance
+Database script
+Zombies script
+New detection system: Zombies can break all barricades, regardless the height they are placed.
+You can not climb on the heads of zombies. Now they attack.
+Can find money in searching on the zombies corpse.

➕ Feature:
+make an plan of the 7 maps for beginning. Plan Here
+Prepare 7 Servers on 7 differents maps of the plan.
+Create 16 webpages for the open world
+Create/Script Gate of travel without the second loading bar inside of map.
+Open 7 Servers on 7 maps of the plan.
+'Moans' when hunger and thirst becomes critical Suggestion by Toxido
+Optimizing the godlight for the adminod tools.
+Chat improvement, color for admin, moderator, owner.
+More words Translated in 26 languages.

➕ Feature:
+Talkie Walkie
Chat Improvement: Local Chat
+Local is Replaced by Proximity
+Possibility to Whisper (Only player distance 1m can see your whisper)
+Possibility to use Private Message of the Talkie Walkie (Only player on the same frequency can see the message)
+Battrie system for the radio.
+Channel Vocal for the Talkie Walkie (Only player on the same frequency can hear)
+Furniture: Dresser
+Furniture: Endtable
+Furniture: Bin
+Furniture: Waste Container
+Furniture: New Pharmacie Model
+Remove all old pharmacies on 32 maps.
+Replace new pharmacies on 32 maps.
+The system time accumulated on our servers is optimized and corrected.
+Adminmod: Can see merchand position in the map with the admineyes.
+Changing the probability spawn ammunition. (Rarified)

✅ Patch:
+Fix: A lua error come by rarely when you die related to the display of your score.
+Fix: Car trunck. Possibility to lock.

➕ Feature:
+The ability to change the rules in the scoreboard.
+Auto switch with first person when you aim with the spniper.
+Mouse sensibility with the scope.

✅ Patch:
+fix players Killed does not appear in the scoreboard.
+fix players Killed does not appear in the console.

➕ Feature:
+Optimizing the rain effect.
The current multiplier is 15, to crash my clientside I increased to 35 in the testes. After optimization of the script, I set the multiplier to 100 without any problems. No loss of performance. Back to 15 the best of cases.
+Ability to accumulate heat from a campfire. To embark on winter expeditions outside when the weather is against you.
+Breath effect. When it is cold.
+New Homescreen
+Tool:Scanning system for missing materials.
+Optimize effect of pain.
+Optimize Voice HUD Effect.
+New Panel of Management Server system.
+Optimize Admin System.
+Optimize Management Server system.
+Management Panel: Owner can see date of Start renting and End Date of the rental.
+Management Panel: Owner possibility to charge the official list of administrator & Moderators, If he needs help. And of course removing them with one click is easier.
+Improved connection time for servers.
+Cold effect with trembling.
+Whitelist System. The Owners can one-click enable / disable the whitelist. And manage lists of players in the white list. Useful for owner's concern for the serious atmosphere.
+Map: gm_bay (nodegraph,compatible with zwa:conflict-survivor,zwa:virus,zwa:ctf,zwa:collect ressource)
+Map: gm_forest (nodegraph,compatible with zwa:conflict-survivor,zwa:virus,zwa:ctf,zwa:collect ressource)
+Map: rp_v_torrington
+Map: rp_neverlosehopehospital_v1

➕ Feature:
+The exterior and interior temperature can be measured with the thermometer.
+Possibility to warm near a campfire.
+Your clothes can be wet if you stay long in the rain.
+When diving into water get wet. (Visible icon on the HUD.)
+Having the ability to accelerate drying clothes near a campfire.
+If the temperature is cold and the clothes are wet the status effect cold will be much quicker.
+Cold Bar for the winter when temperature is <= 0°C
+Owner Option: A New module Afterlight in panel management of the servers. If the module Afterlight is activated (Name find by Popkill). When night falls, slow zombies are automatically converted as runner.
+Barricad system: Right Clic to drop the barricade on the ground without fix it.
+There are no leaves on the trees during the winter period.
+Autumn progression effect
+Average Temperature per month

✅ Patch:
+Fixed error lua caused by the new update of Garry's mod.

➕ Feature:
+Vocal Panel.
+New Local Chat system.
+Add column in scoreboard to show the real name of the survivors.
+Name system.
+Displays your HUD only when you press the inventory or the scoreboard key if you have your "display Hud" unchecked in the f1 menu.
+New message in chat displays more long time.
+Chat HUD is improved
+Possibility to open profil steam of friend in chat zone.

✅ Patch:
+Fixex error lua when you buy flaregun with merchand
+Fixed Error lua when you try to eat tuna canned food in a storage.
+Glitch of dup ammo box and clip. Reported by Spooky Owner of server called Dead drop.
+Glitch can walk when you are heavy. Reported by Spooky.
+Fixed error lua caused by the new year in Zworld. Reported by Spooky.
+Fixed imperfections of the local chat.
+Fixed Glitch ca walk With stamina in 0 and overweight in max.

➕ Feature:
+The time indicated by the watch is refreshed in real time from the inventory. No need to close the inventory and open it to display the updated hour.
+Set a real position, EAST, WEST, NORTH, SOUTH. on the maps according to the axis of construction of the map. The sun rises now to EST and ends to the WEST.
+Optimizing Rain Script. (runs 30% faster than the old script)
+Optimizing Inventory Script
+Winter system.
+Create logo of weather for the Owners option.
+Owner can controle the time of the server.
+All watches the players on the server are synchronized with the change of hours operated by the owner.
+Temperature bar.
+Create snow for Winter.
+Add snow in the new weather system.
+Improve system of weather.
+Synchronized the global hours of the servers with position of sun in the sky.
+Synchronized days and month of the servers.
+Cycle of year based on 365 day in game
+Cycle of Saisons
+The watch now shows the days and months.
+10 Weather Conditions.
+Possibility for the Owner to disable the synchronization by unchecking the box.
+System with effect typewriter informing the day, date, season, year, and time in the Zworld Universe. When creating a new survivor.
+Optimizing the script(New script) cycle of day. The script is very old. He has two years and certainly to be redone, optimization+improvement can be done. New system save a lot of resource. BandWich + CPU
+Inventory Improvement
+Synchronized Weather on all server.
+Owner can controle the weather.
+System of trading with panel between players.
+System in-game to add a player to your friends list in steam.
+Possibility to drink in the metalbuckets without need flask or bottle.
+Possibility to drink in the water tank without need flask or bottle.
+Add in props protection the bigcrate crafted and the small crate entity. Reported by Spooky
+Need Equip in Slot the jerrycan to be used.
+Need Equip in Slot the extinguisher to be used.
+Improvement of barricade system. Better controle on the construction.
+Construction part 1: Possibility to save angles of barricades
+Construction part 2: Possibility to attribute the angles saved on other barricades
+Npcs Merchand: Position and angles can be save and load in 6 slot per map.
+Npcs Merchand can be permanent.
+Add Clean button in maintenance menu to remove npcs trader.
+Translated new words & phrases in 21 languages.
+optimize the script when taking a backpack directly from a furniture.
+Improved ban report system.

✅ Patch:
+Can not select the survivors unlocked with the mini-game points virus. Reported by Billy
+Fix the white rectangle in the left corner of the screen. Generated by the tool map customization. Reported by Billy Spooky and Popkill.
+Fix Icone of Chat when player is not visible.
+Fix: Cannot scavenge an object when a zombie is killed nearby. Reported by Billy Spooky and Popkill.
+Fixed Slot locked in craft menu when you insert an incompatible item.
+Fixed Sensitive trigger when you go out a weapon. Therefore the problem. You lose a weapon and noise attracts zombies.
+Fix memory leak in barricade system
+Fix the home screen in the team selection, players can now open panel chat to organize.

✅ Patch:
+Fixed No access Pharmacie. Reported by Dimen363
+Fixed Bug with crate and backpack. Reported by Spooky
+Fixed match in inventory. Reported by Spooky
+Fixed Glitch to duplicate ammo. Reported by Spooky
+Improve the message to alert the auto-maintenance. Suggested by Randy
+Fixed Error lua when you try to place jerrycan in spawn menu.

➕ Feature:
+Can not move storage crafted.Reported by Jesus Christ 2.0
+The bag spawn under the map.
+Consommation sans limit de la bouffe pour se soigner.Reported by Nanaki
+Optimizing consume food and drink system.
+Can drive vehicle destroyed Reported by Rod.
+Zombies blocks themself in spawn in Zworld:Conflict-Survivor. Reported by Popkill.
+Improvement [Zworld-Afterlife:Conflict SurvivorThe zombies spawn after 30 seconds at the beginning of the mini-game.
+Improvement [Zworld-Afterlife:VirusThe zombies spawn after 30 seconds at the beginning of the mini-game.
+Improvement [Zworld-Afterlife:Capture the FlagThe zombies spawn after 30 seconds at the beginning of the mini-game.
+Improvement [Zworld-Afterlife:Collect RessourcesThe zombies spawn after 30 seconds at the beginning of the mini-game.
+Item freeze when pickup.
+Spam Exploit : In crafting, making multiple stock of wood will not make them together inside one stock, they will be one above the other. reproted by popkill
+crouched walk= No Sound.
+Optimizing & Improvement HUD
+Slow progress of the infection bar.
+New system oxygen bar under water.
+Big optimizing of the stamina system.
+Improve and optimizing the overweigh system

✅ Patch:
+Fixed No time to buy weapons in the early game. The zombies attack when it starts. reported by rodney mckey
+Fixed Bleeding system. reported by Tim.
+Fixed interface of Stock Wood.
+Include in the player save Wrench, Fire Extinguisher, Jerrycan,Binoculars. Reported by Bily.
+Problem of translation caused error lua. reported by Popkill.

➕ Feature:
+Improvement Ranking System Click to see DEMO HERE
+Automatic refresh the webpage of rank.
+Optimized Auto Clean Script. Server performance gain.
+Add Estonian Language
+Update Spanish Language
+Death notification in the console more specific. "Died of hunger, thirst, infection". Instead of "Suicide".
+Optimizing Vehicle Script. Server performance gain.
+System to Unlock player model by playing and win point in minigame of Zworld.
+Fuel Sound distance. Reported by Bily
+Engine destroy when he is hit with battery. Reported by Bily
+Searching/Loading bar when you open furniture
+Add reason of kick: "Change your name" (When this one is disrespectful.)
+Add new Admin function "Send Wiki" on a player (To open the wiki page on his side. When there is new and does not find the wiki.)
+ZwA:Virus-GameFixed Infected can not use the Gesture and the voice panel of human.
+ZwA:Virus-Game Gesture and the voice panel is replaced by "Scream" of infected to call all other infected. When you find human fresh.
+Add New categorie score: Zombie total killed score
+Separate human kill points obtained on PvE and PvP server. In order not to confuse.
+Improvement system of global ban. Can act more quickly.
+New Skill: **Scavenge.
+Translation of new text components into 21 languages.
+Possibility drinking from a lake or river with hands.
+Improve the wood collection system. Also helps to know what tree can be exploited.
+New server. Ip does not change. The data is exported.

✅ Patch:
+Fixed some error related to translation and special character.
+Fixed Team Switch Function in [ZwA:Conflict-Survivor with auto teleportation in camp of team.
+Fixed Team Switch Function in [ZwA:Capture the Flag with auto teleportation in camp of team.
+Fixed Team Switch Function in [ZwA:Collect Ressources with auto teleportation in camp of team.
+Fixed Camera of Observator in [ZwA:Conflict-Survivor Conflict Survivor
+Fixed error when round is not finished after all team is dead.
+Fixed furniture locked with message "One at a time. Wait."
+Fixed in Zwa:Virus Switch Team System
+Fixed timer warning of the auto-reboot.
+Fixed alterat stat problem in mini-games. (All Glitch know in mini-games is now fixed.)

✅ Patch:
+Fixed Infection persistent problem (Reported by Chris Morbith)
+Fixed Alterat Stat problem (Reported by Bily Beer)
+Fixed Ductape buton on note system (Reported by Bily Beer)
+Fixed Flashlight empty battery torch when out furniture. (Reported Nanaki)
+Fixed Unload Weapon glitch
+Fixed duplice glitch of wood (Reported by Snokan)

➕ Feature:
This Update is for Prepare Zworld for the future Update of Garry's Mod.
+Replace all inventory system
+Edit the 105 items
+Optimized Pain Script
+Optimized Infection Script
+Optimized Hunger Script
+Optimized Thirst Script
+New system of Alterate stat
+New Icone Gesture Panel
+System alert of hunger bar and thirst bar
+Tag Beta-Tester for the group of players who have given me their time to make a stress testes.
+New Model of Wood
+Send model on all servers
+Update Material and Model in Workshop file.
+New Server of Database. Database system is now 100% optimized.
+Server Natural Selection 2

✅ Patch:
+Fixed Hunger script
+Fixed Thirst script
+Fixed Infection script
+Fixed Pain script
+Fixed Database
+Make compatible edited function with the Database
+Fixed All admin system
+Fixed AdminMod
+Fixed Dynamic Flashlight of Zworld
+Fixed Medic NPC
+Fixed redistribution point for participation in the mini-games.
+Fixed menu of campfire stuck Reported by (TheGAMERcone) +3 Days of Database.

➕ Feature:
+Improvement Player account information in F4
+translation in 20 languages Panel Player account information in F4
+Point distribution system minigames
+Point distribution (Search & Destroy) Zworld-Afterlife:Conflict Survivor
+Point distribution Infection/Virus Zworld-Afterlife:Virus
+Point distribution Zworld-Afterlife:Capture the Flag
+Point distribution Zworld-Afterlife:Collect Ressources
+Fixed issue weapons empty default in Minigames.
+Fixed Global Ranking (Rank based on the Survival Time is give when you die).
+Optimizing the Global Database (Highscore)
+Optimizing the Global Database (Subscriber)
+Optimizing the Global Database (Management)

➕ Feature:
+Improvement Controle of Vehicle
+Immersive View
+Optimize UpdateAnimation function
+Optimization of database servers and queries

➕ Feature:
Collecting Rainwater system
video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G5fTIPGg3tk
+Contener of Water (Water Tank)
+Can take the flask in inventory
+Can take the Bottle in inventory
+Can Fill Contener of Water
+Can Take Water in Stock of Water
+MetalBucket1 5 liter
+MetalBucket2 15 liter
+Pour buckets of water to the large.
+Reduce the probability of finding a drink. Divide by 3. As will collect rainwater. Currently the drink is abundant. it is difficult to die of thirst.
+Can store in vehicle box of foods, drinks and medics

➕ Feature:
+Contener of Water (Water Tank)
+Can take the flask in inventory
+Can take the Bottle in inventory
+Can Fill Contener of Water
+Can Take Water in Stock of Water
+MetalBucket1 5 liter
+MetalBucket2 15 liter
+Pour buckets of water to the large.
+Reduce the probability of finding a drink. Divide by 3. As will collect rainwater. Currently the drink is abundant. it is difficult to die of thirst.
+Can store in vehicle box of foods, drinks and medics

➕ Feature:
The Global ranks have been reset.
✅ Patch:
Fixed bug exploit in the Score system.

Fixed Client Error lua:
[ERROR] lua/vgui/dmenuoption.lua:73: attempt to call method 'OpenSubMenu' (a nil value)
1. unknown - lua/vgui/dmenuoption.lua:73

➕ Feature:
Notes System
✅ Patch:
Fix spam number in console
Fix error lua of npcs trader

➕ Feature:
+New Skill panel, new system, new script(F4)
+Improve Skill function
+Improve and Optimize the Reload Speed System with a loading bar
+Improve + Optimization New HUD
+Improve Altered state script
+New Home Screen
+New Continue Screen
+New Selection Survivor Menu

+Optimize Altered state script
+Optimize Network Skill function
+Optimize Skill function
+Optimize Zombies script

+New Teamspeak Server IP.154.250.154

✅ Patch:
+Double hit Glitch with Axe.
+Destroy Chest full of item cause lag.
+Glitch mouse that disappears when you die.
+Fix bug can not add paper in campfire
+Shootgun Glitch
+Glitch when you are overweight and can walk
+Glitch when you sprint in back stamina is not used

➕ Feature:
+New Skill panel, new system, new script(F4)
+Improve Skill function
+Optimize Network Skill function
+Improve and Optimize the Reload Speed System with a loading bar
+Teamspeak Server
+Improve + Optimization New HUD
+Improve Altered state script
+Optimize Altered state script

✅ Patch:
+Double hit Glitch with Axe.
+Destroy Chest full of item cause lag.
+Glitch mouse that disappears when you die.
+Fix bug can not add paper in campfire

➕ Feature:
+Post Processing Optimize (fps improve 14.5%) in test 62-->71
+Improve and optimize script of construction
+Patch to Zworld-Afterlife:Conflict Survivor ver1.1
+Admin can switch Guy of team in zwa survivor
+Admin-Eyes improve can see color team
+Icon of New Games in Zworld
+Timer system for the duration of rounds.
+Ban Report Automatic
[050%/------[Optimize Network function
[000%/------[Improve and optimize Altered state script
[000%/------[Optimize Zombies script

+4th Derive of Zworld Called: Zworld-Afterlife:Collect Ressources

+Entity Box
+Scoreboard for CR
+System of point
+Draw Name color of team
+System of random pos for camp and ressources
+Compatibility with 24 maps
+Full translate 20 Languages
+Finalise interface
+Record Sound Effect
+Panel Button to activate the derive
+Function to activate ZwA:CR
+Script of round system
+Script of End
+Script of Team

+3th Derive of Zworld Called: Zworld-Afterlife:Capture the Flag

+Green Flag
+Orange Flag
+Scoreboard for ctf
+System of point
+Draw Name color of team
+System of random camp
+Compatibility with 24 maps
+Full translate 20 Languages
+Finalise interface
+Record Sound Effect
+Panel Button to activate the derive
+Function to activate ZwA:CTF
+Script of round system
+Script of End
+Script of Team

+New Derive of Zworld Called: Zworld-Afterlife:Virus or Infection

Same principle of Virus in (Time Splitter 2) in Zworld Universe Only one Guy can win. The last.

+Infected Health regen
+Infected can destroy construction
+Infected can Climb the wall
+Infected night vision
+TOP 10 players who won the most matches
+System Match and Round, When guy have 5 point win the Virus Game Point
+Full translate 20 Languages
+Creat Infected system
+Finalise interface
+Record Sound Effect
+Panel Button to activate the derive
+Function to activate ZwA:Virus
+Script of round system
+System of Point
+Script of Team Survivor/Infected
+New Double Scoreboard when this mod is enabled
+Hide name of enemi

➕ Feature:
+Database Optimisation1/2(Divide by 3 the number of requests to get the same result.)
+Database Optimisation2/2(Avoids clutter by dividing the number of spot by database servers.)
+Chat Improvement: Copy / Past / Open Link / Auto-Translate
+Bulgarian language
+Latvia language
+Improve Panel F2 to manage the Game type
+Slot System to save and load construction
+Owner: Private slot System to save and load construction
+Version Full translated
+New system of Customize servers
+Anti abuse, "youarestuck" Debug button
+Fix value of cooked food More: http://www.zworld-afterlife.com/?pid=32

+Derive of Zworld Called: Zworld-Afterlife:Conflict Survivor

ConflictSurvivor Feature:
+TOP 10 players who won the most matches
+System Match and Round. 1 Match = 10 Round
+Full translate 20 Languages
+Creat Base Entity
+Creat function of Evolve of Base
+Place Base on 24 maps
+Place Multi spawn A and B on 24 maps
+Finalise interface
+Record Sound Effect
+Panel Button to activate the derive
+Function to activate the derive
+Script of round system
+System of Point
+TeamSpectacte Mod when you die
+Script of Team A and B
+New Double Scoreboard when this mod is enabled
+Shop system
+TeamColor name function when you aim guy
+NPC Gun Shop
+NPC Medic
+NPC Ammo Shop
+NPC Base Improvement
+Sell and buy function
+Cash system for shop like CS
+Color Team system
+Money model and entity
+Money dropable from the inventory

➕ Feature:
+ Create New Gamemode in Zworld-Afterlife: Conflict Survivor
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqzh8xyFsoc

➕ Feature:
+Simpler system adding moderator and administrator
+System auto replace in title Official by Community when servers is rented.

✅ Patch:
+Fix when Shock status keep after death

✅ Patch:
+Fixed Conflict Caused by New Update of Garry's Mod 12/07/2014

➕ Feature:
+Pain System
+Stop bleeding with hand time to find bandage but can not take weapon if you pressing
+Painkiller Effect
+White Paper
+Can Write Text In Paper with Pen other player can read and write

✅ Patch:
+Fixed Conflict Caused by New Update of Garry's Mod 08/07/2014
+Fixed Conflict Caused by New Update of Garry's Mod 12/07/2014

➕ Feature:
+Writing Indicator
+Summary detailed for the global rank system
+Fix glitch of Stamina
+Fix glitch of Admin List
+Global Banned Instantly shared among all servers Zworld

+Admins can not give objects.
+Admins can not play to kill players with the tools.
+Add food box
+Add drink box
+Add medical box
+all last bug reported is fixed
Ver 10.6a
+Fix glitch with option 'hold'
+Improve controle of car
+Fix Collide between car and item on ground
+Car is not stopped by small number of zombies
+Admin use Godmod can not kill player with weapon

[200%/------[New server, cpu 8coresx2 (16 cores), 64 000 mo RAM, 2T HDDx2 RAID 1
+Zombie Best Reccord
+Human kill Best Reccord
+Travel system without loading
+Improvement of Post Processing effect
+Ratio loot system
+New map: Outercanal green version

Optimize part:
+Button to adjusting the distance of the grass. fps+
+New optimized canned_food entity
+Optimize Backpack script
+Optimize Campfire script + new system
+Module Optimisation of Zombie number
+Module Optimisation of Furniture

+Sprint Animation
+Cooking system with bar of progress
+Wood is represented by the wood logs. And not by the plank. To avoid confusion. Also change icon.
+New icone of magazine
+Fix the random death in connection with the database
+New action when you take item inside storage: "Hold"
+Possibility to delete grass and bush with the remover tool.
+Add: button in spawntool to switch for 'manual or automatic'

✅ Patch:
+All bug know with Cooking fixed
+duplicate glitch
+Glitch of admin list
+Fix when player can kill friend when he construct with hammer
+Fix when player can kill friend when he cut the wood with Axe

✅ Patch:
+Fix glitch with option 'hold'
+Improve controle of car
+Fix Collide between car and item on ground
+Car is not stopped by small number of zombies
+Admin use Godmod can not kill player with weapon
+Admins can not give objects.
+Admins can not play to kill players with the tools.
+Add food box
+Add drink box
+Add medical box
+all last bug reported is fixed

➕ Feature:
+The admin activating god mod can not select a weapon. This godmod is for administrate.
+When the admin activates GODMOD. Progression reccords be frozen.

➕ Feature:
++New server, cpu 8coresx2 (16 cores), 64 000 mo RAM, 2T HDDx2 RAID 1
+Zombie Best Reccord
+Human kill Best Reccord
+Travel system without loading
+Improvement of Post Processing effect
+Ratio loot system
+New map: Outercanal green version

Optimize part:
+Button to adjusting the distance of the grass. fps+
+New optimized canned_food entity
+Optimize Backpack script
+Optimize Campfire script + new system
+Module Optimisation of Zombie number
+Module Optimisation of Furniture

+Sprint Animation
+Cooking system with bar of progress
+Wood is represented by the wood logs. And not by the plank. To avoid confusion. Also change icon.
+New icone of magazine
+New action when you take item inside storage: "Hold"
+Possibility to delete grass and bush with the remover tool.
+Add: button in spawntool to switch for 'manual or automatic'

✅ Patch:
+Fix the random death in connection with the database
+All bug know with Cooking fixed
+duplicate glitch
+Glitch of admin list
+Fix when player can kill friend when he construct with hammer
+Fix when player can kill friend when he cut the wood with Axe

✅ Patch:
Fix grass performance : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTpBG1ifQN0

✅ Patch:
Improvement cooking system with progress bar +Optimization + Fix old bug.

➕ Feature:
+Ranking System 1.0a

➕ Feature:
+Improve ThirdPerson View
+Global ban share from all server zworld afterlife
+System of Highscore and global rank based on survival Time
+Top 10 Best Record based on survival Time per servers
+Fix current problem
+Optimization MysQL
+New language; Bulgarian by Yuri
+Adding extinguisher
+Use the matches to get 10 seconds of light.
+Fire can spread on wooden structure
+Make Fire with Jerrycan and Fuel, Match or Flaregun
+Vehicle can explode with fire
+Match box not illimited
+Nail box number max: 100 More here: Nail Box
+The camera must not pass crossing walls.
+Save and replace someone old sound of zombie
+Optimize Blood Effect (Good for FPS)
+Clarify access to the wiki for the game and improve the interface.
+Upgrading the Wiki
+Creates a backup system for ZmapMaker. With 5 Slots per map
+Adjust the level of life of fast zombies

➕ Feature:
+Zmap maker
+FastDownload Server
+Corrected errors of the last update of Gmod
+11 new maps

➕ Feature:
Created the first music of Zworld-Afterlife : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnRn-yaiENE&list=PL4yjqd9omGaSQA2XVxzY3VYWSo2aKWApu

➕ Feature:
Improved system management players.
Fix all fail management.

The current row:
* Guest (Player)
* Admin

In the new version:
* Guest (Player)
* Moderator
* Admin
* Owner

The priority rankings:

Player < Moderator < Admin < Owner

Power of the moderator:
* Kick / Ban / Teleportation

Power of admin:
* Kick / Ban / Teleportation / Enabled The AdminMod
* Reboot Server
* ChangeMap
* Customizing the Map with ZMap Maker
* Add Moderator / Moderator Removed

Power of Owner:
* Kick / Ban / Teleportation / Enabled The AdminMod
* Reboot Server
* ChangeMap
* Customizing the Map with ZMap Maker
* Add Moderator / Administrator Add / Add Owner
* Removed Moderator / Removed Administrator / Owner Removed

➕ Feature:
ADD Languages:
-17 Languages.

Sandbox and BaseGamemode servers are deleted:
-Zword has its own base.

Owner & Admin
-Owner Rank Added
-Moderator Rank Added
-Improve the system of name server
-Zmap Maker is complet. Can customize Map of your server and Save.

Map list: 11 News map

✅ Patch:
Duplicate Glitch Solved:

➕ Feature:
Zmod Become Zworld-Afterlife.

➕ Feature:
*New Vgui


*New function of bandage to stop blood
*Blood attract zombie
*Redmedkit can also stop bleeding
*Blood effect.

-The Horde Maker can generate a horde and move.
-The view from the position of fastzombies Admin mode is shown in purple.

New artificial intelligence for slow zombies.
-The zombies can hear.
-Field of view before them.
The fastzombies-days are:
* they are easier to kill, their point of life was divided by 5.
Slowzombie-only tires in the head to kill.
Optimisation of resource zombies gain 400%.

New items:
+ Ammo-Flaregun
-The tin that can distract the zombies through the noise.

Improved menu:
System-choice slot on commercial equipment.
-Message Alert System.
* Level up
* Message Help
* Alert server

* System subscription.

Global-optimization of server resources.

Since the last update of gmod there is a story that appeared due to the player model startup.

I make an update to correct it immediately.

[ERROR] gamemodes/zmod/gamemode/cl_init.lua:426: attempt to index local 'eyes' (a nil value)
1. v - gamemodes/zmod/gamemode/cl_init.lua:426
2. unknown - lua/includes/modules/hook.lua:82

[100%/------[Save system]
[100%/------[Improve Weapon system]
[100%/------[Improve interface]
[100%/------[server optimization]
[100%/------[Corrects minor errors]
[100%/------[Gust of wind acts on the foliage.]
[100%/------[New sound of rain]
[100%/------[Improved the iron sight weapons.]
[100%/------[Melee Weapon system improved]
[100%/------[Patch for the last map]
[100%/------[New system to add first admin, Remove System Support (Backdoor)]
For all:

For official server:
100%/------Wiki & tutorial Zmod
100%/------New value consummable
[100%/------[Admin Panel Fix all small problem]
[100%/------[black fading effect when you die, white fading effect when you spawn]
[100%/------[System of rotation ---> to palce barricade]
[100%/------[Know the reason of death. Thirst, hunger, Infection.]
[100%/------[New Scoreboard]
[100%/------[Database to save best score of player]
[100%/------[Server MySQL](Only official server)

✅ Patch:
[100%/------[Fix problem of weight with tree and skill levelup woodcutter]
+Duplication Glitch with the bag.
+Duplication Glitch on the package carefully.

➕ Feature:
*Flaregun + Ammo
*Kevlar: The kevlar stop the bullets can be damaged.
*System to restore Kevlar: Use metal plate to repair the kevlar.
*Improved crosshair: When you aim an entity to life. the crosshair turns green if life is between 75% and 100%, 50% yellow and 75%, 25% orange and 50%, 0% Red and 25%.

➕ Feature:
* You bleeding when you takes a critical hit by a zombie.
* The bandages don't restore the life anymore, but they stop the bleeding.
* Effect of spurting blood when you suffer a critical hit causing bleeding.
* New storage system and battery usage.
* Treatment of the interface port on the flashlight.
* The battery level is no longer associated with the character but the entity itself.
* When the flashlight is stored, storage reflect the level and backup.

✅ Patch:
Patch on the glitch speed hack.
Fix When you drop the flashlight batteries remains inside.

➕ Feature:
[100%/------[Optimized barricade script(Improve FPS and server ressource)]
[100%/------[Optimized Crate and Chest script(Improve FPS and server ressource)]
[100%/------[Zombie can destroy Crate and Chest Can (lot inside spawn when he destroyed)]
[100%/------[Slow regeneration of life when you eat. The amount of life restored as it was before. Except that it is distributed over time. This makes healing items more useful.]
[100%/------[Optimized Panel Classmenu]
[100%/------[To cook with a campfire.]
[100%/------[Delete menu selection half life 2]
[100%/------[New system of selection of equipment.]
[100%/------[GodMod in panel admin can be detected by simple player.]
[100%/------[Can Heal your friend]
[100%/------[Skill Medic Enable]
[100%/------[Improve final version of thirdperson view]
[100%/------[Improve Weather system. Best Optimization. New weather effects.]
[100%/------[Gesture Panel]
[100%/------[Voice Panel, 32 effet, text translated in 5 languages.]
[100%/------[Optimization session]
[100%/------[The weight of the inventory.]
[100%/------[Can pickup player with physgun fixed, script optimized, can not cause damage with ground when player drop]
[100%/------[Improve and finished Thirdperson view camera mouvement]
[100%/------[PlayerModel Clothing Color]
[100%/------[fix weight system]
[100%/------[fix fastzombie sound]
[100%/------[new map 1: rp_outercanals_winter]
[100%/------[new map 2: rp_v_sacrifice]
[100%/------[new map 3: zombiesurvival_invasion_v2x]
[100%/------[Fix And Improve sniper system]
[100%/------[Fix Glitch of duplication with all storage]
[100%/------[New scope sniper]
[100%/------[Zombie can destroy all doors]

➕ Feature:
GodMod/ AdminMod or CreatorMod : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6baXbjH6-8k

➕ Feature:
Remove the menu of hl2 : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XeWqRwVzVks

➕ Feature:
*Optimized physique of Entity, This allows the server to save a lot of long-term resource.
*Big glitch in Admin plugin fixed
*all items Zmod on a specific sound physical, such as when they fall to the ground.
*Zombie Inventory
*All error lua with Firearms is Fixed
*to admin: New reason Kick/ban
*ruined vehicle distance view (optimize)
*Remove zombie with hitbox bugged
*fixe problem spawn gm-atomic
*fixe probleme spawn gm_shambles
*All Garden Open in gm_shambles
*Open 87 garden close in gm_shambles(video youtube)
*Newinventory menu / smaller and easier to understand and better
*Combine menu / smaller and easier to understand and better
*New craft menu / smaller and easier to understand and better
*Add combine craft Armor with cloth+metal plate
*Craft Camp fire with 10 Wood

*Match Script
*Campfire Script
*restocking wood fire
*Changed all products mark by another name out of respect for copyright.
*Fixed Blood Rain when you play mod server.
*Optimizing the size of the file. Before 130MB, Now 115http://forum.zworld-afterlife.com/post?p=2831&mode=editpost#Mo.
*Icone of Ammo Type in corner of the screen replace bullet icone.
*New map compatible: gm_Bigcity
*Option server
---*Choose map
---*Set limit max zombie Spawn
---*Set Delay zombie Spawn
---*Maintenance Server tool
---*Button Reboot server
---*Deletes all zombies to initiate autospawn.
---*Convert Slow Zombie ---> Fast Zombie
---*Convert Fast Zombie ---> SlowZombie
*Entity Collision Damage Protection
*Realistic fall damage
*Optimize Zombie deadragdoll
*Add firearms skill/ Enable Skill in Panel Skill with F4 (lvl: Accuracy,recoil,reload)
* New map: -rd_apartementcomplex
*New Logo When infection is stopped

✅ Patch:
*Fix problem with backpack

➕ Feature:
*Flask Item. You can fill Gourd in source water and drink
*Script lua music
*Hallo/glow to small item (actually battery)
*the crate backup crafted items placed inside. Even after reboot the server or the solo you can find your items
Video Tools in Zmod
*Changing the Script furnitures. Best optimization
*Better sounds for furnitures
*Other surrounding players will hear closing furniture.
*conversely text "USE+RELOAD" by "RELOAD+USE" of 67 entity.
*If you Press R to pickup item, you can not open furniture, This prevents you from accidentally opening the furniture
*Blocking when you Craft a fence and/or when you spawn Fence With AdminSpawnMenu(F2)
*Optimize connection server and win some FPS
*ToolGun admin replace by RemoverTool
*Flashlight Increased duration of the battery.
*Pills and PillsSound
*Infection Cough effect and sound
*Stamina Breath effect Femal / Male
*Improve the script class menu
*Zombie can break windows Zomb can breakwindows video
*add 5 models player
*Option F1 with Save your preference
*3rd person view
*metalspawn to all old map
*Random spawn Box for Atomic/necroforest/construct/flatgrass
*Newmap -gm_Shambles
*zombie spawn Unique
*Metal ressource
*Zombie Autorespawn
*Random spawn Box
*Optimize entity
*Spawn Player
*Day And Night, Meteorological effect
*Set recoil with firearms/power
*The storage interface is now compatible with all resolutions.
*Resources can now be stored and weapons as

✅ Patch:
*Fixed Error Lua with script autoreloot of furniture
*fix the problems with weapons

➕ Feature:
+ Add ressource spawn in SpawnMenu "F2"
+ the battery of the flashlight wears slower.
+ Tree optimized, saves a lot of fps in the atomic map.
+ amount of nail was wrong. When you pick up and when you throw. This has been corrected
+ Add ressource Line ressource in spawnmenu
+ Restrict Admin in spawnmenu of zmod

✅ Patch:
+ fixes difficulty connecting to official server.
+ Fix Red Error Model with Can/drinking? duckling? Bref en français "canette"

➕ Feature:
+ Flashlight Entity
If you pick up a flashlight, a new small bar on the HUD appare, you need to find batteries for recharging. You can
rid you in Zmod menu, table "Tools". No flashlight. No light.
+ Battery for Flashlight
+ The spawn item is corrected. The item does not appear Crafte wherever you look. But forwardyou
+ Tools zhammer, can be used --> meleeweapon (consume 10% stamina)
+ Tools Axe, For the wood crafter --> meleeweapon (consume 15% stamina)
+ spawn protection
+ You can Craft wood just with axe.
+ Can fix fense with hammer(PROGRESS look screenshoot)
+ 3D Voice Chat Sound
+ Distance Voice Chat Mute
+ Underwater. Stamina decreases. Followed by health. And death
+ If thirst or hunger, falls to zero. The Health gradually decreases
+ PRESS F4 = Skill Menu, loggers, sprint, stamina, strength, Manufacturer barricade, Firearms Handling, melee abilites
+ New melee weapon
+ Scoreboard of Zmod
+ Admin Function
+ Admin Menu 100% compatible with Zmod. With F3
+ Remove "Zoom suit" to drop backpack, and add Icon backpack clicable to drop in Zmod Menu
+ replace the old system wearing backpack, 100%optimized
+ Hide crosshair
+ remove USE+LEFT click to holster weapons
+ Fix alot problem with Weapon
+ THE END OF GRAVGUN!! Replace Gravgun by Hand
+ Remove old system by Newsystem to (hold item, use, equip, store)
+ Fix error lua]
+ Add Newitem in storage
+ Auto reloot in furniture
+ Map gm_flatgrass
+ Many of you have noticed strange collision with trees. This is resolved.
+ Improve System of barricade
+ Skin Button
+ autosave consctuct
+ Zmod SpawnMenu
+ gm_atomic v2
+ Remove "Sandbox" of Zmod

➕ Feature:
+[Foliage in gm_construct, rp_apocalypse, gm_atomic.]
+[100% /-------[24 New Furniture]
+[place 150 Furniture in gm_atomic]
+[Place 350 Furniture in rp_apocalypse]
+[Furniture and zombie in Secret Base rp_apocalypse]
+[Place 100 Furniture in necroforest]
+[Place (many) Furniture in gm_construct]
+[New System Autospawn with max zombie]
+[New Thinking zombie optimized]
+[Necro Forest]
+[Obtained the right to use the music project Zomboid]
+[the end of the player spawn concentrated]
+8 player spawn distributed gm_construct
+12 player spawn distributed gm_atomic
+17 player spawn distributed rp_apocalypse
+[Problem of lag solved]
+[Freezing all Furniture]
+[Spawn Max of Zombie]
+[Place random Spawn of Zombie]
+[FIX: Stamina does not regenerate when a player has server thirst or hunger]
+[Admin Can spawn toolsgun and physgun and remove]
+[Admin restriction]
+[Fix All error Lua related Zmod (exepted weapon)]
+[When server reboot all storage make persistant keep item inside.]
+[refresh the craftmenu when you throw an item.]
+[1)New system Storage(the old script is bad)]
+[2)When a new player logs in, he can not see the contents of a backpack or furniture.]
- I need Time, very complex subject. I work on it since April 8, 2013.
- EDIT: FINISH 04:19 AM April 20,2013
+[3)Now I apply the new system to 28 Storages.]
+[4)Make menu of Furniture]
+[5)Sound Of furniture]
+[6)Add Loot rate for all furniture]
+[7)Export the newsystem for Backpack]

➕ Feature:
+ You Drop your HandGun and Your Secondary Weapon when you die]
+ You Drop your Ammo box when you die]
+ You Drop your Tools (canopener and hammer) when you die]
+ Optimize Zmod File Before 160Mo /After 95Mo. In Workshop 35MB

✅ Patch:
+ Fix problem: when a player leaves the server with a backpack]
+ Fix problem:player if I crash with a backpack. The backpack spawn its position.]
*Fix TOP103 of error Lua:

➕ Feature:
+ Furniture Spawn With random item inside] (Currently works only for manual spawn(Is not a bug))
+ Fix problem: When player is stored in a backpack.
+ Fix problem: The storage can not be stored.
+ Fix problem: The storage can not be stored.
+ Fixed a problem with the HUD
+ Optimize LUA file
+ Add Zombie sound

➕ Feature:
+ Magazine replace Mdl hl2]
[+ Option In Zmod Menu to Disable/Enable: Post-processing(screen-effect)]
+ News Tools: Hammer. Now is pushed over the nails with your fingers. Model:100%; Entity:100%; Set craftmenu:100%]

➕ Feature:
+ Improving the Zmod menu.
+ Limit of Ammo to player
+ Limit of Weapon held: 1 melee Weapon + 1 HandGun + 1 Weapons
+ Weapon compatible with Zmod and optimized firearms.
+ Convert all sounds .wav ----> .mp3
+ New way of crafting wood on trees.
+ You can drop many weapons in your inventory by clicking.

➕ Feature:
+8 Own Mdl Ammo Box Zmod]
+Can Opener mdl]
+First Tool: Can Opener entities]
+modify the current cans. It can not be used if you have a knife or can_opener.]

➕ Feature:
+ caliber ammon boxes contained
+ Automatic Place Furniture in Gm_atomic
+ Can drop Ammo box or magazine
+ New skin HUD
+ Finished skin Menucraft
+ Can CraftShootgun
+ Picture of ITEM IN STORAGE
+ solved bug when a person thirsty all the server can not sprint or jump.
+ Nordahl entitie Ammo Box and Magazine
+ Can Craft a Crate (Contained 9 Slot) 25 nail + 15 plank
+ Add lot of CanFood
+ Optimise File

✅ Patch:
+ FIX: (cloth metal) spawns under the map

➕ Feature:
+ 1) Find .mdl of hl2 to craft item
+ 2) Find out how to get resources.
+ 3) Associate the amount obtained in HUD
+ 4) Make the craft interface
+ 5) Make clickable icons
+ 6) Correct distance attack zombies
+ 7) Caliber the post-processing
+ 8) weight optimization of Zmod
+ 9)Craft wood, metal, cloth, nail, fuel, tool
+11)Make Help Menu
+12)Sound crafting
+13)destructible object providing resources
+14)correct the HUD when a person thirsty all the server can not sprint or jump.
+15)Zombie Can loot item (food & drink 3%, cloth 30%, metal, 10%)
+16) Hide sound of Physcannon
+17) FAQ Menu
+18) Autospawn craft item in gm_construct. /! (Not placed in gm_atomic & rp_apocalypse)Because I'm going to change the system of autospawn.
+19) CraftMenu Heal

➕ Feature:
+ furniture storage: look screenshoot]
+ sound of furniture storage, open, close, take, add]
+ sound of backpack, open, close, take, add]
+ Kill Count
+ The Backpack is visible on the back]
+ calibrate sprint speed]
+ Disable Gore (Time to correct errors)]
+ Post Processing Effect]
+ FIx. when you stay on site and hold "SPRINT", stamina does not decrease any more alone.]

➕ Feature:
+ resistance of Fence multiplied by 2 (2000hp)
+ Intro Music launch the command.
+ Tag weaponbox (look screen shoot)

✅ Patch:
+ Fix Autospawn for Gm_construct, gm_atomic, rp_apocalypse.

✅ Patch:
+ Fix the problem of deadragdoll invisible. Sandbox mode

➕ Feature:
Props_phys converted into an Entity.He had to change the zombies that they can detect and destroy. Work and the effect of destruction. New Way to use the barricades. USE to take and ask for RELOAD (fix).
+ No collision with the corpses]
+ SmallFence & Large Fence & Plank Stronger
+ New Mdl of Plank
+ New Way to use the barricades. USE to take and ask for RELOAD (fix)
+ Players drop their weapons are dead hand.

✅ Patch:
+ 22 Lua error of ragdoll burning solved.

➕ Feature:
+ Blood & Dismembers player
+ Blood Dismembers zombies
+ Sound of death "bipbipbipbiiiiiip"... removed

✅ Patch:
+ Resolved Error LUA
+ Fix Bone position of deadragdoll (Zps_zombie)
+ Fix Bone position of deadragdoll (Fast_zombie)
+ Fix Bone position of deadragdoll (Random_zombie)

➕ Feature:
+ Inventory(transport system)]
+ adjusts the hunger and thirst]
+ Place spawn of backpack in !apo & !ato]
+ sprint speed, slowing slightly.

✅ Patch:
+ Fix Bone position of deadragdoll (slow_zombie)]

➕ Feature:
+ improve the cmd. ! "STOP" to stop effectively
+ Disappearance of the old cmd. !Start, !nm and !slow
+ calibrer spawn for rp_atomic map with commande in chat "!ato"
+ spawn rate of zombie in gm_construct x2
- I deleted the zombies nmrih at the request of developer nmrih.
+ add axe.

➕ Feature:
+ loot of plank x2
+ increase zombie spawn in rp-apocalypse
+ slow spawn box in rp-apocalypse
+ Craftable trees in rp_apocalypse
+ Fuel spawn point. In the station of rp_apocalypse
+ autospawn adapted to gm_construct. With cmd in chatbox: "! Con"

➕ Feature:
+ Craft Wood
+ barricade (Log, Fence(large/Short), Plank)

➕ Feature:
+ add in spawnmenu Random SODA model]
+ add in spawnmenu Random FOOD model]
+ Big mess of zombies with fire.
+ Calibrer spawn for rp_apocalypse map with one commande in chat "!apo" to start.]

➕ Feature:
+ add 15 Breakable box. With weapon of Firearms + Ammo
+ add 4 Breakable box. Random loot for Food,Drink, Health kit, Bandage
+ Picture in Spawnmenu

➕ Feature:
+ add console commandes for activate autospawn] console cmd: startspawn
+ add console commandes for disable autospawn] console cmd:stopspawn
+ add chat commandes for activate autospawn] chat: !start
+ add chat commandes for disable autospawn] chat: !stop
+ add console commandes choice of type of zombie to spawn] console cmd: nmrihspawn or slowspawn
+ add console commandes choice of type of zombie to spawn] console cmd: nmrihstop or slowstop
+ add chat commandes choice of type of zombie to spawn] chat: !nm or !slow
+ add chat commandes choice of type of zombie to spawn] chat: !nmstop or !slowstop

✅ Patch:
+ fix name of class in menu]

➕ Feature:
+ Random and automatic Spawn of zombie]
+ Random and automatic Spawn of HORDES zombies ( all 10 minutes)
+ Random and automatic Spawn of consumable(drink, food and healkit)]

➕ Feature:
+ add Bandages
+ add Medikit

➕ Feature:
+ logo of gamemode
+ backgrounds of gamemode
+ icon of gamemode

✅ Patch:
+ Fix HUD
+ Fix zombie [ai_Ignore player]

➕ Feature:
+ Add 8 food entity
+ Add more action-eat sound

➕ Feature:
+ Gamemode for enable HUD Survival like.

➕ Feature:
+ HUD Survival like (include: stamina/Thrist/Hunger)
+ FOOD (include Braid/Canned food/ Ration)
+ DRINK (beer/Water/Soda)
Credit:(Models by: ReCkLeSs_KiLLa)
+ Sound of action_drink
+ Sound of action_eat
+ Picture in Entyties menu
+ Sound for Children_Zombie

✅ Patch:
+ [RESOLVED] Warning: Killicone not found "name_npc"

➕ Feature:
+ This addon does not replace models hl2 now
+ Distance Perception zombies x4

➕ Feature:
+ Add fast infected
✅ Patch:
+ Fix 10 Error LUA

➕ Feature:
+ Spawn Random (silent zombie)
+ Boost attack speed (temporaly) i test

✅ Patch:
+ Fix some Lua error. (Test for me.)

✅ Patch:
+ Fix some Lua error (edit: and add other lua error -_-)
+ Fix Voice for all zombies

➕ Feature:
ADD ZOMBIES of Zombie Panic:source (4models provisional)
4 Models: Black Tea Za Linux

✅ Patch:
+ Fixed I.A

➕ Feature:
✅ Patch:
+ Fixed I.A

➕ Feature:
+ Blood Particle
✅ Patch:
+ Résolved: Problem death of zombies.

➕ Feature:
+ Picture in spawnmenu.
+ A box with a random function for different zombie spawner easier(23zombies).
+ New class, SO! return of headcrab and zombie hl2 of this addons will not be a reskin
+ Zombie Panic:Source 5 Model Survivor playable
+ Add Spawnicon 5 Model Survivor playable

✅ Patch:
Fixed zombies ZM.

➕ Feature:
+ Troubleshoot human eyes on some zombie.
+ Added 10 new models found on the Mod zombie master.
+ Added Sound Resident evil zombie 2.
+ Added my sound

➕ Feature:
+ Spawn Menu is OK
+ 15 Zombies NPCs
+ solved the biggest bug between the zombie pulls the gun and those who walk with outstretched arms
Happy? 10 hours of work fir this night. good game! ;)

➕ Feature:
+ Optimizing the size of the add-ons.
Now the blood trail will be like that. Carefully slide it x)

➕ Feature:
+ Poisonzombie model (obtained in alpha teste of Hl2) (Edit:Before, yes. Does not replace the zombies hl2. Now.)
+ New Pzombie Sound

➕ Feature:
+ Poisonzombie without blackheadcrab
✅ Patch:
+ problems are solved with the headcrab

➕ Feature:
+ Npc_fastzombie + Voice effect
+ Replace FastZombie Half life 2 (Edit:Before, yes. Does not replace the zombies hl2. Now.)
+ I Don't make model. "model obtained in zombie master"
+ Sound of FastZombie obtained in "Left 4 Dead 2"

➕ Feature:
+ Replaces zombieclassic Half Life 2. (Edit:Before, yes. Does not replace the zombies hl2. Now.)
+ Sound of Zombie obtained in "Project Zomboid"(nice project of theindiesstone).
+ Spawn zombie