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๐Ÿ“„ All you need to know About Nordahl zZ9kSq9 - Among US hacked

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Norda Posted 1603762224 (Edited) (345 views)
Following the wave of players from Among US who have flooded my Discord server I want to clarify one thing. The hacker redirected you to my site to harm me. And congratulations you do him a favour by following like sheep when he points a finger at a person. Please do some research and be critical.

So for starters yes I'm Nordahl, and no I'm not the hacker who hacked Among Us, it would be ridiculous since my servers have been down due to an internal problem for several days because of major modifications on my part. The hacker is using his bots to say he is Nordahl (me) by sharing the link to my Discord server: https://discord.gg/zZ9kSq9 which I have deleted and which I would not hesitate to update every time he changes it.

Who am I?
My name is David (Formerly NordaHL) and I am the father of an adorable boy in whom I will teach good values one day that I love so much!
I'm not a hacker but a developer, a creator who has worked hard to counter the attacks and cheats of such individuals on Garry's Mod and on Zworld his last years without really any support, I do my job, alone, I live my passion and I ask nothing from anyone. And it seems that the hacker found only one way to get to me and it seems it was to hack another game by pretending to be me.

If coding and delivering quality content is my passion and at the same time my job (I thank Garry Newman the dev of Garry's Mod). I don't have the skills or the spirit to do harm, let alone hack.

I guess it's the same user who tried several times to spam my servers with bots grouped here: https://zworld-afterlife.com/en/forum/report-an-abuse/report-nojlylllka-banned-account-with-alot-alt-account/page-1

Don't go where the hacker tells you to go through his bots. By coming en masse to insult me on my workspace which is my Discord server, you support this hacker and you follow his plan while polluting the workspace of a programmer who is not concerned. You attack his target, me.

I would also like to apologise to my community who had to endure this weekend's wave of angry and frustrated players while I was away.

Other users who come here because a bot from a hacked application tells them what to do, please do some research and be critical, it would prevent people like me and my staff from having to put up with you.

With a bit of logic you will have noticed that :
I've been shutting down my Zworld servers for several days now and that it makes no sense to advertise during this period when no one can play on my servers. And those of you who have been here since 2012 know that this is not the way I choose to do things. Here, I work hard against this kind of individual and to get my head out of the water by creating authentic content.

Of course, I have always been in the line of fire of the worst coders or modders at Gmod, I have already experienced this same situation when I coded at Gmodstore, but I left in 2017 following this same kind of unfair attack, that is to say a bunch of bad individuals who are constantly trying to discredit my work for one and only reason : my poor skills, while none of them coded a game mode from scratch, I didn't know them and didn't understand their incessant attacks, until one day and I found my account database matching their steamid64 I found that they were banned for attempting to cheat on Zworld by my anti-cheat, one of which had stolen client-side scripts from the server and the other had tried to inject scripts, so I was dealing with bad bad people and to top it all off supported by the gmodstore staff, his attacks have always targeted my reputation, if even the staff were with them, exactly what the hacker AmongUS seems to be trying to do, I wouldn't be surprised to know that they are the same people. Identity theft, attempted hacking, defamation, incitement to hatred - these are all things that I encountered there.

Since I left Gmodstore, I no longer use my pseudonym Nordahl but my first name which is David.

A positive thought to the Among-Us coder who is under attack in his project. Having already experienced his situation, I feel compassion for him and I hope that he will find a solution, because it will also do me a great service.

Message for players who are misled here, I understand that you have a frustration to get rid of but I do not accept behaviour that goes against the rules of this site, those who come here or on my discord to insult the hacker you are in the wrong place and you will be banned and your messages deleted at the same time, support the developer of the game Among US and not the hacker. Thanks for reading so far.

Yours sincerely.

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