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๐ŸŽˆ Surviving the harsh conditions

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Milkshake Posted 1550866397 (386 views)
Well seems like this will be the first on tips and tricks. I'll start with some tips on thirst and maintaining warmth, these are your top priority if spawning in on a new server (at least if you haven't been swarmed by zombies already). Thirst can be bothersome as you may find yourself in a barren wasteland, knowing the map and it's various water sources like fridges and lakes should let you manage your time a lot better and prevent backtracking. If you do find a fridge somewhere take a good reserve with you as things can get extreme rather quickly.

Second is the cruel and unforgiving winters where many players seem to forget about the concept of freezing to death entirely. Being soaked in water during winter means death, bring some cloth with you to dry yourself and stay inside to plan your next expedition. Campfires are quite self-explanatory but about 25 logs should keep you and other survivors warm for a while.
I was hesitant to bring this next tip up as it may be seen as an exploit or bug, but this has been for me the most helpful tip of them all. You can keep warm on lighters and matches alone by lighting it up every 10 seconds. it halts the cold bar from going up entirely for these seconds as long as you aren't wet or in the rain and can make having good clothes or a campfire unnecessary as you can keep your temperature consistent.
Another tip is using fuel tanks and fuel in general. Think of it as an emergency resource as dumping a liter of it on the ground and using a match or lighter over the puddle can let you survive for 5 more minutes. if you don't have a hose you can also drop the fuel tank on the ground and shoot it and it will give the same effect as one liter of fuel (don't quote me on that).


know your water sources and way of getting there. and bring it with you if you can.
A lighter can be crucial if you are moving a lot outside during the winter. (the amount of fuel doesn't matter that much, flick it on and off every time you see the "warm clothes" icon disappear)
Fuel and fuel tanks are very good for emergency warmth for you and other freezing people.
if you see someone on a server die from thirst or cold, help them and ask them if they know where they are going and try to direct them in the correct direction.
stay calm! please don't patch the lighter thing, Nordahl ;) That's all, if you read this far you deserve a sausage.
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Norda Posted 1550925058
Hello :) It's nice to see the different ways players survive. Many players are not informed because they don't read the wiki, your advice helps shed light on details that others probably didn't know :).

For the lighter that brings a little heat, it's not a bug, the gasoline is not unlimited in the lighters, so it's a sacrifice to make, either use it to light up when you have no other way of seeing in the dark, or use it to warm up.

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