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๐Ÿ“„ Casey Larsen Diary Final Chapter

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SPARTAN BEETLE Posted 1560028055 (216 views)
Day 11: I'm going to try and get that car out front working again...It actually works time to get it inside the garage for safe keeping...I fucking crashed the thing and now it's broke, but at least it's in the garage rather than out there...oh no...they heard it...Killed about 30 of those fuckers...Shame they came at me too fast for me to reload...One must have been hiding under the car because when I thought I had just killed the last of them it jumped me...I got bit...I was trying to reload the damn shotgun but it was fast...I'm bleeding but I have some bandages that can fix that...I...I think I'm infected...Yep...That's a bite mark...Look if anyone reads this go to the damn Police Department there's an M4 Rifle waiting for you in the crate in the Chiefs Office...Since I might die today there's also a bug out bag I stashed in there...Look I know you won't have a lot of the ammo for the thing since I grabbed all of it from the Armory but take it and get the fuck out of this City. Go to the damn countryside! If you meet anyone with a thick Russian accent in a mask or someone claiming to be from Czech...Tell them I tried to look for them but they left me with no clues. On a rare occasion, you meet a blonde with glasses going by the name Sarah Miller...Tell her that I love her...Now for the gun shop deal...Since the infection is already getting bad now I think you should know that the Gun Store has this crazed man inside it who locks the place up...He is a damn cannibal and should not be trusted...I need to get to the hospital for some fucking meds before I turn...Stay safe out there...

[This diary was found in the Union City Hospital in one of the patient rooms...His body was scavenged by John Moore who left nothing but the diary...Casey Larsen has stashed in the patient room closest to the entrance 4x Smoke grenades + 4x Flash grenades...There is a broken car in the Police Department Garage waiting for engine repair...His notes remain on the desk of Chief Harrison... Casey Larsen died at the age of 27.] We follow the story of John Moore, The Alcoholic War Veteran from New York. What stories are to be unfolded next?
{By S.B}
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