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Markus DaSilva dairy [January 17-April 30] [Part 1 + Part 2]

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Markus DaSilva

January 17 (The White Forest Settlement):
Our supplies are disappearing especially canned food and ammo. I don’t even want to say anything about batteries, we are pretty screwed up. We looted every city or house near this forest. We also lost many people in scavenging missions.
Because I helped so much this community I have 2 days a week, when I can do whatever I want… like before, before this darn infection. I still remember a few things from my old life… For example I had a nice looking dark blue Ford Crown Victoria… it blew up last year sadly. I loved playing video games even if I was 25 years old War Thunder, Gmod, Stormworks all that kind of games. I also remember something…. meh you wouldn’t even care about her, if you read this I probably lost this dairy, again or I actually died.
Today it was my free day so yeah all day I watched the nature the sky the river it was very quiet and peaceful today.

January 18 (The White Forest Settlement):

Today nothing really happened I helped the farmers, gone fishing for a few hours, cooked some fish…
Something that must be noted is that Richard, a scavenger didn’t come back from it’s mission in the nearby village (I wonder how they still can find stuff after all these months of looting).

January 28 (The White Forest Settlement):

I was very busy the last few days helping the other people cut down trees, saw logs and all that kind of stuff, we are trying to build some cabins and we also stack wood for fire. That scavenger still didn’t came back so I think I will be dispatched to look after him in a few days… after all I am the one with most experience in surviving alone. Everyone calls me Secret because I kept my past a secret to everyone else…
I think that’s enough writing for today, I am too tired for this dairy.

January 29 (The White Forest Settlement):

As I said I was dispatched to search for that scavenger, I hope everything is ok out there. I will just prepare myself for today and tomorrow morning I will leave with the park ranger SUV.

February 1 (White Lake Village):

It was a tough day… Richard died sadly due to zombie spiders. They are some mutated cave spiders that throw acid. Though they are no match for my flares. I had to take a break and I hid in a random house. It’s too dangerous to stay in a vehicle at 10pm. Nothing happened in rest driving and killing some spiders, now I am cooking some canned beef… not my favorite but it’s ok, it’s better than canned fish, I hate canned fish it makes me sick every single darn time. Tomorrow I will head back to base.

February 2 (The White Forest Settlement):

Everything is so bad here due to a small horde 3 citizens died and 4 got infected. The main gate was breached, I had to park the car and keep it as a barricade. Sadly the indoor farms got destroyed in the process so no crops that means no food and that’s not good at all. If zombies don’t kill us we will starve. I am being sentimental right now so I remember about a girl… she was the most special girl I’ve ever met to be honest right now. We had a strange relationship, she started looking at me, I looked at her (at work of course) then we had very soft interactions and after a while she started ignoring me for no reason it was coincidentally 2 February what a damn day to be alive. Though a while ago I am still trying to remember the day, I started making her laugh talking with her a lot for the first time actually, from that day on she was very warm with me, she looked at me , smiled at me… I miss those days. Anyways I got to get back to work, we need to fortify the main gate before 11pm and now it’s 6pm so I got to hurry and help the other citizens

February 6 (The White Forest Settlement):

We managed to repair the gate. We have to use canned food from now on to survive, without a farm, the fruit trees won’t sustain us for long and the fish… it became pretty rare for some reason. Unless we eat cockroaches and worms we won’t really have a large supply of food so that means we need to rationalize as much as possible. Julia… that was her name, I miss her… Now all I have to do is rest because I worked so much that I really just want to sleep.

February 10 (The White Forest Settlement):

I am dispatched by the “high command” some ex military guys who think they are better than everybody else, to go scavenge the Rockford city… I am wondering what is left there to scavenge it’s been an year since the outbreak and I looted that city so many times… Anyways I got to do what the high command says. I will get ready for the mission today.

February 9 (Rockford city):

Took me 3 days to get here… As I said nothing left to loot, only rubbish and debris. I found a pen though. A few bullets but nothing else. I will continue my search tomorrow because now it’s too late to scavenge in a big city.

February 10 (Rockford city):

Nothing new, not even zombies they are so rare these days because they go in large hordes and leave cities and other places empty while they all swarm one place at a time and destroy everything there. I will return at the settlement. Wasted gas, damn it!

February 13 (Rockford city):

The high command was disappointed, but it wasn’t my fault at least. I got 1 day for relaxation at least for my efforts. I am tired of driving 3 days. I hate these kind of runs because I have to sleep in my car and it’s risky but I have no other choice. I just want to sleep.

February 24 (The White Forest Settlement):

These days were real quiet. Nothing happened except fishing, foraging, trying to farm even though it’s too late to start farming but the buildings were we farmed are so damaged that the cold doesn’t allow plants to grow up. I still remember that girl, she was so pretty though she is probably dead. Sad but true.
I got to get ready for another mission in Evo City, that’s a city I haven’t really visited a lot because it’s far far away, we have to use a boat to get there. That mission is going to start in 2 days so I should prepare myself for this long journey.

February 26 (Balea Lake):

We left the settlement a few hours ago. It’s foggy outside and it will rain very soon. In a few hours we will be near Evo City so I should rest. I wonder what we will find in that city. Let’s hope we won’t find survivors because I am tired of recruiting people and we don’t have enough food either.
This was the city where Julia was studying… to become a doctor because being a secretary wasn’t good enough for her… well I kind of agree she was too smart.

February 29 (Evo City):

Yesterday we just got in the city took us a day because it was foggy and we docked at a farther dock than the main dock of Evo City. Today we managed to find some basic survival items: flares, matches, an axe, even some medical supplies: painkillers, bandages. Happily we found some canned food but here is the twist it’s canned fish. I hate canned fish… I really hate. We are going back to our ship because we looted most of the outskirts and we have too much loot with us we must leave it back at our ship before we continue.

March 2 (Evo City):

We continued our journey in the city. We met some infected but not too many. We found some ammo for our guns and we passed near The Medical University of Evo City… flashbacks over flashbacks though couldn’t say anything because I am “Secret” I hope that she is alive but I also know she can’t be. We looted too much stuff from some safehouses we must return back to the ship and get back to our settlement.

March 8 (The White Forest Settlement):

Happy Women’s day!! I miss Julia even more today than ever. We celebrated our few women from the settlement with flowers and good food. The weather is better, it’s warmer and it’s sunny though I fear there is going to snow in a few days. I wonder where I have to go to scavenge soon… because the high command has some problems , internal problems and cannot decide what to do.

March 9 (Riverside):

It was an urgent order to go to Riverside to check an old safehouse. The safehouse was destroyed by the horde. The horde probably went west. I must inform the high command as soon as possible so I’d better stop writing and start driving.

March 17 (The White Forest Settlement):

3PM: I informed the high command about this 7 days ago. Everything is fine here. I got to start doing some work.
8PM: I don’t think I have much time left the horde destroyed the gate. They surrounded our city hall. I don’t think we can get out alive. I have a plan though we can climb on the city hall’s roof and jump on the rooftops and then jump over the fence and run in the forest for our lives and rendezvous at a specific location in The White Forest. Tomorrow is March 11th the day I started talking to Julia a lot… damn it zombies are at our doors and I am writing in a stupid dairy.

March 20 (Unknown cabin):

I woke up in a cabin near a familiar figure. An old friend of mine… Valeriosa… Now you wonder how I got here let me tell you:
That plan actually worked out but I fell in the river while fleeing because there were zombie dogs and sprinters. I lost most of my stuff but the dairy and the survival axe. I was found floating on a log near a coast of Southside city. I was rescued but it took me a few days to wake up because I hit my head hard in the tree branches and rocks while I was holding to that log.
We are going towards Southside because around that city there is a safezone an ex military base.
I wonder how I survived… I wonder if anybody else survived that disaster… I got some canned tomatoes though…

March 21 (Southside):

We found some locals and bought ammo, guns, medical supplies, and other kinds of survival items.
We cleared the hospital to earn some money, the police department. We also helped some farmers grow indoor crops . I found a god damn RPG… Don’t ask me why there was a RPG in a god damn house…
After a while of driving around Southside we decided to check the bank… By using the vents we got in the vault… easy 20k$ for each. We had to go to a secret place to stay overnight. It was a secret vault in a shop.

March 22 (Southside):

We looted a skyscraper… nothing too important in it sadly. Then we started helping other survivors even making fun of them because we had a RPG but yeah it wasn’t kind but it was fun seeing them look so scared.

March 23 (Missile Silo):

We are leaving this city and heading towards an old missile silo. There are rumors that it’s full of high end equipment but it’s sealed. We checked it out but it was sealed indeed. Until I used my RPG. Inside there was a lot of food and ammunition especially rockets. After we loaded up the pickup truck we left the silo and went to the local safezone for a drink.

March 24 (County Side Community):

This is a nice camp. They have some indoor farms, a lake nearby and a lot of food. Let’s hope the horde will never get here… We had to keep the items from the truck hidden and sealed off. Yes that is selfish but Valeriosa told me that the loot is for a newly established settlement.
I liked the food from this small community and the cocktails.
March 25 (Country Side):

We had to stop at a gas station in the middle of nowhere just to rest. We haven’t found any fuel or food but we found peace at least. There is still a long way till we get to that settlement Valeriosa spoke about. I miss my old guns… and my backpack but now I have a RPG so that’s a plus.

March 26 (Rosewood):

We stopped for some fast looting here. Everything has been taken though. Nothing left to scavenge. There were a lot of infected too but 2 shotguns and a few grenades took care of them. No survivors either…. What a sad city.

March 27 (Highway):

Back on the road… What a boring day… I remember more things from my past life. How many successes I had at school. How unlucky I was in love… How good I was in games even though there were better gamers than me.. I miss those old games such as HALO Combat Evolved, Samp, Swat 4, Swtor.

March 28 (Near the Pacific Ocean):

Apparently we are near the Pacific Ocean somewhere in California… Still we have to go a long way until we reach that settlement. I wonder what was Valeriosa doing in that northern region.

March 29 (Louisville):

An empty city but a large one. I think the infected are hiding in the buildings…. We didn’t take the risk so we continued driving. We are getting closer to that settlement.

March 30 (A new hope Settlement):

What a strange name, but the people here are kind. I guess this is going to be my new home. I think I am going to tell them the truth about me, I am tired of making false dairies like before telling a false story. If you read my other dairy, that’s a big false story. Most of the people here were from Evo City…
I got a nice room not too big not too small it could fit a sink, fridge, microwave, tv, table, couch, and some crates for storage. Time to sleep.

March 31 (A new hope Settlement):

The morning was boring but at the noon… Some scavengers got back. A guy which was very familiar and a girl that I couldn’t see until she left the loot from her backpack in the ration center. I couldn’t believe what my eyes were seeing.
When she saw me, she also stopped from what she was doing and starred at me for a few seconds.
Then we talked to each other telling our stories, how did we get here. After all that I said that I missed her. She said the same thing…
We both got happier because we saw each other…

April 1 (A new hope Settlement):
Should I tell her the truth… Yeah sure. So I told the fact that I love her… Maybe I should wait because I don’t want to ruin our friendship. Wow didn’t thought I could continue this stupid love story in the middle of the apocalypse.

April 4 (A new hope Settlement):

Our relationship is pretty distant we look at each other from time to time though she avoids eye but at the end of the days she searches for eye contact.. ironic, at least she doesn’t ignore me on the professional level. I am starting to question her love like before… déjà vu. Anyways I am starting to accommodate, soon I will ask for a mission before they force to help them. I hope it’s a scavenging mission because I hate helping them with farming and fishing and cutting logs… I could even train these well… mostly students and a few National Guard soldiers… Most of them never saw acid spiders and other kinds of mutated animals… I wonder what happened to Valeriosa in the time I was at The White Forest Settlement… Since he helped us establish the city hall he left… never came back. He seems to be nomad though, I heard rumors that he is going to leave and help other settlements in the region. Either way I am glad I am safe for now… until that horde migrates from north or a bigger one comes from south. I wonder how Julia managed to stay alive… It’s not an easy task to stay alive in this darn world, luck, destiny who knows either way it’s good to see some people from the past still alive.
In the meanwhile imma grab a bucket of chicken I mean a can of tomatoes, TF2 meme lines still go through my veins… I hate to admit the fact that after school I was a failure… didn’t know what to do where to go but since the apocalypse begin I kinda got a reason to live I am useful, not like before the apocalypse. I am still having my doubts about the new love story… I doubt maybe I am too pessimist.

April 5 (A new hope Settlement):

I am starting to have doubts even though she looked at me a few times before leaving on a mission. It was a refueling mission, apparently a gas station nearby has fuel. Piece of cake we came back in 1 hour. In rest nothing really happened I just had millions of false thoughts about this relationship that was strange before and it’s strange now too. We need some hardware so we are going to loot a warehouse in the next few days because of that. Why do I get the feeling that I won’t find that special somebody if she isn’t the chosen one… This is turning into a love story… a true one but modified for the dairy of course to make sense. Every day I feel either sad good or neutral I think you will figure this out after reading all this dairy. As I said before my life before the apocalypse was pointless but now it has a point, surviving, helping others survive. If you read this and you ever had the feeling that if you don’t get that special somebody to love you, you will never find somebody else, you are not alone. I felt that and I still feel that. This dairy is turning more into a sentimental one… I know it will get boring but you will read it anyway because there is nothing to do during the night (most of the times).
I mean let me explain what happened in the past:
A girl just looks at you a lot. She is pretty and smart, of course you fall in love.
Then you start looking at her a lot and talk to her as much as possible.
She is friendly to you and looks at you a few times per day (though not sure if some eye contacts are that important… they can mean nothing but not sure maybe they mean something I have no idea).
Can this mean she likes/loves you I have not an idea. But I will find out very soon. In the meanwhile Valeriosa left, I don’t think he will come back anytime soon so I should start helping this community even more. I have more time to write though and that’s a good thing.

April 6 (A new hope Settlement):

I helped them reinforce the walls gates and other things just to be sure that we are extra safe. Helped with farming because I had nothing else to do. I helped people do their stuff and then I just helped the chef’s. Overall I helped everyone because I didn’t had to do anything… It’s so annoying when you get no tasks because in the end you do more that if you would have got a task. I heard some rumors that Val is actually a bandit that kills a lot of survivors… but why did he helped this camp then? Should I be happy that he left?
You know tomorrow I should go on that warehouse mission… Well about love let me tell you what happened today: We looked at each other all day. I am sure she likes me or even loves me who knows for now. I love her… while she was being praised by her superiors she was smiling and looking at me over everyone else. I sensed this day will be a very good one in relationship status.

April 7 (Supply Warehouse):

After we looted the warehouse I found something near a Humvee.. a destroyed one, recently from what I believe. I found a note from Val…eriosa:
“If you are reading this, you are heading in the direction of my camp. I would suggest not going further, or else you will face lethal force. The people in this Humvee learned it the hard way. Although, some of you might know me. If you do, leave a page near mine. Especially Andrei and Nico. –Val”
So it’s true Valeriosa is a bandit after all, murdering people. But where is it’s camp then…. If he had to kill these people. I think we must warn the settlement about this discovery.
About my love story: Everything is ok we looked at each other enough times to make me happy. At least she initiated those looks and I complimented her a lot.

April 8 (A new hope Settlement):

I don’t exactly know if she likes me or loves me anymore. Maybe none nevertheless I am happy that I managed to help the settlement get those tools. In a few days we will check out a city a few km’s away.
I still can’t believe Valeriosa killed those people… Either way he was a good guy. Meanwhile Julia isn’t that possible as I thought… she acts like she doesn’t feel anything but still looked at me 3 times and didn’t seem hostile while talking to her. Maybe I got fooled again. Unless I ask her, I will never know the truth.

April 10 (New Macaro):

Hmm a small city with a very strange name. Anyways we found some canned food here and some tools. We will stay tonight on a rooftop. I don’t miss Julia because I am tired, honestly, I am tired of loving someone who doesn’t appreciate my love. I regret I gave her a second chance… or do I?
Either way I am tired physically and mentally so I’d better get some sleep.

April 11 (A new hope Settlement):
Glad I managed to be near her… I made her laugh a lot of times and also looked so seductive at her 2 times. Anyways we had to work on a project to design the future buildings. I had to help her because of course I was the 3rd best architect in the country once. Either way this was a lovely day even though I didn’t have much faith in it. Tomorrow I got to go on a solo loot run in Diersville, not my choice though.

April 12 (A new hope Settlement- Diersville):
I was close to her this morning, helped her do stuff, I supported her, made her laugh a lot. It was the first time she said goodbye and my name. I will miss her…
Diersville such a nice city, it wasn’t affected that badly by the apocalypse like other cities. I haven’t found much loot but some metal plates which seem in good condition are good enough for the outside walls. I found another note written by Valeriosa saying the same thing as the other note I found earlier. It appears this time they were bandits. I still don’t know what to think about Valeriosa though he killed them by cutting them at least 20 times at the neck with a knife… I am heading back to the settlement I saw enough today…
I was happy to see her back, she was happy too. Man this relationship is strange not going to lie some days I feel she doesn’t love me some days I feel she loves me.
And this darn dairy is turning into a love dairy not a day-to-day basis general story dairy or however it’s called… I am having some doubts about the fact that Valeriosa is a bad guy… because he helped me, the settlement, maybe he kills only bad people… Sadly the people from the settlement already think he is a bad guy.
April 13 (A new hope Settlement):
I think she is polite with me. She is in love with another person… what the fuck ? How did I made the same god damn mistake again. What the fuck… Until now I tried not to swear but now… FUCKING HELL why WHY damn it fuck I am going in a scavenge mission. I am going to Haroldan.
April 14 (Haroldan):
A nice city I arrived at 8 o’clock in the morning I will write on hours because I may find interesting stuff
10am: I found a lot of loot useful loot actually food meds ammo in a safehouse.
1pm: I found a note from Valeriosa this time he killed a few thugs and said
“ If you ever fuck with one of my friends you die. I am friend only with nice people or people I met before or at the beginning of the apocalypse. If you read this don’t go any further than this city because you will probably end like these guys. –Val”
5pm: I found more dead bodies, thugs but no note… they must’ve been killed recently.
8pm: Fuck, he ran away, Valeriosa I don’t know what happened I saw him then he started running and he disappeared… What the fuck just happened… fuck he won’t kill me right ? Jesus….
10pm: I made a camp on a rooftop, I hate Julia I want to know what is going on with Valeriosa. I need to sleep.

April 15 (Haroldan):

Nothing… Haven’t found any tracks that could lead to Valeriosa sadly. I scrapped some cars took their batteries fuel n components and repaired my pickup truck. Had to use flares because it was very dark. That attracted at least 50 zombies. Thank god I had my spas and rpg of course… I still have it. I will stay no more than 2-3 days in this city then I will return back to the settlement. Good night.

April 16 (Haroldan):

Again nothing. Just found some canned food. In rest no tracks, no dead bodies, no letters. I am starting to get paranoid. I look behind me every 10 seconds. I did that only when I was a teenager playing gmod because when you play gmod for 2500 hours like me you get that reflex to look behind you every 10 seconds to make sure you are not followed by a cringebitch/toxickid/admin/person/noob/thief/cop…
Encountered 30 zombies. The glock took care of them happily, no need to waste priceless shotgun ammo or rockets which are literally so rare that…

April 17 (Haroldan):

I will leave tonight this city and head back to the settlement. I will pack up my stuff and leave asap.
I am thinking about leaving the settlement once in for all and being once more a lone wolf, like Valeriosa. I can’t stand to see Julia anymore… I just can’t.

April 18 (A new hope Settlement):

I started packing up, after telling everyone that I am leaving. Julia knew what was the reason… I hope I helped them enough. I left the rpg there… they need it more than I do anyways, in exchange I took the best suv they had with a lot of space and a good backseat to sleep. I am heading towards Valeriosa’s possible camp. After reading all the letters, comparing locations, times, enemies I think he should live in New Orlandaro. These cities surely have very strange names not going to lie. Once I left the settlement I felt free but also sad because I am leaving Julia…

April 19 (Highway):

I had to stop because I am tired a few more km’s and I will get to that town. I scavenged some fuel from random vehicles and drove. Good night.

April 20 (New Orlandaro):

I am not going to leave until I find a clue. Today I just did reconnaissance. A few stores with some remains of their products. No sign of people though. I am going to loot a few stores tomorrow.

April 21 (New Orlandaro):

Looted a few grocery stores for canned food and a gunshop but it was empty. Meh like I expected. In rest didn’t saw any notes or tracks. Infected were pretty rare, like this city was low populated or somebody cleared them. I am going to set up a new camp on the firestation.

April 22 (New Orlandaro):

Oui, je peux parle en francais. Mais mon francais est mal. J’adore lire en francais ou parle en francais avec un tres exageree accent. Je ne trouve pas lettres de Valeriosa, mais je trouve peux des aliments en conserves et outils pour construction. Mon voiture est en bonne condition. Mon vetements sont bonne aussi. Mon armes sont en komsi-komsa. Ok enough French for today, anyways it’s good to see that I can still speak a little bit of French. Tomorrow I will loot more public buildings.

April 23 (New Orlandaro):

Found a note: “Stop Markus… I know you are following me, you are a good guy, but you must stop following me. I repaid what you did at the beginning of the apocalypse, by saving you from that river. Now it’s time for you to stop stalking me. –Val”
So I was right… I heard a car earlier. I bet he left the city I am going on the highway, maybe I can catch up on him.

April 24 (Highway):

It’s foggy but I saw some lights at one moment. I don’t exactly know where is he heading but it’s north. I can’t write a lot because I must drive.

April 25 (Highway):

I am close to Rockford city…. I kinda lost Val’s track. I am heading towards my last settlement. It will take me a few hours.
No sign of Valeriosa though.

April 26 (Highway):

I saw Val’s car he is heading towards the settlement, what a coincidence!! I must hurry up.

April 27 (The White Forest Settlement):

I followed him to the settlement. Everything was in ruins except a small cabin in a corner. That was Val’s home actually. He got surprised I managed to track him down here, and invited me to a cup of tea (fuck tea but I was thirsty). I told him what happened and I am tracking him. He told me that I can stay with him If I really want. I asked him about those 2 guys he replied that they are just some old friends…
He explained why he killed those people. They were bandits, thieves, criminals. Je ne suis pas bien pourquoi Julia n’aime pas moi. I have no idea if I wrote this good I mean my English is pretty bad… that means my French is even worse…

April 28 (Val’s cabin):

He told me that I should head back to the settlement because they need me, and if I ever need his help I can come here. Guess I am leaving right now, there is no point of staying, he helped me, he listened to me, he gave me advices. I think I can reach the settlement in 2 days if I drive fast.

April 29 (Highway):

Another foggy, rainy day. Strange but I don’t really care. I looted a few small houses across the road. Found some ammo and food and happily gasoline. I had a very scary moment in a basement where I encountered a big mutated spider but flares do the job… I am afraid of spiders, snakes, blood. Don’t underestimate me though. I can be cold blooded sometimes and kill anyone with no problems.

April 30 (Highway):

I am close to the settlement. In a few hours I will get there, but I must rest. Anyways why is it so quiet, I haven’t seen a single infected in this area. But when I left it was pretty full of infected. I am having some bad thoughts right now. I hope nothing happened to the settlement, especially to Julia. I hate the fact that us, men when we fall in love, we love that special person no matter what. Sometimes I even hope that she is dead but then I slap myself and hope that she i
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Valeriosa Posted 1649968624
"Beware: Val"
"Foreign, silent and violent."
"Kill on sight."

(a photo of Val and some small handwriting is seen)

"that's me, cool."
"let's see if you can do that."
"welp, I guess the zombies took their lives first."
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Valeriosa Posted 1649968745
"I guess I should clear this horde before it goes to another settlement."

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