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Markus DaSilva Dairy [Part 3]

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May 1 (A new hope Settlement-Lake):

Indeed everyone was dead there except of course my beloved person how convenient , this was meant to keep the story alive so deal with it uhh what yeah forget what I was saying. Valeriosa left a note there :
“Beware: Val
Foreign, silent and violent.
Kill on sight.”
And a photo of him and the dead zombies from the settlement, I guess he cleared it all and apparently this was written on it.
“that’s me, cool.
let’s see if you can do that.
welp, I guess the zombies took their lives first.”
Guess I got to thank Val because, he may saved Julia anyways I don’t know how he got there before me… Maybe he went off-road like a chad who knows either way, I just misunderstood actually everything that happened with me and Julia. Apparently she wasn’t in love or am I lying to myself again… Because I asked her what happened to that guy and she really didn’t felt too sad, when you love somebody and that person dies you are close to suicide if you really loved it but she wasn’t… she was sad because a lot of people died but no love sadness. I still remember the beautiful moments we had together, the moments she laughed from my worst jokes, the moments we looked at each other, the moments we worked together. Why this has to be so complicated… A few days ago I thought she is somebody’s else and now I still have hope that she can be mine. I bet I am in love again and I forget the truth… you know when you love you dream too much and forget the reality… I guess I will never stop believing the fact that she doesn’t like/loves me because we had some truly wonderful moments. Guess I am making one of the biggest mistakes, not learning from my own mistakes. Ironic. We left the settlement immediately, there was nothing left there. We just packed all the stuff in my truck and went east. It took us a few hours of driving to get near a big lake. Everything seems peaceful here, no infected spotted on the horizon. Ok so the thing is right now I am in the car with her and I think I wrote enough while she was driving because we switched seats no need to explain why, I am tired from driving from Val’s place to here. Man if she ever sees this dairy I am surely going to be embarrassed.
We are going to spend the night near the lake, in the car, I hope everything is going to be okay. We will go to Florida, or we don’t exactly know maybe DC but no DC is surely overrun we should just stick to the coastline, maybe we can find a boat. But I don’t see myself in a boat it’s boring safe but yeah a boat? I am also curious what happened outside of the US because I heard a lot of chatter that this was all a plot by the whole world to destroy the US but I doubt it. Probably bandits messing with the radio station near DC. Because if this rumor would be true, damn this world is more duck up than ever. I wrote so much today… maybe because of Julia, who knows. In 8 days it’s my birthday… well I still have a bottle of wine somewhere in the trunk. Ah I missed Julia so much her green small but cute eyes… I remember some memories since highschool… those moments when she was laughing or the moments when I was a little pervert and I got caught looking at her ass but let’s be serious what is wrong with that ? It’s not my fault she wore tight pants… Or every time she was collecting chalk man… because I was most of the time helping her collecting small stuff and giving them into her hand. Even the times when I was reinforcing her orders and making her smile were really nice. I loved that day when we had honest eye contact, she started getting prettier after she saw I look at her… after that day sadly there were a lot of eye contacts but so true no. Why don’t I tell her already what I feel. Harder said than done, my dear dairy. I wonder where is Val right now. Maybe killing some bandits or blowing up some hordes using his totally legit guns that can shoot explosive ammo and never run out of ammo for some reason. Maybe he just makes them seem with infinite ammo, or… high tech alien technology or a glitch in the matrix. Ah I got a flashback about Star Wars… they fucked up the whole saga in 2 films actually 1 The Last Jedi fucked up everything and episode 9 had to clean the shit that episode 8 made. And after all that JJ is a mean guy too. I remember 2 girls that may have liked me, I am not sure about that, but one wasn’t at all at my standards and the other one was, but she wasn’t that pretty in my opinion sadly, that was the only thing that kept me from loving her, and the fact that we had different opinions most of the time. I don’t know what to write anymore, I don’t have anything to do, so… I will fill you with all the useless information I can offer. I wonder how much I am going to live.. 3 years 3 months 3 weeks maybe this is the last day of my life, I will never know. It’s so quiet here, almost too quiet, I am being paranoid again right?
Enough for today.

May 2 (Highway):

We are close to the zone we wanted to go. We saw 2 settlements on the way, didn’t stop because we didn’t want to complicate things. This relationship ended during highschool, I lost interest in loving her and she didn’t care about that. I can’t believe I made the same mistake once again. Yeah I am saying it, she never loved me though it seemed she loved me. Those signs were actually false… everything… 1 month worth of valuable memories that I forced myself to remember. Wasted memory space… Anyways I don’t want to overthink about it, it will just make me get closer to some suicidal acts.
I made a plan while I was driving. Why not ditch her near a settlement and continue on the adventure. Alone with a truck full of goodies. I mean I don’t feel anything for her anymore since I had that true thinking moment this morning. Maybe after ditching her somewhere in that region. Maybe even Savannah or Georgia who knows, they are some popular cities that have survivor settlements. I don’t know if these rumors are true but worth the try. I feel better, loving nobody else than myself, I feel free, finally after all these days, I am free, I feel free.. I can’t even express how good I feel. Though I will never forget her. We stopped near the highway, let’s hope this night will be a good one.

May 3 (Georgia):

Apparently the rumors were true there is a huge settlement in this city. I am writing right now from inside the truck while Julia is talking to the locals, it’s my special opportunity to leave. I don’t really like to say goodbye so I should just go.
I left the city, she was surprised seeing me fleeing though I don’t really care. Now the true adventure starts, I am free to do anything and go anywhere. Savannah will be my next destination for sure. Maybe then I will go to Texas, I will avoid cold places though. I am sick of harsh winters and cold summers. And the rumor that zombies freeze is a bloody lie, not even at -20 degrees they keep stalking people around.
I have some seconds thoughts on what I did but, I can’t go back. I will start driving.
After driving a few hours I am pretty close to the city but I will rest before going in it.

May 4 (Savannah):

What a bad morning, I got woken up by a horde of walkers (this is their name in this region strangely) though I managed to escape walker seems as scary as zombie I guess ?
I found a nice settlement I will go check it out. The people were friendly they let me in and offered me a small tent. It’s comfy not going to lie and strangely enough I found a girl that I know, Denise, no I don’t love her, this is an adventure dairy now not a love one, though it’s nice to see her alive as well. Edit: actually there is an old friend of mine too Assassin this is his codename of course his name is Ady.
We played a lot with each other video games so we know each other pretty well. May the 4th be with you dear reader. Did you think I would forget such an important day of the year? Anyways in 5 days it’s my birthday and also a very important day overall. Victory day, Europe day, Romanian Independence day, 2 big Romanian writers got born and died yeah, and yes as a matter of fact my nationality is Romanian but I moved to US at 19 year’s old to study because I had the chance. That’s the same thing Julia did. Everyone else is just from the US (had to make things straight).
So… what should I write here, hmm nothing comes to my mind. Maybe I should stop for today. Can’t wait to tell you what is going to happen in the future. Until then goodnight.

May 5 (Savannah):

Apparently they have a problem with mutated spiders. There is a cave nearby that needs to be cleared out. Flares are broken against them. I hope I can deal with them.
It’s been 7 hours of clearing that stupidly large cave. Damn it I used 79 flares in one expedition. However the cave is clear. This would earn me some respect throughout the local population, though I am not willing to stay still, I will move and help every settlement I find. In the last few nights I had heart pain literal pain because of that failed love story I think. I am free but I suffer more than ever because I can’t love her even though I want to love her.
I am going to Texas to check out the settlements there.

May 6 (Highway):

I found a survivor, his name is Sam. I agreed to bring him to the nearest settlement, apparently he recently lost his pregnant wife. That’s tragic but I don’t seem to have much empathy strangely enough.
I hope I can help him though, his life is hard.

May 7 (New Orleans):

Before going to San Antonio I will check out this city. Apparently there is no settlement, things went bad out here. I can’t describe the destruction. We are heading directly to San Antonio. It’s like this zone has been nuked but it wasn’t. And that is pretty strange.

May 8 (San Antonio):

Well I found Sam a settlement and I found myself a settlement which I can help. I wonder if Valeriosa does the same. Apparently they run a shortage on clean water. They know a water tank that has enough water for 5 months but it’s in a big fenced zone that is full of infected. I will go tomorrow and try to clear it. Until then I am tried from all this driving in Texas (It’s so hot around here), goodnight.

May 9 (Water tank zone):

I don’t know the area ok don’t judge me this is the name of the location “Water tank zone”. Anyways it’s true, it’s overrun but I have a rpg and hand grenades. In 1 hour there were only piles of dead bodies. So guess I earned respect here too?
Yup, earned respect from them, time to move on. Which city could have a settlement?? What about Jackson – Montgomery – Atlanta. Worth the try.
Oh I almost forgot it’s my birthday well I am so sad and into my work to help people that I forgot about this… time for some good quality wine before heading to Jackson.

May 10 (Jackson):

I have no idea how I got here so fast but here I am, in another settlement that apparently is in war with another settlement. A war in middle of the apocalypse, nice… I prefer to stay neutral but the other settlement killed women and children by burning a house so yeah time to nuke their hq. We made a plan where at middle of the night I will plant c4 and break their walls while the other people will attack them. After that I will be long gone.

May 11 (Montgomery):

That was a very very active night, those explosions attracted tons of zombies both factions barely made it through but it was their choice to fight like some idiots, I earned their respect now I am at a new settlement. This time for real they need contraceptives. I am not kidding and I am not judging them either. Apparently I got to help them with my truck because they don’t have one…
9 damn crates full of you know what. Well… still I am not judging them and prefer not to express my opinion about this. I earned the respect that’s what matters.
Maybe you wonder why I need all this respect. In the end I most of the settlements will fall and I need friendly settlements all around the US. Right now I am just investing in the future. Anyways this morning I am heading to Atlanta then I will take a break from this travelling.

May 12 (Atlanta):

I arrived at the settlement. Here I am going to spend my next few weeks or months. Apparently I got so popular in this zone that they let me in with open arms. However they want to use me for their own good. At least I have daily food, water and a room to sleep in. Maybe in a few weeks I will visit Julia just to see her how she is doing. I am starting to consider her just a friend, and the only way of doing that is staying away from her at least 2 weeks. Worked before, should work now. I hope that makes sense why I left her there. I may help this settlement with some infected animal problems, but tomorrow.

May 13 (Atlanta):

Those pesky zombies got killed. Guess now all I have to do is rest. It’s pretty boring staying in your room or admiring the nature. I am used with tons of actions but I guess I earned this free time. I wonder how will my comeback to Julia be… I mean I will tell her the truth that I had to help settlements because I knew they needed help. I still have no excuse for leaving her there though… Meh she is fine anyway.

May 14 (Atlanta):

Apparently 2 new survivors arrived in this settlement. I will go meet them.
Shit. Shit shit shit shit shit shit. The horde…. Destroyed that settlement. If she didn’t made it… fuck I will consider myself guilty forever. I must head there.
It’s evening… nothing left in that settlement, just dead bodies and destruction. Every day hundreds die but none get born. In a few years the human race may be extinct… I must put an end to this god darn horde. I must contact Valeriosa. I have no idea how but I MUST DO IT. I don’t know if she is alive, I haven’t found her body yet.

May 15 (Highway):

I guess the next 2 days will be also on highway, I am heading towards Val’s cabin.

May 18 (Val’s cabin):

He isn’t home. Maybe I should wait here. I am tired from all this driving I’d better rest.

May 19 (Val’s cabin):

This guy, just gave me a jumpscare when I woke up. Anyways I found Val… I told him about the horde and the importance of destroying it. He told me he tracked some other hordes and destroyed them, and he knows a way to kill all those zombies. Usually he uses molotovs or does some forest fires, but they are too harmful to the nature. So in the end we will use RPG’s and special vehicles with some saw blades. And from his knowledge this may be the only horde in the east of US. Rest of the hordes are in north or north-west. Also, he had a stash full of RPG rockets, if you were wondering how could we use just rpg’s to clear out a horde worth at least 2000-3000 zombies.
It’s annoying that these hordes form from time to time. Because if zombies stay scattered they don’t do much harm but if they go in hordes they can destroy anything in their way. And let’s not forget this guy has AREA 51 grade weapons. No questions asked.

May 20 (East coast):

Apparently cutting through forests is faster than driving on those roads full of destroyed vehicles. We have visual on the horde. We launched some RPG’s. But now we are going to use the saw vehicles, I will write when this is over.

May 21 (East coast):

Took 1 whole day to clear that horde. Well it’s no more, but we must remain vigilant hordes can from fairly easy. I thanked Val for it’s help and now I am returning to Atlanta. I don’t feel that Julia died, I should’ve feel something if that happened. And she is a strong woman too, she had enough chances to get away from that massacre.

May 22 (Atlanta):

I need some rest. But first I will ask those 2 survivors some questions. After asking them all the questions that I could ask… Well nothing, they have no idea about what happened with Julia sadly.
I hope she is ok. I will start a search for her in a few days. I am sure she thinks I knew about that horde and that’s why I left. I bet she thinks that I am an egoist asshole.
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