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Markus DaSilva Dairy [Part 4]

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May 23 (Atlanta):

Tomorrow I am initiating a search for a 4km radius of the settlement adding 2 km every day if needed. It’s been just 1 week she can’t be that far away. Especially without a car. And if we include the fact that most cars these days are broken… Maybe I did the right thing, leaving her there, for no actual reason, just because I figured out she isn’t into me [What the heck is wrong with me]. Nevertheless I did the wrong thing,[I am so stupid…] she is probably dead because of that or she is stronger than before, and will probably try to kill me, if she finds me.

May 24 (Georgia 4km West):

After searching the East, North and South… there is the West. This zone seemed promising but, still didn’t find her. I hope I will find her as soon as possible. However found some supplies on the way from dead survivors. So that means some people went this way, I think people from the settlement she was in. I will probably extend the range in the west to 6km and ignore the East for a while.

May 25 (9km away from Georgia’s settlement):

Found some recently killed zombies, but because it’s storm time and it’s also night, I had to stop my search. I will continue it after some rest.

May 26 (10km away from Georgia’s settlement):

I am disappointed.. I found some survivors from that outpost, but she wasn’t with them. They told me that she actually went South because she wanted to try and find a boat. I will bring these survivors back to Atlanta and then go South.

May 28 (South coast):

If she went to the boats.. I must go to the boats. There are multiple ports around here, I must check them one by one. So far I searched one. It was untouched. 5 more to go, I hope.

May 29 (South coast):

One more port to go. This one is pretty far away but it’s my last hope. I don’t have the will to say what happened at the other ports. It’s horrible.

May 30 (Unknown building):

Apparently I got knocked out, and dragged into a room that is like a prison cell. Though I doubt it’s a prison. What happened in the meantime I have no idea. I am not sure what day is it but I think it’s still may 30th.
It wouldn’t be too strange if she actually knocked me out… Enough writing, I must find a way out.

May 31 (Unknown building):

Yeah… I am her prisoner, I couldn’t find a way out sadly. She stripped my tools and guns. I tried explaining her, what happened but, she is a darn leo what I would expect from her damn it! She doesn’t give a shit about my feelings. I explained her honestly what happened though she didn’t replied like she doesn’t believe me, she simply said she doesn’t care. Now I regret even searching for her. She didn’t even give me good quality food, I had in the truck. She gave me some mysterious quality cans.

June 1 (Unknown building):

I will play dead. Maybe that works, though… I will try.
It actually worked but I had to stay still for 6 hours. I managed to trick her to come to me and I somehow tied her up. Now I gotta get my stuff back and load her up in the truck and directly to prison I mean to my bedroom, what the heck is wrong with me seriously… ok TO ATLANTA. What a sick bastard I am. This apocalypse screwed my thinking over. I never had a woman hostage, never wanted to have but here I am. She is so pretty, though she can’t be mine. I must resist her charms, if I untie her she will simply tie me up or kill me.

June 2 (Atlanta):

She understood eventually that I didn’t meant for this to happen, but our relationship is forever lost I don’t think we could ever be friends again. I must retreat in my room and rest for a while. I am tired physically and mentally.

June 3 (Country side):

[Note: I am writing this after the incident happened]

Here, I find inner peace. I will rest near this well, and watch the nature, after all it’s June, it’s so beautiful outside. After a few hours admiring the nature and the well, I found some strange inscriptions on it, and a place for a hexagonal stone piece and a small round hole, it’s like there is a special piece to fit in there. This really got my attention, I will start searching the nearby farm for this piece.
When I entered the farmhouse, the floor instantly collapsed, I was in a dark room full of snakes. Yeah but I got up fast and I managed to get out using the nearby door. After investigating the house, I found some strange key’s, I managed to use two of them, and unlock some strange intact rooms full of documents. In one of them I saw that, apparently, some rich investors, invested into a pharmaceutical company that could develop viruses, and parasites, to lower the global population. The company name was GeneHealth, though deeper in the documents, that was just the public name, between the founders of the company, there was a conflict if it should be called HelthProtection or even Umbrella from of course the Resident Evil games… got surprised there not going to lie, now that guy was a man of culture when he thought that Umbrella could be the perfect name. Anyways it appears that Umbrella was actually the name and design of the company, I bet that guy was a gamer when he was young. Either way in the last few documents I found, I saw that they wanted to do the same thing that Umbrella did in the games, but it proven to be extremely hard, so they just modified some normal viruses and make them a little more deadly, but still didn’t manage the expectations. Now I understand why the key’s I found had heart, spade etcetera stuff on them. This all location is based on the Resident Evil franchise, bloody hell, now I expect to see some fricking sharks or dogs or even Hunters, Lickers. I explored the house, found some strange items, and I found a very comfy room with a nice bed and a chest. Now I am writing in that room. Should I go to sleep, I don’t know, but I will continue my investigation.

[After investigating a lot of rooms]

Found another nice comfy room, this building seemed small from the outside, but trust me it’s large. It’s strange, no infected in it though. I found a nice key that I could use to unlock the last room (I think) in this farmhouse.

[After unlocking the room]

I found that well piece, it’s made out of stone, it’s hexagonal but it doesn’t have that thing to fit in. After searching the room I found a strange looking statue, in it, there was that piece, I discovered that by accident. Time to visit the well.

[After reaching the well]

Jesus, that house, had fricking CCTV, no wonder I met some… well a strange type of animal, I’ve never seen before. It seemed like a frog but with arms. I hope it’s not “Umbrella’s” research.

[After interacting with the well]

Just like in Resident Evil, a big ass laboratory hiding under the well. It’s abandoned though, I found some documents in the first rooms, I was in, they showed that this company actually helped another 2 pharmaceutical companies develop a virus that transforms the humans into animals that only want to reproduce and eat, and their metabolism is way higher than one of a normal human. Their only true good research was a type of mutant between a frog, a snake, a lizard, and a crocodile, combined using the early stages of the virus that was sold by Pfizer [I think, that part was not really so easy to read] to some ghost companies. Another thing to mention is that this laboratory is Umbrella style. It was a pretty small lab but, I expect it didn’t get many funds, so that’s why.
From what I found there was only 2 specimens of that monster made, 1 has been killed and 1 has been placed inside the farmhouse, for not many reasons whatsoever. It may seem in the end that this was made up, but it’s actually true these boys really took Resident Evil as inspiration. And the virus isn’t natural, not that I ever believed that it’s natural, but yeah this clarifies the situation. Where there is a virus, there must be a vaccine. I have close to no hopes, of finding it but, you never know. I won’t even bother telling anybody about this, nobody will believe me. And I could use the laboratory as my secret base, it’s safe. I will close it and then leave this area, I had enough jumpscares here, and I am already too tired.

I bet you still don’t believe this, well your problem, though I must admit +rep to that founder who decided to name this company “Umbrella” and make a resident evil style house and laboratory. Though RE is a SF… so they couldn’t develop some strange B.O.W or strong viruses, like in the games.

After so much fighting to survive, I don’t even care that this virus was made by humans… I just want to survive. Maybe find true love. But that happens when you least expect…

June 4 (Atlanta):

I need to plan my next move, N/S E/W, I have no idea, maybe I will stay here for a few days. I was too nomad in the last few months. I tried explaining what happened, but as I thought, nobody believed me.

June 5 (Atlanta):

Well, what a sunny, beautiful day, I remember what a horrible person I was in the past, don’t wanna tell anymore than this, but I was really toxic, but I changed. I always were less ambitious than most girls, I met. That’s my biggest weakness, sometimes I don’t take things seriously, and I miss valuable opportunities. Je peux suis intelligent, mais je ne suis pas tres sur de soi, alors je suis peu triste pour mon qualities et defauts. Je connais un homme comme moi, peux est faire mieux. Je pense en chaque cas avec mon camarades, la vie des les hommes du monde. Les cas sont komsi komsa en un cas les hommes mourir en peu ans et en autre cas les hommes ont une belle vie. J’aime l’francais mais je ne peux parle pas tres bien.
Mda, nu am mai scris, de foarte mult timp in aceasta limba, poate pentru ca nu am mai comunicat cu alti romani, si daca am vorbit cu ei, am preferat limba engleza, din anumite motive destul de banale. Imi este dor de vechea mea viata, imi este dor de anii de liceu sau de facultate, imi este dor de familia mea, de colegii mei. Dar viata, merge inainte. Se pare ca am ajuns la momentul pe care l-am dorit mult timp, pot vorbi 3 limbi destul de ok. Ma intreb daca cine, va gasi acest jurnal, va intelege ce am scris eu aici…
Maybe another mistake I do a lot of times is, doing the same mistake, but this depends on the mistake, if it’s a serious one, I don’t do it, but if it’s a habbit/love, I do it at least 10 times before stopping for a while.
Dunno what is wrong with me today, I have an inner conflict I guess. Life is so cruel yet so interesting and beautiful. I wish this didn’t happen, I just wanted a happy life with a lovely wife, and some cute kids. Now all I can dream for is a stable settlement and a vaccine. Maybe more doctors too.

June 6 (Atlanta):

Ah just like old times CS 1.6, we managed to get some pc’s working and get a LAN working. It’s fun playing cs1.6, the recoil is so annoying yet so cool and realistic. I like using shotguns though, with some rng you get instant headshot, of course snipers are better for headshots.
It’s fun just running through a corridor and dying in 3 seconds just because of a rng headshot. Maybe we can have the lives we had before, in 100 years. Who knows, all we need to do is be united and have hope.

June 7 (Atlanta):

I love this settlement’s park, so peaceful and good looking. Especially during dawn, it’s so cool seeing the sky be light blue, dark blue, orange, yellow, red, pink, purple it’s just beautiful. My mental health is better than a yesterday. Just gotta have fun, not just survive. My relationship with Julia is still strange, she thinks I am talking about her in secret, even though I am not. I almost forgot about that laboratory, maybe because I don’t give a darn anymore, because of the amount of zombies still left in the world.
I should cosplay as Hunk, I would surely look badass. Just need that cool mask and some makeshift logos, and more bags on me.

June 8 (Atlanta):

10 years ago, this was a peaceful time, after all those exams, hmm yet it wasn’t over, I still had to learn, but I had more time for video games, but because of my unstable mental health, I had moments when I didn’t had the initiative to play, I would just read a book, or make fake scenarios in my head. You know I was an overthinker, and I am still an overthinker, sadly. But this overthinking can be helpful sometimes, I remember on that game called stormwars or how was it… stormworks, overthinking creations in my head, helped me find new features for them, or fixes. Once I loved intellectually a girl, she wasn’t the prettiest, but she always had a special place in my heart, even though nothing worked out between us two. I am leaving this settlement and heading south maybe I will go to Mexico, gonna eat some tacos, burritos, spicy food. Gonna say goodbye, like it’s my last day to everyone, and leave tomorrow at first hour.
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