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Markus DaSilva Dairy [Part 5]

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June 9 (Highway):

Having some second thoughts about leaving the US… what if there is something worse out there, because of the temperatures, the monsters may have suffered some pretty considerable mutations that could be very dangerous for lone wolfs like me. There is no turning back now. I can’t believe I still left a picture of her in this dairy, page 12… I wonder how it stayed so long and didn’t fell out of the dairy. I will throw it after one last look. The weather is ok it’s clear not a single cloud and the sun is setting. I am in a desert so it’s really hot, though deez ballz are more hot than anything, I tried to make a funny joke but I failed sadly.
Why I gotta be so complicated sometimes. I don’t even want to read this dairy because I would give myself so many facepalms… Well, anyways time to rest, let’s hope everything will be ok. Well technically I am ok because this is an armored truck, yeah I upgraded it a few weeks ago, though forgot to write about that in here. And strangely enough today the planets are more visible than before, especially Mars. Maybe it’s a special day, but I don’t remember it ?
I really gotta sleep so yeah this is going to be the last idea, I hope the remaining Mexicans know English otherwise I am going to have a lot of trouble communicating, if there are any Mexicans left though.

June 10 (Close to the border):

Tomorrow I will go in a new country. I gotta be prepared for what’s out there, zombie dogs, zombie vultures, zombie tacos I mean snakes, urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh snakes, forgot about that. I just wanna go back now, but I can’t, even if I don’t want it I gotta do it for the record. Gotta be optimist, this is going to be all right, nothing gonna go wrong unless you see a Mexican with an rpg and some ammo on his bulletproof vest. Nevertheless I have a bad feeling about this.

June 11 (Mexico- Monterrey):

Wow it’s hot in this country, some infected from place to place but it’s pretty clear, strange. Anyways I am near a city called Monterrey, technically I am not in it but I am near a farmhouse that seems to be populated, I will go and investigate.

[After investigating the house]

Apparently it’s the house of a mid age couple that have a lot of weapons and useful tools, I decided to stay in the car though, because I saw a room, well not really well but it seemed like the usual torture room. I feel unsafe but it's too dark and I don’t know the area so I must stay here until the light comes.

June 12 (Farmhouse):

Those bastards popped my tires, I must teach them some manners. I will take my autoshotgun and destroy reveal what they have inside their house. Let’s hope they don’t know I am awake.

[After 16 hours]:

Long story short: I broke into their house, but they had chainsaws, managed to wound the man but almost escaped the woman, I somehow destroyed their chainsaw and quickly took my 9mm but managed only to shot her in the knee until I fell into their little trap, it was a face carpet that led me into a cage, near some strange animals, zombie dogs I think. Even if I wounded them, they were still conscious so I had to act fast. I killed all dogs then tried to get out, the cage had a lock. Well gotta remember that youtube tutorial, and also I had professional lockpicking tools, it took me 9 tries before getting it unlocked. I had to rush but there was another darn lock on the door. Shot the door hinges and rushed upstairs where the 2 locals were recovering. I wanted to be friendly but they took an axe and tried to throw it at me, of course I neutralized both of them. Now the problem is what am I going to do with the tires. Happily they had a truck in their garage with the same tire size as mine. They will do just fine. It took me 5 hours to get the new wheels but the truck also malfunctioned, they apparently took out the battery too, well I saw a battery back in their house, so I went after it but this time, I couldn’t see the dead persons, I took my shotgun and got attacked by 2 red werewolf type zombies, happily I still had 3 rounds that were enough to blow their heads up once in for all.


So it’s clear there is a mutation around here that turns dead persons into more powerful zombies, this isn’t the best thing to hear, and to be honest this wasn’t the best welcome party in this country.

June 13 (Torreon):

Monterrey didn’t had any settlements, but this has. It has a pretty small settlement but the people know English and are friendly, for now… I questioned them about the infection, and they told me that everyone that dies transforms into a “hombre lobo zombi”. So the infection hit different in this country. However it’s good to see that people managed to survive even in more difficult situations. I wasn’t allowed to enter in the settlement, but at least I can stay in their protected area.

June 14 (Torreon):

They gave me a mission, If I want to stay a few days in their settlement, just gather some car parts. I saw a car junkyard on the way to the city, so this should be easy.

[After reaching the Junk Yard]:

Dogs… I hate them, they were 6 at once. I got bit by one. Fuck I disinfected the wound, took pills in case of infection, added some ointment to calm the pain, and bandaged it how I could. I hope I am going to be ok. I got the parts time to head back to the settlement.

[At the Settlement]:

They gave me some Mexican food, good food, no comments. Though they seemed worried about my wound. They told me that my pills won’t be enough to heal me, and I need some medicinal herbs that they can use to heal me. Apparently those herbs are possible to be found only in a cave near a lake.
I know how to remain calm even in most stressful situations, so I am calm and I think as realistic as I could, if I managed to gather those I survive and I also gain useful intel about medicinal herbs to be used to fight against the infection.

June 15 (Near the lake):

I had to protect a local while collecting the herb from some infected then headed back to the camp. I must admit these plants are strange though very good. I told them to explain to me how this plant grows and if I can bring it in the states so I can help people. The answer was simple they can give me a plant that I can plant somewhere in US in a warm area that can reproduce. It’s risky bringing it in the states because it’s a bit colder. I will stay here until I recover cuz I had some headaches and fever.

June 16 (Settlement):

I feel ok. In 2 days I think I would be good enough to leave. Here is a fun fact in my old country the time interval was like this -7 hours difference between my city and the us and -8 between my city and Mexico. But +6 hours between the city and Tokyo. Interesting, time is very interesting.

June 17 (Settlement):

I feel great but I will leave tomorrow just to be sure that I am ok. I won’t come anytime soon in Mexico, stuff is really hard here, actually because I am not used with the zone, It’s harder for me. I saw around a pretty girl, but I don’t think she is my type.

June 18 (Highway):

Heading towards Atlanta, I will make a stop at San Antonio, there is a new settlement from what I heard before leaving Atlanta in the first place.

[San Antonio]:

Such a friendly settlement, full of good people, I told them about the plant I brought and they helped me plant it. I told them that they must take good care of it and they must produce as much of it as possible because it’s the most useful herb against the infection.

Hmm I found another pretty girl, she has a nice personality, but she isn’t the smartest out there, from what I heard about her past. But to be honest these days I must be more permissive with my standards. I bought her a drink actually just asked, and yeah she seemed into me. Told her my recent story, she was very very interested in me after hearing it. I haven’t felt wanted for a few weeks or months now… After all that wonderful talking, we watched the stars, talked some more, about her mostly, and about me too. I found out that her name is Ana-Maria, this is a rare name in the US but, actually she is a immigrant like me. Well we spoke in our native language. It’s been a while since I used it. The day ended strangely, because I was in her bed… I am not really the type that does these things, but she managed to charm me, it was my first time being loved, admired, however we didn’t do anything dangerous, because we have some intelligence left. You wonder now, when I am writing this, well it’s morning and she went to bring me the breakfast.

June 19 (Highway):

I promised her that I will return, now I am heading towards Atlanta, I feel strange leaving her, because of what happened in the past, with… Julia. Maybe I should go back… nah, maybe this was just a fleeting love. However I am thinking only about her. I think I should accept the past and go over it, Julia will never be mine, and I want to be loved, I always wanted, but I always chose the wrong girl or had too high standards, but now, now I found a decent on can’t say I am really surprised, but she loves me and that makes her.. so interesting and feminine, and I love her. I could’ve reach Atlanta in a few hours, but I drove slowly today.

June 20 (Atlanta):

Well, they were interesting in my story in Mexico. However, they were more interested in the plant rather than my condition. Anyways I am going to play some CS 1.6, or minecraft 1.9 because this is the only version we have here. It’s pretty complex though, and I like it, I remember playing with my classmates minecraft at the end of the scholar year, it was fun, strange, because I never played minecraft with my classmates before. I hate cs 1.6 bots they have aimbot but I have that stupid recoil. Minecraft can get boring after a while but I still spent 5 hours on video games so yeah, they are entertaining, after all.

June 21 (Atlanta):

Do I miss her, or I miss being loved, that’s the question of the day. I remember about some things that happened on 9th of may like an important philosopher got born and important poet died, the independence was declared (not really but it was mentioned and it happened on 10th of may I think) and in the end the Victory day. If it stay and think on 4th of may it’s StarWars day and on 1st of may is labour day, mother day, on 8th of may it’s father’s day and on 10th of may it’s the independence and monarchy day of my country, on 25th of may A new hope was released. May it’s such an important month.

June 22 (Atlanta):

Tomorrow I will return to San Antonio, maybe I can convince her to travel with me around the states and settlements, she is really pretty, a bit superficial but optimist, and has a good soul. I learned this because I asked multiple people after sleeping with her. I guess I will bring her here just so Julia can see her, or should I just forget Julia. Hmm I remember for no reason the first time I heard a jet fighter in my life, ah I will never forget that day, 24 may a long time ago, it was an IAR-99 “Soim”, man it scared everyone, but for me it was music, hearing it cruise at 830km/h at 1000m over the city. I wish to hear more jets because I love their noise. One last cs 1.6 game and I will go rest, and prepare for the day of tomorrow.

June 23 (San Antonio):

Ahh, so beautiful, she agreed with me, but wasn’t so pleased. Tomorrow I will show her Atlanta then The White Forest settlement that got destroyed. Maybe even Rockford city, Evocity. I will show her every city I had problems or a story in, except Mexican cities, I am not going back there. Nothing personal, but it’s too dangerous out there.
Want her described, fine, she is tall not taller than me though, let’s say pretty skinny just like me, uhh shouldn’t talk about the 2 things that are attractive but they are decent, and a nice hair I really love her hair, medium eyes, nice eyebrows not too thin not too large, brown eyes, decent sized lips not too big not too small, the face isn’t round it’s more like elongate or something like that, her nose is clean, I mean there isn’t that bone sticking out of it, she is perfect. I hope I gonna meet Val because maybe he needs help or he has some jobs that I could help him with.
I wonder what awaits us in this world, what horrors we may face or what adventures we will have.
And in the end it’s true, love appears when you last expect it, or even need it.
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