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Markus DaSilva Dairy [Part 6]

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June 24 (Atlanta):

Everyone got shocked that I have a girlfriend, they thought I am not the kind of guy who would live the couple life, wow I really created a bad impression, an impression of an ambitious, lonewolf that fights for the good, and gets what he wants. Well next destination will be Val’s cabin / The White Forest Settlement. Hope everything’s going to be all right.

June 25 (Highway):

A few km’s till we get to the cabin, when I mean km another whole day of driving. Ana is so interesting, I love her, though I still have some doubts, but they will be gone in a few days… I hope.

June 26 (Highway):

Tomorrow we will get to the settlement, it’s too dark, and the place is dangerous, I know it very well, so we better drive during the day.
I hope I will find Val, maybe he has some jobs for me, I mean us. It’s hard to understand that I got a girlfriend.

June 27 (The White Forest Settlement / Val’s cabin):

Well Valeriosa, was here. He was surprised and little disappointed, wow everyone thought the same things about me, anyways here is what we talked:
Recently he found out that there are a lot of untouched banks all over the states, filled with money, and as you know money still have value during the apocalypse. He said that he managed to rob a few, but he needs a second hand to not set off the alarm on, because if that gets off, hundreds of death will come, and because of the alarm, the door will lock and an escape will be barely possible. So he actually needs me. That’s a good thing, robbing banks, I always wanted to be like a heister from PayDay 2. Now all I have to do is get the basic training of robbing a bank and then we will be both very rich.
Tomorrow we will head for our first bank. In the city of Alexandria. I gotta take some rest from all this driving.

June 28 (Alexandria):

After he taught me the basics of robbing a bank, we entered the vault, it was pretty risky but we managed to get in it, I had to help him not trigger any lasers, I wonder how they are still active after so much time. We earned easily 40k worth of money 30k to him 10k to him, that’s how I agreed because I don’t intend to get rich after all, all I want is an adventure.
The way out was pretty tricky, we had to get through the vents once more, but we couldn’t go on the way back so we had to take a different way that almost killed me. Reminds me of my first bank heist, well it wasn’t really a bank heist because the vault was easily opened. Now off to the next city.

June 29 (Willmar):

This time the ventilation system wasn’t so complex but the vault, my god so many doors we had to break through, it took us 1 hour just to break through the doors, then at least 2 to break the safety deposit boxes, then 1 hour just to get everything out through the ventilation. It was a pain in the ass but in the end we earned 80k. Easy 20k. I wonder what am I going to do with all these money, buy a house, a jet, a helicopter, I mean these days I can’t really buy anything else other than supplies, and rarely something special. We will go to the St. Cloud city next.

June 30 (St. Cloud):

This city has 2 banks, we managed to loot only one because it was like the previous one, pretty tricky, however this time we earned only 30k. Now we are heading towards the second bank.

[After getting into the bank]

We tried the vault, and it’s locked as we thought. We are going to try the ventilation system.

[After getting in the vents]

Well it’s dark and slippery here, I saw some strange fungus on it or whatever it is, it kinda scared me because usually these vents are clean. I wonder if there is something special going here.

[After getting in the vault]

I was right, something’s not quite right. There is a strange biological formation in the vault, B.O.W ? Either way it was caused by the virus, and it’s strange some green bubbles, reminds me of that incident on Civil City rp where there were tons of viruses that made you sick and created strange formations, so long CC. We decided to grab everything we could, while having gas masks on because we couldn’t risk our health with that thing. 15k we managed to take, and now we also gotta change our mask filters just to be sure we don’t breath contaminated air.

[After leaving the bank and heading to a safe place]

I don’t feel quite right, I think we should’ve equip the masks in the vents not in the vault, Val seems to be fine for now, but I have some fever for sure. Thank god I had a piece of plant from Mexico, I immediately used it to cure my possible infection that was made through spores, which I breathed.

[After 3 hours]

I feel better, so that plant is really good, even Val got interested in it, I told him where it’s grown and that he can take some but not all of it, because people need it as well.

July 1 (Minneapolis):

This is going to be our first big heist, this bank is supposed to have at least 300k in it. But there is a risk, there are tons of infected in this city, and if we trigger the alarm we are screwed for sure. I got a new gasmask filter, which I gonna use today, I can’t take any chances anymore, and cleaned and checked my guns in case of anything. We left Ana at the entrance of the bank in case anything happens, and we started clearing the rooms of the bank, a few infected some heads down and everything is good.
We found out that the vault has some pretty high tech equipment in it but they work on a battery that is most likely dead, because the elevator and most lights weren’t working.
The vault was closed. Time to find the vents.

[After finding the vents]

Took us a few minutes to find the vent entrance, because it’s very dark, we entered it and started making our way towards the vault using a compass.

[In the vault]

Well, must admit this is the most secure vault I’ve ever seen, we broke through the doors and got all the cash, but the second we tried to take the diamonds, yes diamonds on a special table, everything turned red and a very loud alarm started. We picked them up as soon as possible then jumped in the vents, running like some madmen. We managed to get out in 3 minutes, sadly hundreds of infected were near the bank already, we could hear them from inside.

[In the bank office]

I heard some gunshots, they surely broke in, after running a bit, I saw Ana running for her life from 30 infected at once. We fired at them. This was the first wave, it was obvious the front door was overrun
We tried the offices maybe they have a backroom or something, even an underground parking lot. Not long after we killed those zombies another wave came on both corridors and they were at least 80.
This is already getting out of hand, we can’t keep mowing down more and more running infected. But when the slow ones get here, it’s going to be bad, because they may be slow but they are large in numbers. We must hurry.

[Underground parking lot]

Took us a while, but we found it, we blocked the door and started rushing downstairs. The parking lot was pretty messy, but we managed to find the exit. It was blocked but we really had to hurry up so we pulled the equipment we sawed off the doors and started making a cut. It was making noise but it was fast and we managed to get out in 3 min, we had to take out a few runner waves, then we rushed outside because the slow infected were already there. We had to rush into an apartment building nearby. Rushed to the penthouse, maybe there we will be safe, but Idk how we will get down, after we get there.


We can hear the thousands of infected, we even hear some movement in the building but we blocked off the staircase, it will be hard for them to get to the penthouse anyway. We are in a high alert state, we can’t even relax or admire the sunset. Ana is so scared that she doesn’t even talks anything and wanders all around the rooms like crazy. Maybe I should talk to her but I must make sure there is no way for the infected to get here other than the stairs.

[During the night]

We are still on high alert but, we are chill for now. After talking with Val for an hour about our escape, I am exhausted, there are no better ways than climb down after a few days or hours. I will go and talk to Ana.
I must admit she acts strangely, she doesn’t want to expose any parts of her body, and looks pale and a bit red maybe she has a fever, she said she doesn’t have anything, though when I touched her, she was hot. She surely had 38 degrees. I took off her clothes with the force, because she tried to hide me the fact that she was…. She was… she I can’t… she was bit on her left arm, but not a simple bit, there were 6 different bits. I wonder how she managed to get away. I gave her the last plant I had, I hope she is ok. I also disinfected her wound and bandaged it. I comforted her, and I must admit I even cried in the back, why did this happen, why the heck did I want an adventure.

July 2 (Minneapolis) [Penthouse]:


She couldn’t sleep the whole night, neither could I. She looks worse than yesterday, this is not good. Maybe… I don’t want to think about the fact that it’s possible for her to be infected permanently. I did what I could this morning.
Now I am going with Val to check out the lower floors of the building.
We found some runners scattered around but it looks like the slow ones didn’t made it more than the 2nd floor. There aren’t so many infected as yesterday though, and that’s a good thing. We cleared most of the rooms, we even found some supplies, not the most useful supplies but they are supplies.


I decided to sleep, because I haven’t slept a whole night, I hope when I wake up it won’t be too late for her. Until then I must don’t think about anything so I can close my darn eyes.


She… she won’t make it. The infection already degraded her skin and her eyes are turning white. She is pale and… She can barely speak I gave her all the anti infection pills I had, I comforted her cuddled her, made her all teas I could, even tried to make her laugh for 3 hours straight. She started feeling better, I was so happy, but… I was happy too early, she started feeling so bad that she even had to sleep. I stayed near her until her last moments, when she closed her eyes, I knew what I had to do. I was ready to shoot if she woke up, I waited 10 min like that until she woke up but still as a human being. She was looking at me, almost crying, she knew what I had to do, before she died, she simply did a nod to show that what I was doing was the right thing. After 3 minutes she turned, as soon as she turned I shot her with 3 9mm rounds in her brain, the most painful thing I had to do in the last few months. After that Val appeared from behind, scared me for a second. He simply told me that if I wouldn’t do that, he would’ve shot her, and he also said that he is proud of me… ok… ? I am speechless, I see her blood, going down from her holes in the head, going on the face on her body, Val had to take me out of the room with the force, I am in a shock. Why… why why why why why why why why why wh----------I.

[Note after this was written, Val stopped me from writing in the dairy and give me some sleep pills]
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