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Reed's Note (Dying Man's Survival Guide, Pt. 1)

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B-Hoppin B Posted 1613219952 (232 views)
First time I've decided to put pen to paper since long before the world went up in smoke. Guess its worthwhile to record my thoughts when I can- Might be of some use to me at some other point, or a record if I end up being found by someone when I finaly bite the dust. If you are someone else reading this- Hello. My name is John Reed, and I hope you're able to make use of whatever I've got left either on me or wherever you found this. Its been a few weeks since everything went to hell, and so far I've learned a few tips that might help someone out in the new life we all live. Maybe a bullet point list is the best way to sum it up.

1. Never stop moving. Staying in one place for more than a day means a higher chance Something will find you. Dead or Living doesn't matter a single bit. Both are a threat. Staying mobile = Staying alive.

2. Travel light. This goes hand in hand with point 1. Lighter loads are easier to move, but it means alot more scavenging along the way. Find out a comfortable level of weight you can carry and divide it to about 30% Water, 15%Food, 20% Ammunition, 20% Medicine, and 15% everything else, Like Guns and Tools.
2a. Set up Stashes along the way, that way you can always double back for some supplies if you need to, makes keeping lightweight easier.

3. Don't be a "Tough Guy". Just don't. Bravado wont stop a shambler tearing your throat out, And bandits never travel alone. Beat one, his five friends are going to rush out and kill you. A cautious man is the one who lives.

4. Power Tools and Vehicles may seem nice, But they're a Death sentence. With a Car, you can get much farther much faster, and all that trunk space! But that's part of the problem. Car full of supplies only makes you a target, and means you have to guard it. May work in a group but there's always a Bigger Fish (larger group) that can, and will take it from you. And power tools, (Namely a Chainsaw)... Isnt that Badass?! No. It's stupid and gonna get you killed. First of all, it requires Fuel, which is rare as can be and has SEVERAL better uses. Secondly, Louder than all hell. Ringing a dinner bell for the dead and an alarm for every person within a mile of you. Stay quiet, stay alive. Basically- Avoid machines of any kind unless you have the firepower and manpower to defend them- but in that case you wont much be needing my guidance at all.

If I live long enough, I'll hopefully record more. For now, This at least kept the boredom away while Im pinned down by a Rainstorm.
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