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Par David (Nordahl)

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Hello , welcome to Zworld-Afterlife.com,

Developed by David (Nordahl) only, Zworld is part of a "survival horror oriented co-op", the first name of the project was to Zmod on Garry's Mod in 2012.
It is a Gamemode in which you must evolve and survive in a hostile environment infested with the undead with other players, who may become friends or enemies.
You absolutely must find supplies, weapons, allies, because if it's not the undead it will be thirst, hunger, cold, bandits, disease or illness your biggest problem.
Build your camp, start by putting the hands on tools to cut the wood, to make a camp fire for you dry, warm, cook your food, light the night. Sawing planks to build your barricades, ransack the houses, siphon of vehicles in the streets for you approvisioner fuel to power your generator, for your own vehicle or create fire traps. Experience of the survivors, who could become allies in a reliable, or not, swap your equipment for food, medical supplies, or firearms.

Your situation will evolve depending on the type of environment and the season.
Take advantage of the benefits of the day to better cope with the night.
The ultimate goal is to defer until later the inevitable, your death.

David (Nordahl) is also the creator and composer of the music, the voices of the zombies, drawings, sound effects, of this site, and much more. Zworld-Afterlife exists since July 2012, and is filed in copyright France in 2012.



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