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Zworld-Afterlife is part of a "survival horror oriented cooperation" on Garry's mod. this is a gamemode in which you have to evolve and survive in a hostile environment infested with living dead with the help of other players who can become friends or enemies..

Gameplay : During the day explore and supply yourself with food, water, clothing, maintain and repair the vehicles you can find so that you can use them and store your equipment. Supply yourself with weapons and ammunition to defend yourself, make yourself reliable allies, or not... Cut your wood, build Defense structures using the craft system, strengthen it with the materials you can find on the servers during your big explorations. Survive the night, adapt to attend the next Sunrise. For more details, see the wiki.
Your situation will change according to the type of environment and the season.
Exploit the advantages of the day to better face the night.

The ultimate goal is to put off the inevitable, your death.


Created and coded by myself, David(Nordahl) alone and with very few resources, the project forum was created in 2008 with ideas and the game started in 2012 known as Zmod, the first name of the project. Today the project is being totally recoded by the same author with the same determination and the same passion to reach an optimization threshold outside of the standards that you may have known. Keep in mind that the project is not an addon Assembly. 100% of the content is coded and created by David(Nordahl), as well as the voices of the zombies and the music composed and recorded, also know that the project is still evolving.

The project is registered at copyright France in 2012.



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