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Getting a server Zworld (Zmod on Gmod)

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1. Get a server in seconds

๐Ÿ“Œ 1. How do I get a server in seconds?
โ˜ฐ In the game, press the "Escape" key to open the menu.And click on the "Rent this server" button to open the server rental menu.

It looks like this:

โ˜ฐ The list of official servers is displayed, showing you the servers available for rental.

โ˜ฐ That's how the store looks. Make your choice and validate by clicking on the green button, Rent this server + X months.

โ˜ฐ A confirmation message will appear to alert the system to work properly with the date. As you can see, this new system ensures a much faster service. Instant.

โ˜ฐ Les avantages.
0. First you should know everything you can do once you have a server.
1. You don't do maintenance, I do it.
2. You don't need to encode an entire Gamemode for 6 years. (Which is currently the case for Zworld.)
3. You don't need to know code, just read the documentation.
4. You don't need to take care of updates from Garry's Mod and fix conflicts.
5. All management and administration is done from the interface in the F2 menu and also from the website.
6. There are no orders to know. Everything is managed by a user-friendly interface.
7. You do not handle updates of server operating systems and adaptations.
8. You can customize your server with the content available and animate your servers quietly.
9. Create your community on the basis of a stable gamemode, healthy, efficient, filled with interaction between players and environment.
10. Easily customize your own maps with the author's tools.
11. 5 slots per map for your customization + 1 slot reserved for the renters.
12. You buy a ready-to-use server and you get it in less than a second after payment.
13. As an owner you will have a rank (landlord / landlord) that will allow you to manage your own administrators and moderators.
14. Free to enable or disable the list of official staff with a single button.
15. Reboot or change the map among the 35 maps in a single click.
16. Organize Events on your own servers with various tools.
17. Earn a reputation and confidence of the players through the scoring system.
18. Your server is linked to the other servers so you can create tunnels between the servers.
19. Zworld Afterlife is always uptodated and secure.
20. 100% of the servers are hosted by the author so trustworthy.
21. The server is manageable on its own.
22. Use the Whitelist system to make your server Private, to play quietly with your friends, players can make their request on the website and you will be notified.
23. Enjoy one of the rare gamemode that is 100% encoded by a single encoder.
24. Your players will replay your server in a very short time of loading.

โ˜ฐ Conditions:
1. You don't have access to the FTP. So you can't take my work and modify it. If you are looking for scripts go to Originahl Scripts
2. If the servers are in maintenance, you recover the missing days.
3. You have to be respectful of the players.
4. Your administrators and moderators need to be equally respectful.
5. There is no refund once the service is consumed.
6. Because I don't say it enough, the golden rule is respect.