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Interactions between players

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1. The gesture menu
2. The voice menu
3. The Chat in game
4. Exchanging with another player
5. About the microphone
6. Searching and storing in a friend's backpack
7. Pushing a survivor
8. Waking up a sleeping survivor

Screen by Adam Grisson

📌 1. The gesture menu
☰ To view the sign panels and vocal interactions use the X KEY (contextual Menu)

☰ An example when another player gives you a simple sign

📌 2. The voice menu
☰ The voice interaction menu appears after the sign menu when you press a second time

The voice menu allows your survivor to say a pre-recorded word. This can be a simple hello, or ok. The voice automatically adapts if it is a man or a woman.

📌 3. The Chat in game
☰ Press general chat to open the chat and the team chat to automatically open the proximity chat

☰ The different chats

1. General : It's the general cat. Everyone can read what you write and the system messages are also displayed. Be careful not to floodle this cat unnecessarily.
2. Global : Same thing except system messages don't show up
3. Close : Le chat de proximité permet d'écrire à une distance limitée, il s'agit de la même distance audible avec la voix
4. Whisper : It is the chat Whisper, your message has a short range, 3m
5. Radio : When you have a walkie talkie and it is turned on, you can write on a frequency or speak on a frequency, anyone who is on the same frequency will receive your message and will be able to hear you speaking from afar.
6. Clan : Chat reserved for the future clan system.
7. System : All notifications and help messages are displayed here.

☰ The chat commands

Chat commands work as well in proximity chat as in global chat
Simple commands :
1. /clear : Clear the chat
2. /rand ou /roll : Generates a random number between 1 and 100
3. /wiki ou /help : Open the wiki
Roleplay commands : See what roleplay is here
4. /me : Replace /me By Your Name. For example : "/me cutting wood" become "David cutting wood"
5. /do : Describe an action. For example : "/do Wood falls to the ground" become *Wood falls to the ground*
6. /think : It's when your survivor think. For example : "/think Will I survive?" become **Will I survive?**

📌 4. Exchanging with another player
☰ 4.0 Make a request, press E (use by default) and click the Exchange button

☰ 4.1 When you receive a request, you have the option to accept or refuse

☰ 4.2 Once the Exchange menus are open, choose what you want to place, the system allows you to choose the amount.

☰ 4.3 Once both of you are ready, you can validate the Exchange.

📌 5. About the microphone
☰ Things to know about using your voice

1. When you use the microphone to talk, players who are too far away cannot hear you.
2. The zombies nearby can hear you talking and come out of curiosity, they only go into hunting mode when they see you.

📌 6. Searching and storing in a friend's backpack
☰ 6.1 Searching a survivor's backpack

Search the survivor's backpack by pressing E (use by default).

☰ 6.2 Store in another survivor's backpack

Grab an object and touch the survivor's backpack. the object will be inserted automatically inside.

📌 7. Pushing a survivor
☰ To push a player press E (use by default) and click push

📌 8. Waking up a sleeping survivor
☰ When a player is asleep, press E(use by default) and select "Wake Up"