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List of items

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1. Material
2. The different types of powders
3. Accessory
4. The 68 Clothings
5. Backpacks
6. Protections
7. Rainwater collectors and water containers
8. Electrical objects
9. The different keys

📌 1. Material
The materials are generally used for craft, construction, repairs and improvements.
☰ List of materials

WoodObtained by cutting the trees with the axe. You can also find them in raw form in the environment as stock.When you drop several of them in the same place, a stock appears.
ClothCan be used to make bandages. And dry you out.
NewspaperYou can read the Z-Time, the editor of Zworld-Afterlife. Or burn it... Chilicone Carn is hotter!Allows to simplify the ignition of a campfire +50% success rate. Save Game.
Used to restore Kevlar and some repairs
NailsThey are used for construction.
Metal pipeEquipment that can be used in repair processes
RopeEquipment that can be used in repair processes
Petite PlancheIs obtained by crafting Wood using the saw, you can also find it in the environment as stock.When you drop several at the same place a stock appears.
Planche moyenneSame as aboveSame as above
PencilAllows to write notes. If you have paper. And fix it on a wall if you have duct tape
PaperAllows to write notes. If you have a pencil. And fix it on a wall if you have duct tape+Augmente le taux de chance dallumage du feu de camp de 15% par feuille ajoutée
Flexible hoseIt will be used to syph a vehicles gasoline if you own a jerrycan.
BanknoteJust a piece of paper. Witness to a distant time when food collection was done in a supermarket shelf.+Im not telling you, money burns, it should increase the chance of lighting a campfire.
ScrewView what one can find everywhere, which allows the reinforcement of the level of resistance of the constructions
Light bulbMay be placed on vehicles and in flashlights when they are broken.
Aadhesive tapeMuch used in maintenance
PilesYou can insert them into the walkie talkie and the flashlights.
Flashlight 1.0 brokenChange the light bulb to fix it
Flashlight 2.0 brokenChange the light bulb to fix it
Engine oilUsed for vehicle maintenance

📌 2. The different types of powders
Powders are used to create ammunition. See the list of crafts for more information.
☰ List of powders

Powder ACan be combined with other powders.
Powder BCan be combined with other powders.
Powder CCan be combined with other powders.
Powder AACombination : A+A=AA
Powder BBCombination : B+B=BB
Powder CCCombination : C+C=CC
Powder ABCombination : A+B=AB
Powder BCCombination : B+C=BC
Powder ACCombination : A+C=AC

📌 3. Accessory
☰ List of miscellaneous accessories

ModelsNameUtilisé pour le craftUtilityNote
MapNonAllows you to see important places, store names and the position of the bandits. And it also allows you to see the map of the openworld in its entirety-
CanopenerNoAllows to open cans.-
JerrycanNoYou can siphon the vehicles to fill the jerrycan with gasoline.-The Jerrycan explodes and ignites everything around it when you shoot at it. Left Click: Empty1. Fill up the vehicle youre aiming for.2.Empty to the ground if you aim at the ground.Clic Droit: RemplirSiphonner le véhicule que vous visez.Vous devez posséder un tuyaux flexible pour siphonner
WrenchNoAllows to do big maintenanceAllows to repair the engine of a vehicle. And generators
ExtinguisherNoThe fire extinguisher may seem unnecessary at first glance. But hes already proven himself in the event of an accident.Helps extinguish fires when your buildings are burning. You can also put out the campfire.
The digital watchNoAllows you to know the time to anticipate the fall of the night. Allows you to organize.-
The pair of binocularsNoKeep one step ahead of the danger with this accessory.Clic droit pour maintenir la jumelle et utilisez la molette pour zoomer/Dezoomer
ThermometerNoAllows to measure temperature, external and internal.Readable from inventory or by looking at mercury on the 3D model.
TalkieWalkieNoAllows to communicate remotely and send private messages to anyone who is set to the same frequency.Turn it off to save batteries. Adjust frequency from inventory
ScrewdriverNoAllows to do small maintenance.-
CompassNoIndicates your orientation-
Craft Kitde munitionsOuiAllows ammunition to be crafted-
SawOuiAllows to craft boards with wood-
SleepingBag 1NoAllows you to sleep or you want to.-
SleepingBag 2NoSame as above-
TrapNoWhen a creature is trapped, it cant get rid of it.When the trap closes on a human it is in shock and hemorrhagic state. When the trap closes on a creature it is immabilized.
Tent bagNoAllows you to store and sleep outside while protecting yourself from the rain, creatures dont detect you while theyre not in alert mode, they can attack you if youre nearby.With a sleeping bag you can warm up when you sleep.
Propane cannisterNoExplodes by killing all the creatures around her if she gets shot.Place your traps in order to better defend a position, it can be a major asset in a survival strategy. See the new Gmod infected npcs demo
Sharpening stoneNon
The ChainsawNoCutting wood effiately, can be used as a weapon. The chainsaw needs fuel to operate.

☰ List of lighting accessories

ModelsNameUsed for craftingUtilityNote
MatchNoAllows 10 seconds of light per match.Allows to light the campfire. Allows you to set fire to a puddle of gasoline. Allows to destroy a written note. Gives a little bit of heat
Flashlight1.0NoSmall flashlightYou cant hold a gun with both hands and at the same time the flashlight. Either a friend will enlighten you or prefer weapons to one hand. Remember to have Spare Batteries.
Flashlight2.0NoLarge and powerful lampSame as above
ZippoNoSmall Zippo that allows to light a fire and lightRefills with gasoline. Gives a little bit of heat.
FlaregunNoAllows you to report your position to your group in case of distress. You can set fire to a puddle of gasoline.Also allows to illuminate an area.You can shoot the creatures to inflame them, the spiders die instantly by fire.
CandleIf you have a Zippo or matches you can place them in your hideout to enlighten you, it is useful, discreet and pleasant.One candle = 10 minutes of light
Lantern LEDNoAllows to place it on a surface and to illuminateWorks with 4 batteries(1 battery = +25%)

☰ List of cooking utensils

Saucepan1Allows you to cook 1 food or 1 can.
Stove2Allows you to cook 2 food or 2 can
Pot4Allows you to cook 4 food or 4 can

☰ List of fishing materials

Fishing rodAllows you to fish in rivers, lakes and the sea.
Maintenance materialsContains a new line. The wear of the fishing rod can make you miss an important catch

📌 4. The 68 Clothings
The clothing will allow you to increase your chances of survival in winter, and customize your survivor. Each garment has cold protection bonuses that can vary.
☰ List of clothing for the body

ModelsNameCold protection index
T-Shirt Dawn of the Dead0-25%
Polo rayure0-25%
Shirt bucheron0-25%
Leather jacket0-25%
StyleShaun of the Dead0-25%
Pull over0-25%
Questionable clothing0-25%
Leather jacket0-25%
Blood stained clothing0-25%
T-Shirt SLAYER0-25%
StyleShauns girlfriend0-25%
Hello Kitty0-25%
Pink TopBlue jeans0-25%
Gilet Jaune0-5%
Police Uniforme Women0-5%
Gilet Orange0-5%
Zombie 10-5%
Zombie 20-5%
Zombie 30-5%
Zombie 40-5%
Zombie 50-5%
Zombie 60-5%
Zombie 70-5%
Zombie 80-5%

☰ Military clothing list

ModelsNameCold protection index
Pilots trehis0-50%
Snow trehis0-50%
Dark grey trehis0-50%
Red trehis0-50%
Green trehis0-50%
Orange trehis0-50%

☰ For the head

ModelsNameCold protection index
Police cap0-2%
Red Hat0-20%
Purple cap0-20%
Green hat0-20%
White cap0-20%
Grey cap0-20%
Black cap0-2%
Orange cap0-2%

📌 5. Backpacks
Backpacks will allow you to de-clutter your inventory, when you are cluttered you lose in speed of movement. You can access the bag directly from the inventory. Your friends can also search and store items directly on you.
☰ List of backpacks

ModelsStorage capacityAccess time

📌 6. Protections
☰ List of protections

KevlarHes offering you body protection from bullets. As long as his condition allows it. Its condition is indicated in your inventory.You can restore it by changing the metal plates if you have them.
Protective helmetIt gives you a little head protection. Can save you from the headshot.The helmet is not repaired

📌 7. Rainwater collectors and water containers
☰ List of rainwater collectors and containers

Smallwater bottle1Mesure deauYou can store drinking water in your inventory. Consume it from inventory.You can also fill it in a bucket, basin or barrel. You can also fill it from the inventory if you are near a water point.
Flask2water mesureSame as aboveSame as above
Largebottle4water mesureSame as aboveSame as above
Bucket5water mesureAllows to fill it near a water point. Can store rain water.Fills up to the max value when you put it under water. Allows to collect rainwater. Under rain fills +1 Water measures every 2 minutes.
Basin15water mesureSame as aboveSame as above
Barrel50water mesureLarge capacity container.Can no longer be moved when it contains more than 15 measures of water-When the bucket or basin touches it the water content is transferred.
Watering can20water mesureLarge capacity watering can.Allows you to water your plants

📌 8. Electrical objects
☰ List of electronic objects

Car battery-Provides the electrical energy a vehicle needs to run.
-Can be recharged if connected to a source, e.g. a generator.
-Has a connection slot, for example you can plug a lamp on to light the night.
-A fully charged battery can provide 50 minutes of light without being recharged. Its longer than can last a night.
GeneratorSee the wiki on electric sources
Lamp constructionLamps can be connected to an electrical source. Useful to illuminate strategic points of your installation
-Can be broken by shooting and by zombies
-Can be repaired if you have replacement bulbs

📌 9. The different keys
During your game in Zworld you will find some locked doors randomly when the server reboots. When you try to open them,
you will be warned that you need a key that matches the color of the lock. So for example a red key to open a red lock.
The keys are not for single use. Theyre reusable on another lock.
Since version 3.0.8 the unlocked doors can be locked again with the same key.
☰ List of key you can find in Zworld

Key red
Key green
Key blue
Key yellow
Key purple
Key orange
Key black
Key white

☰ Where can I find the keys?

Keys can be looted in furniture or purchased from merchants.
List of furnitures