1. Dangerous creatures
2. The friendly merchants

📌 1. Dangerous creatures

1.0 Things to know sur l'intelligence artificielle
Namely :
- They can hear the sounds the player makes. For example, the player can use his voice (via the microphone) to attract them or throw an empty can to distract them. Honking in the car can distract them as well.
- Firearms must be used intelligently. The more you use them, the more you attract them so keep moving when it happens.
- They have their own vision that takes into account the environment. It is now possible to hide.
- They have their own vision that takes into account the environment. It is now possible to hide.
- When you're bleeding, the blood draws them.
- Zombies used to be survivors. Maybe they have useful things in their pockets. Don't forget to search them.

1.1 The undead
The undead are the first and foremost creatures of Zworld-Afterlife. This new version offers four times more zombies on a single server than the previous version and includes many new features.
Strengths :
-One contact infects you 100%.
-33% chance of suffering a critical blow, putting you in hemorrhagic and shock States. You lose your blood, you tremble and the zombies in the area move slowly towards you.
-Resistant, you're wasting your ammo if you don't shoot him in the head.
-Fire doesn't kill the undead.

Weakness :
-They're pretty slow and stupid.
-Use the environment to distract them.
-Shoot them in the head to kill them effectively.

EXP : 10-40
1.2 The Infected
Strengths :
-They move very quickly
-They're hiding to better attack you from behind.
-They don't wear themselves out

Weakness :
-They have very little life
-They're not resilient.
-Fire kills them quickly
-As they move fast, they can set fire to the other infected

EXP : 40-50
1.3 Dogs almost alive
Strengths :
-He starts running when he sees a prey

Weakness :
-Weak against the bullet

EXP : 40-50
1.4 Spider-Z
Strengths :
-Bullet-resistant creature but not impossible to kill
-Slow creature at first sight but when it sees a target it moves faster

Weakness :
-Fire kills them instantly
-The most effective weapons were the shotgun and the magnum.
-The Flaregun kills him instantly.

EXP : 40-50

📌 2. The friendly merchants

2.0 Things to know sur les marchands
Namely :
-Merchants do not exist in the open world. They can only be placed by those who have the rank of minimum administrator. Their position may be temporary or persistent.
2.1 List of merchants
ModelList of merchants
1. Merchant of building materials

2. Arms and ammunition dealer

3. Medical device dealer

4. Skin merchant military

5. Clothing dealer

6. Protection dealer

7. Other equipment dealer

8. General merchant

2.2 How's the merchant's shop?
-To open the merchant interface, approach it and press the "E" KEY (use).
-The use of Zcoins can be disabled on the servers if the option (Zcoin Shop) is disabled in the Administration menu F2.
-You can resell the objects you own in your inventory for the simple monaie.
-Click on + or - to select the quantity.

By David(Nordahl)