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The persistent world

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1. Persistence
2. Persistent objects

๐Ÿ“Œ 1. Persistence

โ˜ฐ 1.0 What's a persistent world?

It is a world that continues to evolve in the absence of players, while other people continue to play.
When the player reconnects he will find what he has built and left, as long as other players have not broken it or stolen it.

๐Ÿ“Œ 2. Persistent objects
โ˜ฐ 2.0 Things to know about persistent objects

Persistent objects remain the same after a reboot of the server but deteriorate slowly with each reboot, i.e. they lose life points if they are abandoned, in the same way that the material wears out over time in real life. From time to time think about repairing them and doing maintenance. If they run out of life points after the reboot, they'll disappear.
It takes about ten days for an abandoned object disappear. Note that maintenance and upkeep give them life and you gain experience points at the same time.

โ˜ฐ 2.1 List of persistent objects you will find even after a reboot.

All the objects you will find in the state, that is with the life points, the content stored inside, etc.
Wood StockYour wood stock will allow you to permanently store your wood
Stock of planksYour stock boards
All constructionsand their contentsThe entire structure of your base will not move like all the other entities listed in this table, provided they are not destroyed.
Bucket / BasinLorsque vous collectez de l'eau de pluie avec รงa il est normal qu'elle y reste aprรจs un rebootWhen you collect rainwater with it it's normal that it stays there after a refoot.
Water supplyYour water stock allows you as the name indicates to store water in large quantities
Reserve fuelYour gasoline stock allows you to store large quantities of gasoline
Car batteryYou can plug it into the lamps on it to silently illuminate the strategic points of your base at night
GeneratorThe generator can power the lamps and recharge the batteries
Construction site lampsThe lamps are connected either to the battery or to the generator
All types of vehiclesAfter the reboot, you will find all your equipment and vehicle there and in the condition you left it.
TentsAfter the reboot, you will find all your stored material and your tent in the state there and in the state (-10% of life points) where you left it. Watch out for wear and tear, don't forget to maintain it.