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Request for resuscitation of a survivor

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  1. Conditions for applying for survivor resuscitation
  2. Where to apply?
  3. Pourquoi nous ne traitons plus massivement les demandes de rรฉanimation?

1. Conditions for applying for survivor resuscitation
Before applying for resuscitation, make sure your application meets the criteria below:
1. Have an active premium account.
And :
2. Have been killed by a bug or by a player in a misunderstanding.

2. Where to apply?
If you have a premium account you will be able to open a ๐ŸŽซ Ticket Support, from your top right profile please don't bother the staff in private message for this anymore.

3. Why are we no longer processing resuscitation requests on a massive scale?
It is humanly impossible to process all your requests, it becomes difficult to make progress on the project code because it becomes a full-fledged job to respond to messages and process requests on a case-by-case basis, which becomes tiring and slows me down on my main objectives.

Since we've helped some players by resurrecting their survivors, the news has spread quickly and now I'm getting more and more requests. All of this is taking a long time to process and is becoming impossible to live with for a free project. And if some updates couldn't take place earlier, it's because a lot of time was spent working on it. We try to satisfy our players. But who are the people who really support us?

That's why now only customers with an activated premium account will be able to benefit from support, their requests will be studied and they will be able to open a support ticket, do not make any more requests by private message on the Discord, nor elsewhere because on the Discord we don't have the necessary tools to identify your profile, we have to search constantly and it wastes a lot of time.

A little reminder, the difference between a PREMIUM member, a Buyer and a Guest,
a Guest is the basic status when you arrive on Zworld it means that the member has never made a purchase, Zworld is free it does not prevent you from playing, he can always save his survivor on slot 1 which is free.
A Buyer means that the user has already supported the project at least once in his life.
PREMIUM Member means that the player has subscribed to a subscription to support the project and is active, he gets 5 backup slots allowing him to save 5 different survivors and open support tickets.

A member's rank is visible below their profile throughout the site. For example, a member's rank can be seen below their profile.

Regarding disagreements about access to support, note that there are โ‚ฌ60 games with a 5 hour lifespan, and players on Zworld with over 100 hours of play who have never supported the project.

On my other project Originahl-Scripts only customers who bought a script can open a ticket and ask for support, that's why I can make free updates of the products I create and live from them.

I hope you will be understanding, thank you in advance for that.