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1. Basic rules
2. Players & members
3. Staff official / staff of the renter
4. On the whitelist servers
5. In Server discussions and public chats
6. When you leave an opinion about the reputation of a rented Server

๐Ÿ“Œ 1. Basic rules
โ˜ฐ Basic rules

1. The basic rules apply on the site, on the servers, on facebook, on the steam group and on the Discord
2. When you play Zworld-Afterlife, you accept its rules and conditions.
3. Don't try to exploit or find bugs. You can be banned automatically for Feat.
4. Messages inciting (or evoking) illegal practices are prohibited
5. Aggressive or defamatory messages, personal insults and criticism, vulgarity and vulgarity, and more generally any message in violation of the French laws in force are prohibited.
6. Identity theft is prohibited, as is the use of multiple accounts.
7. The author of the article is subject to the same rules of good conduct.
8. The repetition of abuses may result in the closure of an account and the deletion of any publications.
9. Please make an effort on grammar and spelling. Text style not recommended.

๐Ÿ“Œ 2. Players & members
โ˜ฐ Players & members

1. The character players to the point of harming the atmosphere have nothing to do on our servers.
2. Don't exploit the bugs. You can be banned for abuse.
3. Don't kill players for nothing, you could be banned.
4. Bet on cooperation, don't repeat other players ' stupid actions. If you're killed, that's no reason to kill another player who didn't do anything, you could be banned.
5. Do not connect to Zworld-Afterlife servers with activated cheats or a version of Gmod stained by Lua-Cheats. You will create errors and the system will globally ban you from servers to protect itself from them.
6. Respect other players, it is a cooperation oriented game, it is not a war game.

๐Ÿ“Œ 3. Staff official / staff of the renter
โ˜ฐ Staff official / staff of the renter

*Know that if you are seen to abuse your rights, you will lose all credibility and esteem that we had for you. The excuses will be useless, you will already have tarnished our reputation and you will, therefore, be permanently banned.
1. No resources will be given by moderators/admins. Except Event / Server or compensation due to a technical problem.
2. Mandatory reporting when banning or adding a temporary administrator.
3. Do not harass the author of zworld-afterlife.
4. You are the administrator of the official servers of Zworld-Afterlife. I count on you to be mature.
5. You take care of the good atmosphere of the server.
6. You want to set up a vent on the server? Talk about the Discord first.
7. I do not tolerate any disrespect towards another administrator, even towards ordinary members.
8. Presentation required.
9. Gross negligence is any misuse, total or partial use of administrative rights.
Failure to do so will result in the dissolution of the administrative position of the person concerned and will be followed by a permanent ban.
10. We are a team, I consider admin and moderator as staff members. Act like it.
11. Teamspeak/Discord attendance required.
12. On PvP servers, administrators are not allowed to unite against players. Unless the players already present are informed and in agreement.
13. If you have a problem between admins, resolve it in private and not on public channels. You can be punished if necessary.
14. No ban VAC account among moderators and administrators. Why? These are usually players who lack power or recognition. Imagine the fate of a loyal player if the server was moderated by cheats.
15. You are not allowed to change the gameplay or map of a rented server for your personal use. The rented servers don't belong to you!". I consider it a serious mistake to take liberties without informing the owner or owners.
16. We reiterate that every administrator must be impartial and discreet. The same applies to his actions.
17. You will not, under any circumstances, ask anyone for any less. (Except in the case of an Event with collection to create a big reward)

๐Ÿ“Œ 4. On the whitelist servers
โ˜ฐ On the whitelist servers

1. A whitelist server is a role-play server where players get into the skin of their character with the real anguish of dying and acquiring his story.
2. Whitelist Server rule PvE: servers running with Whitelist system PvE are 100% cooperative servers taking place in the right atmosphere and in which you will not need to fear the human. The players are there for a walk of Health, construction, fishing, agriculture.
3. Whitelist PvP Server: PvP is only allowed on the server when it is part of a RolePlay context. Sight shooting is prohibited.
4. An anti-roleplay attitude may be subject to sanction or even temporary/permanent exclusion depending on the whitelist case.

๐Ÿ“Œ 5. In Server discussions and public chats
โ˜ฐ In Server discussions and public chats

1. Don't ask for help in case of technical problems, read the documentation, open a ticket or send a private message to the Staff.
2. Any insult or personal attack is prohibited.
3. No settling of scores or provocation is tolerated.
4. Interventions organized by groups to hijack and prevent constructive discussions are prohibited.
5. Blatant harassment of an author or commentator, even in the absence of insult, is prohibited.

๐Ÿ“Œ 6. When you leave an opinion about the reputation of a rented Server
โ˜ฐ When you leave an opinion about the reputation of a rented Server

1. You leave an opinion on the reliability of the staff on the rented Server.
2. Reviews reporting a bug and unjustified will not be valid.

Any messages that violate the above provisions will be edited or deleted without notice or further justification within a time frame that will depend on the availability of the moderators. Any abuse will result in the termination of the registration without refund. The Internet is neither an anonymous space nor a lawless space ! We reserve the right to inform your access provider and/or the judicial authorities of any malicious behaviour. Each stakeholder's IP address is recorded to help enforce these conditions.