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Your Survivor

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1. State alterations
2. Skills
3. Information from your survivor
4. Command
5. How to earn experience points?

📌 1. State alterations

Les altérations d'états HUD survival Gmod

☰ Description
State alterationss are characterized by icons on the left side of your screen.
There are 13 for the time being:
Health, endurance, thirst, hunger, infection, inactive infection, bleeding, shock, crowding, hypothermia, wet clothing, cold protection, critical condition.

☰ The list of alterations

HealthThis is your general health.Below 20% your vision blurs. Zero, you're dead.*Use the objects of care.*Eat quality food.*Drink.
StaminaRepresents your Stamina.It empties when you spin, jump, hit.-At zero you're out of breath and you can't sprinter until you recover above 10. %.It restores itself automatically and slowly over time.
ThirstRepresents your thirst.It changes over time and more quickly when you are physically active.Malus on your physical performance.At zero your health will deteriorate.Drink.
HungerRepresents your state of hunger.It changes slowly over time.A Malus on your physical performance.At zero your health will deteriorate. Eat something.
InfectionRepresents the progression of infection.It changes slowly over time.The more the infection takes over, the more you cough, eventually you die and leave one more zombie at the scene.There is no cure, the infection is definitive. However, it is possible to stop the evolution with antibiotics.
Inactive InfectionThe infection was stopped by antibiotics.-The infection no longer progresses until the next contact with the infected creatures.Stay away from the undead.
BleedingFollowing a gunshot wound,sharp object or bite, you bleed out and go into a hemorrhagic state.-You leave traces of blood on your way-It attracts zombies.-Your health is deteriorating-Your eyesight's clouding.-You will dieUse the bandage or emergency kit.
ShockRepresents pain,causes tremors.-You're in shock.-You're shaking.-You lose your accuracyYou can use the painkillers.
OverloadYou're overloaded, carrying too many objects.-Your speed of movement is impaired. At the most, You can't move.Dispose of items that are less useful to your inventory situation.Store in your backpack. This avoids congestion.
HypothermiaIf you stay out when the temperature is below zero, you are cold.-You're shaking and you're losing precision.-You die when the bar is completWarm yourself near a campfire, turn on the heating in a car, put on clothes that protect you from the cold.
Wet clothingIf you stay in the rain your clothes get wet, when you jump in the water also.-Vous avez 3 fois plus rapidement froid-Vous avez un malus de poids.-When the bar is at the maximum The weight malus is 10%Take cover.Dry yourself by standing next to a campfire or wipe with dry cloth.-Change clothes.
Cold ProtectionWhen you put yourself near a source of heat, your body absorbs heat, granting you temporary protection in the cold.The longer you stay the longer the protection lasts once you're outside.-You are protected from the cold and the hypothermia bar is dropping.Eat cooked food to increase your cold protection by 50%-Disappears when the heat bar is at zero.
TiredYou haven't slept in a long time.Fatigue is felt-Your stamina is not regenerating.-Your maximum endurance is deteriorating.-The objects you carry in your inventory seem twice as heavy to you.-You can't die of fatigue, but stress can easily put you in a dangerous situation.Rest, sleep to recover.You can drink energy drinks to restore 10% and coffee.
DrunkennessYou're drunk as hell, and you're drunk.-Pain reduction-Augmentation de la fatigue-You lose your accuracy-Light resistance to cold-Decreases automatically with time.
Critical conditionWhen this icon is displayed next to one of your bars, it means that you are close to death.It can be hunger, thirst, ect.-You will die if you do nothing.Adapt you to your condition all solutions are listed here.
Risk of fireWhen you approach the fire dangerously you take fire when the bar is full, The bigger the source the faster the bar fills upYou burn, you're in shock, and then there's death.Jump into the water or a friend can use a fire extinguisher on you to extinguish you. You can also use the fire extinguisher yourself by aiming down.
PoisoningPoisoning can be due to the consumption of poisonous mushrooms and other surprisesHeadache, nausea, mental confusion, fatigue, death when the poison bar reaches maximumOnly the antidote can cure you.
Broken bonesWhen you fall down or when you are hit in the leg.The player will be able to move only by crawling, neither standing nor crouching.Hide and wait for the restoration of your condition, rest if possible, take painkillers. If friends accompany you, make a camp while you restore. A single survivor in this situation has very little chance of surviving. It takes 10 minutes to recover automatically, if your health, hunger, thirst and sleep bar is above 90% recovery speed is multiplied by 10

📌 2. Skills
☰ Description
New since version 3.0.8: you earn 1 Skill points Per level what changes is that from level 30 you earn 2 Skill points Per level.

This is the skills acquired by your characters.
Each skill can be enhanced by using your skills points acquired through experience,
Skills are currently divided into the categories of endurance, crafts, scrimmage, gun control and survivalism.

Note: It is currently possible to save your data by activating your account.
I've set up 3 Database servers, which host your data when you log out and will provide it to you when you log back in.
The Database is linked to all official servers, so you can move from one server to another while keeping your skills and hardware.
If you die, you definitely lose your character. Natural in a game whose goal is to survive.

☰ To view the skills panels use the Q(inventory) key and click Skills

☰ List of skills
📌 Physical ability
SkillsLevel maxDescription
Stamina20When you run your endurance bar decreases less quickly and restores itself more quickly at rest. You can stay longer underwater
Sprint20Increases your Sprinting speed
Cold resistance20Allows longer cold weather in winter. The cold resistance increases by 1% per level so at level 20 you know a resistance of 20%.
Force20Each level increases the inventory capacity by 1%

📌 Aptitudes armes de mêleé
SkillsLevel MaxDescription
Damage20Increases striking power
Speed20Increase your speed attack
Endurance20Reduces the consumption of your stamina when you hit

📌 Aptitudes armes à feu
SkillsLevel MaxDescription
Accuracy20Increases your precision
Recoil20Decreases the Recoil of 4% per level
Reloading20Increase your reload speed

📌 Artisanat
SkillsLevel MaxDescription
Woodcutter 20You cut wood faster
Carpenter20You build faster
Engineering20Increases the speed of craft and other interactions

📌 Survivalism
SkillsLevel MaxDescription
Medical20You heal faster and more effectively
Fishing20You have a better chance of catching a fish
Farming20Increases the speed of installation of farm structure and the speed of harvest
Scavenge20Increases search speed
Crochet20Increases the speed of crocheting.

📌 Physical Resistance (Add March 2019 - version 3.0.8)
CompétencesLevel MaxDescription
Cold20Increases your cold resistance by 1% per level
Hunger20Increases your Hunger resistance by 1% per level
Thirst20Increases your Thirst resistance by 1% per level
Resistance to fatigue.20Increases your Resistance to fatigue by 1% per level

☰ Assign Skills points

When you have a skill point in reserve a small + appears next to each skill, click on it to use.

📌 3. Information from your survivor
☰ From the inventory Q (by default) click on Stats

Level :Level of your survivor
Experiences :Experience Points of your survivor
Next Level :Number of experiments needed to reach the next level
Survival Time :Survival time (pauses when creatormod is activated)
Activation :The activation expiration date
Total Time played on Zworld :Total time played on Zworld-Afterlife in hours
World Ranking :Your world ranking
Best Time :Your best survival time

📌 4. Command
☰ Ramper

To progress on the belly, press the key twice quickly to crouch. You can hide in narrow places.

☰ Switch between FPS view and third person view

In Zworld-Afterlife you can choose to play with the view in the third person and the view in the first person by pressing a single button. Either press 8_ or press +zoom if not already done.

☰ Infiltration mode camera

Stand next to a wall or similar surface, then press -Crouch-. Then move by shaving the walls. Depending on where you are, you can see what is happening next to you through the automatic camera placement.

📌 5. How to earn experience points?
☰ Lists of methods to earn experience points
MethodsGain EXP
Kill zombie30 - 40
Kill infected40 - 50
Kill zombie dog50 - 70
Kill spider50 - 80
Cut wood10 - 20
Finish a construction with hammer20 - 30
Repair a construction30 - 60
Upgrade a construction50 - 90
Recycle a construction5 - 15
Heal a friend60 - 90
Repair the engine of a vehicle + 5%10 - 20
Repair the engine of a vehicle + 25%40 - 80
Repair an electric generator + 5%10 - 20
Repair an electric generator + 25%40 - 80
Repair a construction lamp + 50%20 - 40
Repair Bucket, Basin, Blue Water Container or Gasoline Barrel + 25%30 - 60
Maintain the tent cloth 50%30 - 60
Get a fish with the fishing rod20 - 60
Catch a insect10 - 20
Sowing seeds20 - 40
When you use fertilizer on your crops20 - 40
Watering planters10 - 20
Harvesting your crops20 - 40