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Terms & conditions

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Note: These Terms of use are a simple translation of the French version. In the event that these Terms of use conflict with the French version, the latter will prevail.

By using the services provided on *Originahl-Scripts (osgmod.com), you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions ("Terms of Use"๐Ÿ™‚ . Please read the following carefully to ensure that you understand the terms of your use of the service.
By using PayPal for payments you also agree to its use policy.

1 : Use of the account on Originahl-Scripts

Originahl-Scripts may not be used for illegal or abusive activities. This will result in termination of your account and possible legal action in case of force majeure.
You are limited to one account per person.
You are requested to read the documentation before purchasing a product or opening a ticket.
Any sharing of purchased content is prohibited.
Any abuse will result in the termination of the registration on the site. We reserve the right to inform your service provider and/or the legal authorities of any malicious behaviour.

2: Use of the API and the Script Protection System

The API is provided "as is" and "as available".
The API may be modified by Originahl-Scripts at any time, to ensure overall improvement.
Originahl-Scripts reserves the right to limit the number of requests to the API in case of excessive or abusive use of the API.
Originahl-Scripts reserves the right to restrict accounts or IP addresses that overuse or abuse the API.
Originahl-Scripts reserves the right to determine what constitutes misuse or abuse of the API.

3: Refund Policy

No refunds or exchanges on services, except under certain conditions, on a case by case basis. To request a refund, open a ticket within 7 days (one week) from the date of payment stating the reason for your request.
You are eligible for a refund if you have purchased something without downloading it.

4: Changes to the Terms

These terms are subject to change without notice. These Terms of Service can be viewed at: Originahl-Scripts.com

5: Liability and Force Majeure

The sources of the information published on the site are deemed reliable. However, the site reserves the right not to guarantee the reliability of the sources. The information provided on the site is for information purposes only. Thus, the user alone assumes full responsibility for the use of the information and content of this site.
The user is responsible for keeping his logs secret. Any disclosure in any form whatsoever is prohibited.
The user assumes the risks related to the use of his login. The site declines all responsibility.
Any use of the service by the user resulting directly or indirectly in damage shall be subject to compensation to the site.
The site does not guarantee optimal security and confidentiality of transmitted data. However, the site undertakes to use all necessary means to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the data as best as possible.
The site cannot be held responsible in the event of force majeure or the unforeseeable and insurmountable act of a third party.

6 : Intellectual property
All comments, images and illustrations on our site are exclusively reserved to us. Under the intellectual property and copyright, any use is prohibited.
Without prior authorisation, any reproduction of our site, whether partial or total, is strictly forbidden.

7: Personal data
This site uses the Steam API. Customer information will never be transmitted or sold to external sites.

8: Jurisdiction and applicable law
In the event of a dispute between the consumer customer and the company, the applicable law is French law.
According to the case:

The French courts have sole jurisdiction to decide the dispute.
The French courts are the only ones competent in the event of a dispute.