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The Karma in Zworld

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  1. Presentation of the Karma system
  2. The Different Titles of Karma
  3. Getting Karma Points
  4. Karma point loss
  5. The consequences

Karma in Zworld

Presentation of the Karma system

Karma is an important variable in Zworld, it affects some of your actions and the course of certain situations. In addition to Karma, Zworld introduces the concept of reputation to complement it. Your Karma can, for example, have an impact on certain human AI, the behavior of certain players against you, access to certain places such as safezones guarded by the police or the military.

The Different Titles of Karma

Your number of Karma points is defined by "Titles", these titles are segmented into 3 "alignments": Bad, Neutral, Good.
Karma is "Grouped" in different stages (or levels), five in total, divided from very bad to very good. Each stage is defined by the number of Karma points you have (from 0 ( Super Bandit ) to 1000 ( Hero )), Karma points are only visible on your profile page and in the scoreboard.

The 5 different titles:
Super Bandit = below 0 karma points
Bandit = below 450 karma points
Neutral = Between 450 and 800karma points (default)
Friendly = More than 800karma points
Hero = 1000 points of karma

Getting Karma Points

Killing a Bandit= +10
Killing a Super Bandit = +50

Karma point loss

Free murder on a neutral person = -0
Free murder on a friendly person= -200
Free murder on a heroic person= -400

The consequences

During their connection, players present on the server will be warned of the connection of a bandit or a super bandit.
The bandits will be visible approximately on the map but their position will not be precise. Only an approximate area to allow neutral people to flee and heroes to hunt the bandit.