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The Roleplay

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RolePlay is a way to play a different kind of survivor. Indeed, RolePlay (RP) offers the possibility to fully embody your survivor and thus to distinguish your role as a player from that of your survivor, this survivor will have his own personality, his own story and his own way of life.

It is possible to compare yourself to an actor who plays a role, you will embody a survivor who is totally dissociated from you, and who will therefore have his own desires, his own goals, a way of life adapted to the place where RolePlay is practiced (example: survival in nature is not the same as in urban areas...).

RolePlay is based more precisely on the exchanges between the survivors of the players, which allow each survivor to evolve by making them feel their own emotions and make their own decisions.

It is obviously necessary to separate the words expressed by the player from those expressed by the survivor.

What a player will say will have no impact on the "life" of his survivor or on his actions or even on his decisions.

Furthermore, RolePlay can be different depending on the platform one is on.

It is essential to fully understand the notion of separation of the player from the survivor, for this, there are several ways to carry out this dissociation by respecting some sort of "principles", in fact, we can say that each person is, for example, afraid of death or accident.

Indeed, the fact that the survivor dies does not affect the player, because his survivor will immediately disappear and become a living dead, but each survivor as any man dies only once and in principle has only one life, and therefore, must be afraid to die, we mean that an action that will lead to the death of a survivor without real purpose (jumping off a bridge for fun ...) is not an action that can be called "RolePlay".

Moreover, each survivor (and non-player) has to assume the consequences of his actions (Accident, illegal acts, that's where the Karma system comes in...) and the player can in no way remove his survivor from what is called a "scene" that would be played totally InGame (and thus through his survivor).

It is therefore possible to say that RolePlay is intended to help you develop a survivor who will take a different direction from other survivors through his or her actions, becoming good or bad, his or her decisions, desires or ambitions. Your survivor may therefore through his or her actions become a great man, a leader, a mayor or a very high-ranking man, or he may instead sink into alcohol, delinquency or become a bandit.

It is important to specify that the development of his survivor must not be done in a way called "Non-RolePlay" and therefore harm the progress of other players wishing to develop their survivor, it is for example not allowed to get an advantage that would not be necessary in various situations (for example being handcuffed and magically remove the handcuffs and run away after being tazed 4 times by the police ...).

Indeed, a "scene" is not always to your advantage and it is essential not to always want to win the scene, but to succeed in getting out of it or to take advantage of the other survivor in a totally RolePlay way and without influence of each player behind his survivor.

In a logical way, each player must adapt his RolePlay and his way of playing according to where he is (Server itself), each server has its own area, its own history and its own rules, it is of course logical that each player is subject to the same rules on the same server, it is therefore essential that everyone abides by these rules.

This same universe will allow you to make your survivor evolve in one way or another and will give you the inspiration to create a survivor that will correspond to you and that will add to his story, indeed, your survivor will be able to influence (for good or bad) the story where he is, which is a fascinating facet of RolePlay.

Zworld-Afterlife.com will aim for excellence in RolePlay so that each player can embody his survivor without any problem and in a totally InCharacter way (i.e. in the game without any external intervention), moreover, we want each player to be able to play in the most optimal way possible, we have a FULL RP objective and therefore the whole history of the city will develop thanks to the evolution and development of the survivors present on our server.

Your survivor's progress on our server will only depend on his or her actions and decisions, and our story will evolve along with everyone else, with the goal of making everything go completely InGame and to provide quality RolePlay scenes that will provide the players on the server with even greater enjoyment of the game.

In conclusion, the invention of a RolePlay survivor is not an easy task of course, but it is a work of patience, imagination, and set objectives that each player will try to achieve by using his or her inventiveness in fun and interesting scenes so that one day you may or may not achieve what you wanted your survivor to become, but it is up to you, and your playing intelligence.

So don't hesitate, join the world of RolePlay and make your survivor what you wish!