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๐Ÿ“„ [Example] Diary Dario Rosso

David (NordaHL)

Posted 1548261341 (Edited)
This article is an example, you can ask questions or suggest ideas for the possible improvement of the rules.

  1. Put your roleplay name in the title
  2. You can specify when your character is dead and the number of day he survived
  3. Open a new log if it is another survivor.

September 27
I do not know if these lines are read one day, but writing allows me to maintain some sanity before going to sleep. When they discover my body shredded by these creatures, I think IM responsible for the quarantine of this city will realize the magnitude of events. Is this the way that everything must end? I refuse to die.
I'm not ready...

September 29
My whole team was massacred today. But all this belongs to the past. Now I have to worry about my survival. Tomorrow is another day, tomorrow I renforcerais the camp and I would go to fetch water in the city. My reservations starting to become worrisome. I hope to meet survivors.

September 30
I start to worry about my remaining resources, yet one night and tomorrow I'll have to take risks, I do not like the city, I hope I have enough ammunition to be able to get out ...

"Dario Rosso died devoured by the zombies, he survived 3 days."

Your favorite Heavy
Posted 1548372547
I did the first one of these :v (if this one counts, the second one)

Good gamemode btw (my fav one)

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