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๐Ÿ“„ Seth's Lost Journal

Seth Wilson

Posted 1556032033

Status: Still kicking/Alive.

Background: Caucasian American | From East Coast.

Day 1: Car crashed, wheel blew and sent my off road. 2 months worth of supplies now at the bottom of the water behind the Dam. I was heading up from my brother's hideout, poor guy is dead. I never was able to tell him goodbye. Same as dad... So, I guess this is to you bro. You were my only brother, the only person that understood me, for the most part... Goodbye buddy, I'll see you up there someday for sure. Maybe Dad, Mom, and Amy... Just know that I won't go easily, just like you. Stocked up on ammo and guns.

Night 1: Guess the sirens in the Dam area are still operating. A siren sounded around the area and nearly attracted every fresh infected around the area, had to put them all down before they swarmed me. Lost my Beretta in the process. Eventually had to head up to the radio station, maybe Val was still there. Nope... Dude was gone. MIA, couldn't find anything so, he might still be alive. Its beginning to ran so, I'm gonna head up to the main road. I think I saw one of the tunnels were collapsed and the cars formed a barricade. Gonna stay there for the night.

Day 2: I actually had a nice nights sleep. Woke up and the fire was out, still raining... Ugh, wish I could actually catch a GOOD break. Would have been perfect if the rain stopped. Seems like its starting to clear up. Jeez... I'm starving. I wish I could just sit back and enjoy mom's cooking. I really could go for a steak right now. Heading back to the building out near the Dam, I think there is some food still there.

Night 2: Siren sounds. Time to get to work. Guess I slept till afternoon... Deep sleep. Couldn't tell due to the rain. Couldn't get back to the tunnel, infected cut me off. Staying in a tree house right now. Rain has finally stopped. Gonna take a nap now. Its a bit chilly...

Day 3: Woke up suddenly, odd dream... Felt like all the water I had got sucked up and I died. Woke up sweating. Rained a small bit before stopping. Someone stole my backpack... Whoever it was, was and is a fucking ninja. Lost my M4, and my sniper. Damnit! The pills as well. Fucking Christ. Gotta find more now. All my 5.56 is gone as well. Guess this isn't gonna be easy... When is it ever easy...? Update, Odd orange like fog blew in... Kinda odd. Staying alert.

Night 3: I was moving around. Exploring and looting. Made it to the military camp and got nothing. Just some 10mm. Decided to cut through the construction yard, filled with zombies and infected. All got killed by me. I entered a shipping container, and heard something. Looked out and saw another flash light. Just about blew the guys head off... He sounded... French? Unsure... Now though? We're keeping in contact via radio. Headed back to the tunnel to get some rest. I think day is around the corner.

Day 4: The sleeping pills did a better job. Fire was nice and hot, woke up feeling amazing. Keeping in contact with "Tony" from what he has told me. I still don't trust him, but hell. What do I have to lose? Other than my life. Might as well keep moving. Told him that I'll be heading to Evocity. Gonna be a long journey... But at least I'll have a idea of where I'll be. Maybe run into some more people... I don't know. Gotta pray.

((Server Maintenance = Journey to Evo.))

Day 9: I've arrived at Evocity. Place is as dead as I remembered... Sticking to the outskirts of the main city for now. Might have to move deeper into the city at some point, even the outskirts are "lively."

Night 9: Damn infected. They're everywhere! I'm getting pushed into the city. Lost all my shit while traveling here, all I got is a double barrel and a Glock! This is a bad fucking idea... Why am I making the trip during the night time...? Screw it. I'll m-ke it to -voci-

[The journal was found next to a dead body in Evocity. The body did not seem to look like a Caucasian American. Seth might still be alive.]

David (NordaHL)
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Its really a nice experience

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