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Seth Wilson

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Name: Seth Wilson.

Age: 21

Status: Probably alive.

Day 1: Lost my old journal. Some guy came up behind me and gave me a free punch to the spine. Almost missed the fucker. Shot him in the back. I think it went right through his left lung. So, I'm starting a new journal, now that I have a new blank book. UPDATE, Just made it to Union City. Radio has been active with the military saying they established a safe zone. I left my camp in Evocity and headed there immediately. UPDATE, Its all gone to hell. Another false fucking station. I don't have time, infected are banging down the door. Only exit I have is through the alley...

Night 1: Streets are filled with police and military. All infected. Seems like there was a safe place here at one point. That all went to hell obviously. Saw a huge horde chasing this lady, I gladly assisted her, looked like she was about to be cornered. Though... She seemed pretty well off when I spoke to her. Heavy armor, red backpack. M4A4. She got me inside the police station where I loaded up. Not much was left...

Day 2: She died last night. Infection... Gonna have to relocate, the city is too dangerous. There is a lake not too far from the city. Farmhouse and sawmill. Heading there now, gotta think of the little things! I haven't had fish in a long while... UPDATE. Met a few people, nice guys, armed well. We're setting up here near the lake. Gonna survive for as long as we can before leaving. UPDATE. Well, we got wood, fire, and a lot of food. Might end up staying here longer. Its a good place to set up and protect.

Night 2: A horde, seems like they were from the city. Must have followed us from Union... Damn near used all my handgun ammo to take them down with the team. As soon as they were all gone, we headed out to find some more ammo. Seems like it will be our main focus until we get out of this place...

Day 5: Been busy. We haven't been able to move because of the hordes. Its like, we're surrounded in this place. Just, horde after horde. We barely get a free moment. Ammo is luckily fine, but we just want a break! This place has been kind to us with the supplies... But the infected just keep coming in from the city! At least mushrooms are growing... Seems like they're medical based. Antibacterial based. So, we can combat the infection, if we do get infected...

(To be continued.)


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