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๐Ÿ“„ Journal of Anthony Takahashi

B-Hoppin B

Posted 1557200434
Forty Seven days. Forty seven days since I last saw a person. Forty seven days since I've spoken a word and finally I may get the chance to not be alone. Person I bumped into is named Andy McAllister. Says he's from NZ, but then just how the hell did he get here? Doesnt matter. Seems friendly and competent enough. Ive got booze to spare after passing by that Fisherman's hut back in Fork County. Hopefully going to be making my way over the northern pass to get into Boreas Valley in the next few days, and its looking like I wont be alone. The added firepower and watchful eyes on my back while passing through such a wooded and abandoned area is going to be a godsend. I'll write again once I pass through and safely establish a camp in the valley.


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