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Seth Wilson

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Name: Seth Wilson

Status: Alive

Current Situation: Guarding and Protecting.

Day 9 - Basin was overrun. Rudy, Milk, and that French guy are gone. Had to return to Union City. Closing the journal for now.

Day 12 - 3 day journey just to get back. Hordes were too strong and I could barely get by. They were everywhere... Lost all my shit in transit and its freezing. Just my luck...
Night 12 - Found a PPK and some rounds. It's worse than before, the infected seem angrier, if that is even possible. Police station was unlocked, armory was sealed. Need to find a purple key. Staying here for the night, might check out that gun shop nearby. Heard some gunshots nearby...

Day 13 - Regrouped with Rudy at the liquor store. Heard that Milk is nearby. Somewhere. Still unsure why I gave him that nickname. Oh well. Good enough. The gun store is practically stocked to the brim, so much so that it surprises me that this city was overwhelmed. Especially now. I would have thought "an armed society is a happy society" would have kicked in. Probably got cock blocked by the military...
Night 13 - Calm night for once. Gonna try to regroup with Milk tomorrow. Make sure he isn't dead, we also stopped by the hospital and got everything we could. Medicine, first aid kits. Even some of those anti-infection pills. It's been about... 190 days? Hell, might be even longer since the first word of it. Wouldn't a cure been created? Or was it too complex for us to understand?! Jesus... The more and more I think about it the more I get angry...

Day 14 - The group, for the most part. Is back together. We're keeping the room secure and stocked with wood, ammo and food. Planning on staying here for a while. Rudy and Milk plan on heading to the country side shortly. I plan on holding down the fort. Maybe someone will come by.
Night 14 - They're heading out come morning. I'll be here watching over the place. City should be fine, just worried that the hordes will grow bigger suddenly. Like they did at the Dam. Just gotta stay alert and everything will be obviously fine. Yeah... Totally...

Day 17 - Abandoned the place. Nearly lost my fucking head... Damn bandits came into Union. Barely was able to escape with my life. Pretty sure one of them will die from bleeding. Put a 00 Buck into his left shoulder. Heard him gurgle so, might have fucked up his throat. Heading to the city of Fork. Hopefully the situation is less dire there...

Day 19 - Made it. Minimal resistance on my way here. Pretty sure I heard Rudy talk about Fork before, haven't been here myself... I just plan on staying low profile until otherwise. I got enough ammo to kill 20 elephants, I should hopefully last a good while before needing to resupply. Heading to the city now. Its snowing as well... Wonderful.
Night 19 - Set up at the light house. Horde came in and nearly boxed me in. And guess who I just ran into? Rudy. Seems like he made his way to Fork after country side was a bust. Apparently he got injured and Milk went MIA. No idea where he is now, but me and Rudy plan on holding out here until day time. Rudy also has a car. We're heading to Silo come morning.

Day 20 - Just as we were leaving, a horde shows up and made us swerve. Car crashed into a light pole and we had to bail and clear them out. Car is still intact, though the motor is fucked. Gonna have to do some quick repairs until we get something more permanent. Just our luck as usual. We are gonna go through hell...
Night 20 - Made it to the silo and loaded up. Didn't expect the ammo around here to be so scarce. Nearly out of buckshot, switching to AK to save it. Car is now in better condition then how it was before. We plan on heading to the factory soon, get more plates and repair it. We also ran into a few people that helped us out. Rudy nearly died of dehydration. That would have been terrible.

Day 23 - Nothing of note the last few days. Low on ammo. Recruited 3 new people to our group. All of them helped us out. We're camped at the light house.
Night 23 - Calm night. Just had to get wood and water. Gonna shut the journal here for now... I'll update when something happens.

Day 25 - I'm going to head back to Union. Trying to psych myself up to do it. I've heard that its turned into a warzone now... Maybe Rudy will come with me? If I'm gonna die. Might as well die fighting and with a friend. That is what I hope for at least... My fate is unknown...

[The Journal ends here. For now...]

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Damn Fine Survivor Diary !

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