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๐Ÿ“„ Andy McAllister's Last Note

B-Hoppin B

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[This note is bloodstained, and in the hand of a corpse, a revolver sitting on the floor, along with an empty can of Foster's Beer]

Well, This is it. Infection's got me. I ain't living the rest of my life having to take those damned pills, and Im not about to be a test subject for any remaining Solders or Scientists. I've seen a lot of the landscape left on this barren world. Traveled from the blasted out wasteland of Atomic, through the Construct district, through Rockford and Fork counties, and I'll finally meet my end in Boreas Valley. Kind of a beautiful place to die, when ya think about it. Snowy wilderness is quite a nice place. Im finishing my last meal now, and I'll admit, canned tuna and a burger out of a can isnt exactly what I'd call a nice meal, but I did find a can of Beer, and I've got that last bit of Whiskey in my pack. Im going out drunk, and god dammit thats about as good as it gets in this hellscape of a world. I've done horrible things to survive, and I know Im not alone in that. Revolver's loaded with my last bullet, and the booze is gone. To whoever finds this- I'll see you in Hell.

-Andy McAllister. June 2, 1967 - May 10, 1998.


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