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๐Ÿ“„ Anthony Takahashi's Final Entry

B-Hoppin B

Posted 1558591908
Good run. It was a good run. I met some great people, did some great things. But its over. Everyone I knew when this all began is gone. Everyone I fought to keep alive has died, or dissapeared. Im not gonna lie to myself and assume it will get better. I've just got to accept change as it comes, or I would if I planned on sticking around. To whomever reads this- Dont bother praying for me or giving a damn about what happened to me, or whatever the hell. Life ends just as I expected, in a dark hole, with nothing but a burning match, and my regrets to keep me company.

I'll see you all in hell.

-Anthony Takahashi.

David (NordaHL)
Posted 1558643222
There is no more room in Hell, which is why the dead return to Earth. :)

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