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๐Ÿ“„ Casey Larsen Diary Chapter 1


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Day 1: The infection spread like a wildfire, I'm surprised I'm even alive. News doesn't say much about safe zones...I'm getting in my car to Boreas...The infected can't stand the cold right?

Day 2: Well the cold does affect them but they are still dangerous as fuck...It like a weighing scale here, less infected more bandits. I spotted some hunters using flares to misguide the infected to get to other survivors. I'm hiding in a missile silo. I hear a lot of gunshots outside.

Day 3: I'm heading to Fork City, this cold tundra is no place for a downtown cop like me. My car is gone (I'm not surprised) and the walk there is going to take a while. I think I saw a dog in the woods...Better not investigate.

Day 4: Still walking. Found a bloody car on the road. No sign of life. Perfect working order just...sticky. I should get to Fork City soon.

Day 5: I made it to Fork City, such a wasteland. I hope to find others...Hopefully, they are not like the last guys. I entered a Pharmacy, got some good medical supplies but no weapons. I can't fight the dead with my crappy service pistol. I found another person out here in the wild, they seem to be friendly. Some guy from Czech. He gave me water and some weapons from a hunters tower...Hopefully, he isn't apart of the same hunter group that was in Boreas. We're heading to the Military outpost.

Day 6: My newly found friend speaks English quite well and has told me that the infection hit Fork City first then spread out after a couple of days. He also told me that the Army has evacuated the City and headed to Union City...Looks like my next stop is my old Police Department then. I asked him why he didn't leave, his response was that he was waiting for a train to stop here, he said it had his family and other survivors aboard from a few cities over. He's been waiting here for days and I don't think they're coming. We're at the outpost now and I'm not surprised to see nothing but dead soldiers guarding an empty base. I and my Czech friend got ambushed by a horde of the undead. Thanks to his molotovs and my newly loved AK-47 they were no problems.
We rested inside the concrete walls of the outpost, my friend tells me the story of Fork City during the start. "The Army blocked all exits. There was no escape. In a matter of days, the City became a walking gravesite. I headed to the Forests for refuge. A few dozen survivors that still remained in the City went to this outpost for evacuation. I saw a helicopter head for Union City but I'm not sure whether they made it there alive or not." He was some sort of hunter in his spare time but was a Fireman before all of this. That would explain the homemade napalm in a bottle earlier. He taught me how to make them, not that hard believe it or not. We're heading for the sewers in the morning.

Day 7: We heard some distant gunshots in the City last night. My Czech friend says it is just some lost soul trying to fight the horde. We made it to the City in one piece today. As we explored the underground maze that is the sewers we heard a stampede of undead flood the tunnels behind us. We decided to crawl through an exposed pipe that leads to the surface. Just as this happened they flooded the other end of the pipe, this left me no choice but to use my shotgun in such a cramped space. It hurt my ears like hell but we got out of the pipe without a scratch. Just as we exited the sewers we see a masked man holding a shotgun at his hip firing upon the leftover horde...From the looks of it, he must have killed 20-30? I mustn't have been concentrating as my friend was pinned by one of the infected and couldn't reach for his gun. I didn't have time to change my weapon I hoped for the best and shot at the creature with my shotgun. The beast was dead, but my friend was badly injured from my gun, he had broken legs and was bleeding from his arms. The masked stranger came to us with no fear and aided us with medical supplies and small talk. I don't know much about him other than he calls himself a "Traveler" he had a thick Russian accent on him. After an hour of rest, my friend could walk be it a slow walk he could still keep fighting another day. We based ourselves at the docks for some much-needed rest after the terror we had just been through. This stranger had made us a fire to keep warm during the night, maybe this world has some good people after all. I placed a bear trap near the entrance and got my sleeping bag ready. I placed my camping lamp beside me activated in case the fire went out. It looks like this world isn't so bad when you have people like this around.

Day 8: I woke up in the middle of the night, from the looks of my watch it had only been 4 hours. My Czech friend and the "Traveler" had gone and so did their campfire along with my lamp. What had happened to them? My stuff backpack was still here in its entirety. Maybe they went to Union City? I must find them. A horde approaches me. Looks like the entire Cities population. This cant is happening. After hours of shooting the rotting corpses of the people that once lived here, I got my window of opportunity. I ran as fast as I could to the now destroyed exit gate that leads straight to Union City. I am some lucky bastard. Can't write now I must concentrate on finding my friends.

Day 9: I should have been in the Olympics...I am a fast fucker if I could get to Union City by this time...My luck keeps on surprising me. This place...looks dead. Its void of any people and even the infected are in small numbers. I'm heading to the Diner for food, I haven't eaten in days. Well, the place looks boarded up but lacks the assumed company of a Diner. I miss the Diners. The Food. The People. The Beer. Shame I used all of my alcohol for those firebomb things. Cold beans don't really sound like a feast but It will do. I should of read a lot more of Ray Mears. I'm heading for the Police Station now. Maybe my old colleagues are still alive there. Maybe Frank is there, fixing an old troop carrier that will take us far away from this place. Killed a few undead morons around the lot. Found a broken car that could be fixed if I had some oil. Maybe Frank could spare some? It's getting dark. I'm staying in the back of the car for the night. I will find you, friends.

Day 10: Wasn't a pleasant night but at least I got my 8 hours. The Department looks like it just barely survived a hurricane. Oh god...There's blood everywhere...All over the walls, the desks, the ceiling. Hopefully, someone made it. Thank god I still have my Armory key. Due to budget cuts, the Armory is also the evidence locker room. Good thing I used to work behind this desk otherwise the much-needed gear would be just out of reach. Flash grenades, ammo, M4 rifles, AK-47 rifles, Pistols, and a fuck ton of boxes full of documents that I should have done before I took this break. I am Rambo, no one can stop me. I'm heading into the Garage where Frank is should be...oh...self inflicted gunshot...bite marks all over his arms and legs...rest in peace, Frank. Fucking infection. Always the good guys that go down when shit hits the fan. Is there anyone left alive here? I can't stand to see Frank like this, I'm going upstairs to see if anyone is alive...Just empty desks and locked drawers. The Chief's office is barricaded but abandoned. Must have been a while ago from the dried blood on the wooden boards. Fuck this. I'm putting an emergency response on my radio...hopefully some of those Army guys can hear it and get me the fuck out of here. I'm going back to the Diner for some food. I'm leaving some notes for my friends or some other survivors if they need to know what happened. I might set up base here. I can't write anymore. I need some beer.
-Signed Casey Larsen, Police Officer of the Union City Police Department.
[The leather bound book containing these words is left on the desk of Chief Harrison]


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