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๐Ÿ“„ John Moore Diary Chapter 1


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Day 1: Woke up at 6 pm today...I drank too much last night...I need to get my life together...I need to sleep this hangover off...Fucking noisy neighbours aren't helping...Plus some kind of parade in the streets...Fuck this City.

Day 2: I'm hearing gunshots outside my apartment...I'm getting my shotgun...There are dead bodies all over the streets, I have tried calling the police but it's just static on the other end...What the fuck is happening? I can't even make an outside call it's like they cut the damn phone lines. My neighbour was banging on my door...He tried to bite me like some feral dog...Some unhappy memories came and...I smashed his head with a lamp...I didn't mean to I just...I need to get to the damn Police Department they should know what's going on...The streets are blood red...I just saw an Army troop carrier drive by, it looks like it's going to the outpost up the hills...Police Department is just gone...Nothing but ashes...I saw a woman come to me like my neighbour...I didn't even wait for my brain to think I just...This shotgun is proving useful...I can see one of those troop carriers at the pharmacy...I'm getting the fuck out of here...The way to the outpost was mental, those things were chasing us all the way up the hill...I saw a helicopter getting ready to take off...We barely made it through the damn gates, there are hundreds of them behind that gate, I am not dying in this shithole...The helicopter was cramped but I made it on along with 10 others...Sargeant Kelter informed me that we are heading to Union City for a "Private Extraction" I think it's just some fucking politician that had contacts with the Army that thinks he deserves an air evac...On the short ride there I got everybody's names except the pilots, they are: Sarah, George, Peter Smith, Roger Tucker, Kenneth Hendrix, Malcolm, Sargeant Kelter, Private Anderson, Private Fitch, Corporal Benjamin...We finally got to Union City...It was filled with mist? smoke? ash? We couldn't see the ground, we had to land on top of the Gun Store...Just as we got out the helicopter took off leaving us in this wreck of a City...Kelter said that they would be back when we have the "Private Extraction" sorted out...I need to write later, Kelter just heard someone in the Gun Store below...

Emma Lovegood
Posted 1560243314
I see your survivors stuff. Always alive its good ! :)

Posted 1561488799
Guess the guy is dead.

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