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(quick note this ain’t the real name it actually “Boom Leeroy” I want to have a good rp name so i chose Nicholas)

{The books beings with some drawing of a desert,a desert village with a humvee in it, another shows what seems to be the aftermath of a battle with bodies over it. Along with the drawing is a picture of 20 soldiers,10 on the top,10 on the bottom,along with writing on the that reads “5th Special Forces Group,Green berets,Afghanistan 2005 October 5” more writing on the side that reads “Me” with a black arrow pointing to a soldier on the 4th bottem left. Some Red X can we seen drawn on some of the soldiers

Day 1: Should have been another day working but I don't know what the hell just happened! Some guy pounces someone in front of me and attacks him! I think i would have been next if it wasn’t for some cop nearby who shot him. Oh god i need to get back home.

Day 2: News Isn't helping much Reporter say this...this Virus is spreading like wildfire Shit going down already! Riots,Fires, Gunshots out in the city. I need to get out of here. I can go to Rockford City Probably the same shit happening over there but i have a summer house over there i can stay at Better then this shit hole

Day 3 I grab most of my stuff and booked it to my truck and threw all my stuff in the back and doved off but i think i might abandon this thing too many abandoned cars and traffic i think that old path might give me a shortcut but who knows. Shit the army doesn’t prepare you for this shit

Day 11: how many days has it been? I don’t know. I haven’t been writing in this for a while I have been to busy trying not to be eaten,die of hunger,infection all that shit.I’m still held up in this house which i have barricaded thank god no horde has found me yet. I tried making my way to a military outpost shit was filled with zombies i barely make it out of there without getting injured .I found a gen outside so I bought in the house put some fuel in it now i just need some lights pretty sure i saw some up on that hill.

Day 12: Dame it cold tonight hopefully i can start a fire before i freeze to death. I got a fire started,a nice tent near me, and my shotgun Feel like I'm camping i still got some coffee beans left but I ain't living off of these i might as well get some rest just got hope no horde comes and breaks down the door while I'm sleeping well…..it wouldn’t be at least painful than being eaten alive.

Day 13: I think someone came in the night. I notice some fuel missing from the gen i founded but there a lot of cars left on the roads i can take their fuel from their gas tanks. I Improve some of the barricades in here so they should be a little bit stronger. I found some black keys so if i find any lock that needs a black key i got one.

Day 14: Got in touched with another survivor. He asked me where I was and asked if I want to team up. I said yes and told him I was in the west east large house by the coast. After a while he came by in a car. I grab some of my stuff which was 64 shotgun shells,a box of 10mm ammo, and the gas from the gen i founded. I got in his car and we went to where he was held up. The place was nice i wish i could have lived here before all this. He barricade the place kind hard both doors were blocked and had a bear trap in front of them. He had a lot of water stored up so my best guess was this guy was ready for this shit.

“If I stopped writing in this book then it either means I’m dead,i lost this book,or all this outbreak is over...i hope it the last one” - Staff Sergeant Nicholas Leeroy.

{the book was founded by another survivor. it was covered by an infected body. the book was recovered in a house with broken barricades all round the house. Casing of shotgun shells,a 10mm pistol and other types of ammo are seen all over the place. Multiple bodies of infected are found on the floor. 2 pairs of footprints are seen out in the snow showing that the 2 people who lived here had escaped from what had attacked them}

{Nicholas Status: Unknown/Alive

Emma Lovegood
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I like its so intense!

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