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๐Ÿ“„ Markus DaSilva Dairy Part 1


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[This book has been writen by the survivor Secret176 DaSilva known as Markus DaSilva in the world before the outbrake]

Chapter I The End

In a normal day of my life watching tv and drinking a beer in my house out of the city the television changed on a single channel. I was so mad about that beacouse i was watching american football i love it and they messed it up. So the they told on that channel about a virus came from the space and it transforms people into strange things that like to eat evrything wich is living. I got scared of course and yeah i closed the tv fast and i was trying to think what to do then i turned on the tv to see if it tell's anything about army evacuation but nope...

Day 1: After i heared about the infection i packed myself 4 full backpacks with resources like: Food , drinks , matches , battery's , and all kind of tools and materials. after i trouhed them in the pickup truck.

Day 2: Beacouse i was at 12 km away from the nearest city (Rockford) i took a nap but i shouldn't... but i took it i waked up very hungry i cooked some food and i ate then i prepared myself to leave when i was trying to leave i thinked that i can barricade my house very well and i stayed.

Day 3: This day i did some progress on the fortification i got some barrels for water and i blocked the door windows only the garage and the backyard were the entrance-leaving zones and yeah i used my pickup truck for looting.

Day 14 It's been 2 weeks i lived so well im my house but a horde came i was scared i took my glock and my 12 rounds box of 300 yeah i actually had 300 bullets beacouse you never know so i didn't made any noise i don't know how i cooked my food and drinked but i didn't made any noises and that's good.

Day 17 The best day ever the horde left and i could leave looting beacouse i was out of supplies but i sleept 6 hours so it was 21 o'clock when i waked up so im not looting at night.

Day 18 The loot day i drove to the city and yeah i got surpised i found a lot of survivors at the motel near the Rockford hospital so of course i socialized with them i made some trades etc.
and yeah there were 4 survivors: Ricky Jhonson , John Boyoga , Amy Lawrence , Joe Harper.

Day 19 After trading doing other things at the camp i came back to my house with the loot then nothing happen.

Day 20 That day i decided im more safer at the camp so i packed up and drove there the survivors were very happy about that.

Day 36 After we fortified the camp and made the safety 100% we had a free day to celebrate but in meantime the biggest horde we ever saw came and broke the front gate. But i managed to escape somehow i don't know about 2 of the survivors but Amy and Joe didn't made it out for sure i saw them getting downed by zombies or how could i call them runners cuz they were running then the walkers came and ate them.

Day 37 I found a tent and i placed it on a rooftop (on the pd) i managed to climb on a car and make a big jump on the edge of the roof it was hard but i did it then i cooked some food and gone to bed.

Day 39 I skipped 1 day beacouse it was not important i just looted the pd nothing was inside it was looted by other survivors a long time ago.So what i did special this day i gone back to my house on foot yeah it was hard but i managed to get to my house. The surprising thing was i still left some loot and nobody touched my fortifications. When i unlocked the door i found the 2 survivors from the camp cooking i was very happy actually Ricky and Jhon made it.

So after day 39 a lot of things happen but I will tell them in other chapters if i will still be alive in this messed world.

====END OF CHAPTER 1====
The End
====Chapter 2 coming soon====

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Chapter 2 coming after i play a few hours on the servers.
David (NordaHL)
Posted 1561297331
It's really nice people who created survivor Diaries.
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John sorry xD
Emma Lovegood
Posted 1561388750
I share your story on the group Steam. :)
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wait can u give me the link ? ive never knew there is a steam group
Emma Lovegood
Posted 1561389328
ITs because you dont search. Link is everywhere : https://steamcommunity.com/groups/zworld-afterlife#announcements

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