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Chapter 2 Into the hell

After the day 39 i was very happy that i found the other 2 survivors alive. We lived very good a few days till the horde came.

Day 43: The horde day the horde cam and they stoped in front of the house we could not leave or do to much noise it was very very bad we were slow on supplies and we was 3 survivors it was a hard time but i had a fish rod and i gone to the lake it was near my backyard and i got 3 fishes (3 cod's) then we cooked them and ate them.

Day 44: The horde is leaving nothing else special we gone fishing that's all.

Day 45:The horde left but we discovered Ricky was infected after a few hours of crying or wait let me tell u the hole conversation:

-Ricky what the fuck is wrong with your hand ?
-Nothing John.
-What do you mean NOTHING !!!
-You are very hurt.
-Let me see... you bleeding ????!
-Wait that's a bite ?
-You got bitten!!
-My god....
-What the fuck you want if u scream like this the horde will come back for sure.
-Ricky is infected.
-Man i don't wanna hear u jokes.
-Yeah Mark i got bit.
-Dear god...
-Now what ?
-Only one thing to do.
-Guys ?... What are you... thinking... to... do... about... me?
-Im really sorry Ricky.
-Im proud that i met you Ricky
-DaSilva pulls out the Glock
-Wait Mark!!
-What ?
-Before anything when u got bit ?
-4 days ago...
-You cannot get cured the infection reached all your body.
-In these days my hand was burning.
-What do you think John ?
-Im sorry Ricky...
-The doctor said if the infection is 3 days old nothing can be done and you are 4 days old so im so so so so sorry.
-Any last word Ricky.....
-I love you guys and i hope we will meet in heaven.
-Yeah i hope too.
-Goodbye my friend.
-DaSilva shoot a bullet in Ricky head.
-Oh my Dear God what did i done....
-You had to Mark.
-No i don't im an criminal!!
-NO your not.
-Then why i killed him ?
-Beacouse you care about others.
-No i don't.
-Fuck this let's bury him.

Day 46 The day when we burried Ricky ( the wrost day of my life , actually second )
We burried him then we were so sad about his dead. The work was double we had to make more things. We had to cook ourselves beacouse he was the chef.
I think this was the wrost day of my life like the day in the normal world when my girlfriend left me and yeah i was alone a long time till i found Amy , Ricky , Joe , John actually i really liked Amy she was very pretty.

Day 47 Nothing left to do it was boring withouth Ricky he was so funny. But we had to continue our lifes. I hope i will see him in heaven.

Day 49 A stranger stoped with a car in front of our house he asked for water. We gave him 2 bottles and he gave us in exchange some chips and a pot. We asked him where he is heading at and he told us he is heading to the New Rockford the new safezone it has 45 people ( a lot )

Day 50 We headed to New Rockford to see what is happening there and when we got there we got ambushed by bandits they took our stuff and left us 20 km away from the city meaning 32 km away from our home we lost all our hopes. We made a camp in a old house near a village. Actually the village was impressing it had a hospital pd motel evrything what you need.

Day 52 We discovered a huge camp with survivors (friendly one's) they let us join them... Finnaly good news after all that happen.

Day 53 Oho in the first day in the camp i got in love with a girl named Becky Thatcher she was so pretty but like always she was with someone so crap i failed again.

Day 54 I started working at the kitchen where i was cleaning dishes and cooking food i liked that job it's nice to cook food for others and for you of course.

Day 55 They put me to fortify the front gate i fortified it how they told me after that i found John drinking a beer alone i gone to ask him what is wrong beacouse he never drinked alone beer. Actually i should tell you this conversation.

-What is wrong John ?
-Look im sad too about him but we should let the past behind.
-Your right.
-Here a beer.
-Ah thank you.
-This reminds me about the old days...
-When i was alone drinking with my friend Joseph im sure he is dead.
-Im sorry.
-Thank you.
-Anyway do you like any girls in this camp ?
-I like Ana.
-You should tell her you have nothing to loose.
-Yeah but i don't know maybe is too soon.
-Never is to sooner or later.
-Yeah you are right il tell her
Ana coming towards the boys.
-Here we go.
-Oh my god im not ready.
-Chill bro.
-Il call her.
-Hey Ana come here !
Ana comes.
-John wanna tell you something.
-Ana look...
-What ?
-I like you
-I like you too
-So wanna give a try?
-Il get going.
-We speak tomorow.
-Yeah sure.
Ana leaves
-See she likes you too.
-Thx bro im so happy now.

Day 56 Nothing special happen expect the love between John and Ana.

===End of Chapter 2===
Into the hell

===Chapter 3 coming soon===

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If you got confused about the bite it is bleeding a few hours on days for unknown reasons im not doctor...

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