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Chapter 3 The New World

Day 57 Im thinking about leaving the camp i see no interes there. I said goodbye to John and then i left the camp. Nobody got scared beacouse im going for a small trip.

Day 58 This day i found a survivor named Jacky Backy he was desperate for water so i made a new friend cuz i had a lot of water now i reached my goal finding new friends in the hell.

Day 59 We took shelter in a destroyed skycrapper in a office after we cleared it we found a mini kitchen where we ate and drank.

Day 60 We left the skycrapper for a while we tried to find more friends and we did we found 2 guys looking for medicine, done 2 more friends.

Day 62 A normal day in the skycrapper a group of 4 people with a very strong friendship. Later i tough that i should get back to the camp with my new friends and that we did.When we reached the camp nothing was left i don't know what happend but it wasn't a bandit raid it was looking like a horde gone trough the camp. I was so sad beacouse i lost John too my last old friend but like always i cryied a few hours then i said ,, I have to let the past behind ".

Day 65 We came back to the skycrapper and took a conversation.

-Hey DaSilva who is John ?
-My old friend i made him at the begining when i was in a camp with other 3 guys.
-What happen to the 3 other guys ?
-2 devoured by zombies in the day that horde destroyed our camp.
-1 named Ricky got a bullet in head... i gave him the bullet he was infected.
-Damn , i'm sorry.
-And what about the camp?
-What about the camp ?
-How it was ?
-Very good we could live a long time in it it had good people.
-Damn every time good people die and bad people remain on the earth.

Day 66 While looting we found a strange group coming towards us we pulled out the guns and said ,,Who are you What do you want ? " They said they are the group from the village and they are looking for shelter. When i heard that i run towards them and saw that it's John damn i was so glad he is not death. Later we brought them to the skycrapper and i questioned John what happen:

-So what happen ?
-A horde.
-Oh i knew it.
-Yeah i tough you are dead man you said a small trip.
-Yeah small trip means a few days...
-Man for me a day without you is like 10 years.
-Glad to hear that.
-Anyway this is my new home
-We could live in here
-Yeah till it doesn't rain's you and it's warm it's good.

Day 67 We looted the city. We talked. We ate we drank. We chilled. Also i don't know if is really day 67 but yeah i think now is june or july.

Day 68 We managed to fortify the skycrapper better.

Day 69 Im very sad to tell you that i don't know if i gonna live a few more weeks i cannot take it anymore it's too hard and im bored.

Day 70 Here we go day 70 or 80 i don't know anymore. I gone looting with John the nearby gas station.

====End of Chapter 3 The New World====
Chapter 4 coming soon

And if i cannot write chapter 4 you can consider me dead or i lost the dairy.


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