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๐Ÿ“„ Markus DaSilva Lost notes


Posted 1561229772
Im so scared that i will never see John again i can't belive a horde attacked that camp.
I hope Becky still alive and Ana too beacouse she was John girlfriend.
I hope there are still a lot of people in this fucked world.
Jacky Backy or how it was meh i don't know but it's a funny name anyway.
Man im missing my old life i was so happy and when i remind me when i was a child smartest in the school.
Will this be over one day
I love sleeping in tents but not on rooftops in city.
Why im even writing this im sure nobody on this world will read this.
I hope il get back to my house one day.
Il take John and i will go to my house to see what is there left im sure il not make it beacouse i don't feel so good.
Maybe one day il get a girlfriend maybe...

Posted 1561229782
This gonna show a litle of chapter 4 story.

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