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Chapter 4 The Survivors

Day 70 I talked to John about my house:

-Hey John do you remember my house?
-Well i want to go back there.
-Are you stupid ?
-Why should you get back there ?
-I want to live there.
-Man this is sucide.
-I know.
-Il go alone John.
-I just wanted you to know where im going.
-No !
-Here my lucky can opener and my compass you will need them.
-Goodbye John !
-Markus no...!

Day 71 I reached Rockford city. There i scavanged 2 werehouses then i got in the aprataments 324 there i found some food and water. In main city at store 6 i found 2 survivors living in there very secure on rooftop ( smart ). Then i asked them what did happen in the city they told me the bandits got raided by the horde and the horde is bigger and can appear 5 times on the day.
Then i gone to my house. Well it got breached raided but i still managed to find a survivor in it a boy.

Day 72 I asked him what he is doing in there like a stupid survivor he told me that he lost all his friends group they got eaten by the horde i was sad when he asked my story i told him i left my group to come here in my house. He told me that i am kind of crazy but i admit it i did a crazy thing leaving John and the others behind. We cooked some beans and we gone to bed.

Day 73 This day the horde breached in the basement and gone upstairs we were stucked in the living room , I helped the survivor named William get out of the window before the zombies get in and after i escaped trough the garage and i ran far far away till i got into a small cabin there i found a lot of supplies for hunting and then i gone to the white forest the forest where infected didn't made it and i gone to live in there i waned to tell the group too there is a safezone. And i know you are thinking why it's safe electric fence baberdwire etc all kind of stuff.
Lambda made a pretty good job there but they left after the world go freed i don't know if they are still there.

Day 75 I made myself a wooden cabin door i made myself a awesome house then i hunted meat there were so many animals so much meat. Water was evrywhere.

Day 76 I found the lambda secret bunker it was full of personell holy shit there were reserver personell wich didn't knew what happend outside in the world. Of course i told them and they got very very sad and yeah i survived in lambda bunker as a rebel i can say.

Day 79 This day we intercepted a radio signal from the city at 32km away from rockford where i was. I talked with John and i told him about the white forest he told me he is coming.

Day 84 The best day they reached the secret bunker alive uninfected about William i don't know but i know that my group survived.

Day 98 Ana got pregnant John was very very happy i was too beacouse i consider John as my brother from now on.

Day 326 The kid got born im so glad and yeah the sex was boy they called him Markus like me beacouse i saved them im happy very happy actually.

April 2017 The first day of the infection.
June 2017 My group
May 2017 Death of Ricky
May 2017 Death of Joe and Amy
January 2018 The kid got born
December 2067 Death of John
September 2067 Death of Ana
July 2068 Death of Markus DaSilva
May 2018 Laura got born.
August 2069 Death of Becky.

Lost Notes: Day 104 I saw that Becky has no one and yeah i got in her heart
Day 108 Becky got pregnant
Day 328 The baby got born the sex was girl we named her Laura DaSilva

:Markus DaSilva:
Born at: May 10 1999
Died at: July 9 2068
Best friends: John , Ricky
Wife: Becky Thatcher
Kids: Laura DaSilva
Job: Architect
Income: 3600 $
Reason of death: Oldness
Last Words: Fight for your liberty.
Family members: His Mom died when outbreak started
His Father died when outbreak started
John:Died at December 2067
Ricky: May 2017
Becky Thatcher: August 2068
Laura DaSilva: Unknown

If i stoped writing i died. Who wrote my date of death my wife of course my daughter Laura.
I hope you like this book made in 51 years.
=Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4=
===End of Chapter 4 The Survivors===
John Dairy | Laura DaSilva | Ricky | Becky Thatcher
Thank you for reading all 4 parts + lost notes.

David (NordaHL)
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Yeah xD
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Actually it doesn't matter that much.

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