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2017 Some strange News appear on television. They were about an outbreak... zombies some kind of things. The bad thing about it they said army is not involving beacouse they already got hit hard by the infected. I wonder how this all happen in a day?.

Day 1 First day of the infection i packed myself everything what i could and i head to the city there i wanted to meet my friend Ricky at the motel near the Rockford Hospital. Yeah the motel room is small but we fortified it very well.

Day 2 We scavanged the stores and a bit of the hospital beacouse more than 98% of the city was gone. They were scared the infection could reach the city. Actually wrong moove the infected were coming from east and south meaning they are heading south-east.

Day 3 We saw the first infected walking in midle of the road. They were looking oho so fucked.

Day 15 or 16 i lost the numbers already 2 survivors came Amy and Joe.

Day 20 A new survivors comes his name is Markus DaSilva. He helped the camp a lot b ringing supplies and fortifying it.

Day 36 A horde breaked into our camp me and Ricky managed to escape first location we head is the Markus house we heard that is very safe there.

Day 37 or 38 or 39 Finnaly we met Markus back he finnaly arrived to his house.

From now on i lost the days counts so im estimating.

Day 41 Ricky got infected man that was the wrost day.

Day 44 We got attacked by bandits and brought into a village 32km away from Mark's house.

Day 47 We found a camp and i got in love with Ana. a girl from that camp.

Day 49 Markus Left

Day 54 We met Markus.

Day 70 Markus left us and he is heading back to his house.

Day 79 or 82 idk we managed to use a radio station and we send a signal to Lambda the resistance.

From now on i really lost the days

We found Markus at the Lambda , Ana got Pregnant , Markus got in love with Becky , Becky got pregnant , Both of the kids got born Mark and Laura.

And yeah did i told you anything about my life before this ? no let me tell you.

I was a fireman i was fighting fire you know these kind of things salary was too low but better than police police was risking their lives evry seconds too many criminals in rockford too many speeders too many jailbreakes.


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