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๐Ÿ“„ Ricky Jhonson Dairy


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Man im a waitress in a restaurant i learnt how to cook and make good food even if i am a waitboy.

Day 1 John my friend told me he is coming at me today beacouse he cannot stay in his house outside Rockford.

Day 2 We scavanged some stores and the hospital.

Day 3 We saw some infected walking on the streets.

I lost the days from now im not the guy doing books dairy's but il tell u what happen.

So 2 new survivors came Joe and Amy
We got raided by a horde of zombies
Me and john and markus we survived we stayed at markus house.
And i was infected yeah markus shoot me.
-Write by Markus DaSilva ( last sentence)

=====Deceded in 2017 reason: Infection======


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