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๐Ÿ“„ Becky Thatcher Dairy


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Im a pretty girl i know this from school a lot of boys liked me some even loved me at first sight. I gonna tell you what happen after the infection.

Day 1: The infection started.

Im at 20 km away from Rockford in a city I and some more people decided to make a small camp in that city or village call it how do you want.

We lived very well and after a few weeks we have 2 new survivors John and Mark.
We had to leave the camp beacouse of a horde.
We camped in a destroyed skycrapper.
We did a signal to Lambda and my boyfriend died to save us poor him we will never forget him.

When we get in the Lambda bunker idk who are the Lambda people im not that much with the fight between resistance and combine beacouse my generation was born after 1 year before Lambda freed the Earth from the combines.
Now something very beautiful happen , i got in love with Mark he got me pregnant so beautiful i never think that i could become pregnant on this fucked world but Lambda was in a super safe place no zombies there very impressing.
I born a girl named Laura and i accpeted DaSilva family name so her name is actually DaSilva Laura not Laura DaSilva how many people call her. Even with Mark is the same thing even with me but in our country this is the story first the child name then the family name.
I died some days after death of Mark that was a sad moment my true love died yeah i could not resist and i died too.

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Laura's Dairy gonna be longer beacouse it's Mark's daughter so you get it she is important.

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