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๐Ÿ“„ Laura DaSilva Dairy Part 1


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My name is Laura i think you know my father from his dairy's i read them too im impressed on what he faced. Im really sad that he is not with us anymore neither my mom Becky she had a dairy too i remember i am not sure but i know anymore. She didn't made it you know she was too sad about my dad and she died too after a few days i would pay a lot of money only to see them again a few minutes and tell them what i did in life.
I hope they are in heaven living happy with no problems waiting me to get there. Anyway this is my dairy and il tell u in big the story maybe i will add some conversations opinions expressions and i have you to know that i started this dairy at age of 15 and i left the space from up to complet it when my parents die.

Day 1 In the White Forest evrything was very safe and nice i like that there are no infected but the problem is i don't know how to face them that's why my father Mark brought me outside the forest on the roads of the Rockford city his old home. He taught me how to face them how to run away how to hide how to escape from them very very easy and how to attract them withouth getting detected.

Day 2 My mom taught me how to cook food using ingredients like vegetables and fruits and meat of course. After a few weeks i learnt how to make bread how to make cakes and she put me learn all types of fromage ( cheese ) and many many more things.

Day 3 I helped Lambda soldiers checking the electric fences and the barbed wire beacouse sometimes zombies get in them and it's not nice to use energy on a death body and sometimes they could stop the energy going on the other fences.

Day 4 I discovered a water fall at 2 km away from the bunker nice waterfall seriously now im glad that Freeman fought for our liberty with help of the resistance.

Day 5 You know actually you never saw me im a pretty girl yeah my father and my mom helped me get so pretty that every boy would die for me and that's good beacouse i can live more if some boys die for me ( that means they help me escape from a horde or something like this ) and i know now im thinking really bad but there is another good thing about this i have more chances in love with a boy and i like the love like my father he likes to see love he said to me that love and honesty is the last thing what can save the humanity and he is right.And yeah in the rest of the day i didn't did anything too special to mention.

Day 6 The Lambda soldiers learnt me how to use a gun how to modify it how to make ammo how to craft attachaments actually they taught me everything about guns and mele weapons.

Day 7 I explored with my friend Mark the forest we saw a lot of wild animals and yeah a lot of beautiful grown vegetation everywhere i am glad that were living in this forest beacouse is so beautiful everything is just so superb.

Day 8 I think i discovered something this day it could be true Mark like me in love not in friendship i can see how he looks at other girls or boys and how he comports with me he is a gentleman yeah i like him too true but do you like these love things or should i stop ? Nee il tell them they make the dairy more interesting in my opinion... .

Day 9 I created my first recipes of food wich made the Lambda personell and the survivors very very surprised beacouse a 15 year kid makes better food than a 25 year adult or 49 it was a great day in rest nothing really happen.

Day 10 My dad learnt me some biology tehnology geography history. Yeah tehnology is a subject they were doing in Romania it's pretty fun you learn how to make houses it has arhitecture materials for building building tehniques nice.

Day 11 I had a test on all these subjects seriously in the second day but i passed with 9.5 or 10 at all of them my father was proud of me.

===End of Part 1 Disclaimer: Maybe some days gonna be skipped or some dates from other dairy's will not be exact beacouse nobody knows the exact time===
Part 2 coming soon

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/s test
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ok idk how these work
David (NordaHL)
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Check it : https://zworld-afterlife.com/en/wiki/markdown

Here for the tests https://zworld-afterlife.com/forum/10-other-discussions/110-training-space-to-test-the-markdown/page-1/#top

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