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๐Ÿ“„ Laura DaSilva Dairy Part 2


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Day 11 It was my free day i could do anything what do i want. I gone inside the forest with my girlfriends to have some fun.

Year 2035

Day 1 The first mission of my life i gone with a group of Lambda soldiers fix a radio station 5 km away it was a easy mission but it was intense we had to be completly stealth so the zombies didn't get attracted.

Day 2 Another mission we had to loot a gas station. Done very easy not that many infected.

Day 3 It was my free day. I had some fun with Mark in the nature.

Then i made more missions like these with no sense yeah they had no point some of them some had point like gather of supplies so we can continue our life etc.
I hope soon i will do a big mission with the other kids.

Day 359 The first mission with the other kids. We intercepted a radio signal from a fallen skycraper at 14km away from the bunker we gone there with bicycles beacouse they not do that much noises. When we got there the guy who launch the signal got dead and yeah a horde appeared we were at 8th level one more level and were on the roof so we were stucked. We had to climb down but the horde was coming from downstairs was a very hard decision but we climbed down the stairs even if it was so risky when we reached 5th level we could reach other building rooftop. We used some planks to get there but when my and Markus call the planks broken down , crap. Mark tried convince me to leave him there to attract the zombies so i can leave but how i like him or love him too i saw there is a garbage dumpster with a lot of pillows i don't know why and i pushed him and i jumped too. So we survived we got back to Lambda and we told them what happen. From then i got the award of courage and calm in stresfull sitiuations.

After some years even Mark showed the love for me he was so sweet. And i showed him too my love after a few months he showed me of course we were in love from that day on it was nice.
We got married after that and yeah you can guess i got pregnant with 2 kids a boy and a girl named John and Beatrice.
After some years they got learnt how i got learnt by my parents.
My son was very very adventurous and he wanted from the age of 8 to go in the world and help people kill infected but the girl was not like him she didn't even wanted to leave the bunker.

===End of part 2===
Part 3 coming soon

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