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This dairy is about the great infection and i will tell you in big what happen maybe il loose some days or some dates can be wrong that's all beacouse i left my watch on the table.
Day 1: The infection started the military tried to secure the city but it didn't worked. At least i survived a few days in my apartament at least.

Day 2: Maybe maybe... should i sleep or should i watch on the window. Yeah i am scared sleep is better.

Day 3: I am cold i got a flare gun and a few flares... Sure il use it to warm myself. It's good for cooking even food did u knew this ? Flare gun is good for winter.

Day 4: I had to get out and loot the Grocer beacouse im hungry and thirsty.Well i didn't saw any infected that's good maybe they were in the shop i entered with the back door.

Day 5: No survivors Noting not even infected is that so cold that zombies are sleeping ?

Day 6 I gone to loot the gun store yeah ammunations guns nice no infected strange.

Day 7 Ok i see some survivors and a guy dragged it's name is Delor i heard that he killed many survivors i hope they will kill him too or maybe they are bandits i don't know.

Day 8 While looting i found these guys and made a friendship with them.

Day 9 Meh the infected appeared that's bad for me.

Day 10 Well well well i headed entered in a building and opend a secret room the loot was good.

To be continued


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