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๐Ÿ“„ Stefans Audio Recording

Deutschland Ball

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21.Juli 13:49
-Alright, To anyone that will Later Find and Hear this my Name is Stefan Schulz, I went On Vacation with my Family three Months ago to Canade to be Precise, True North Just to Enjoy the Weather and meet Relatieves, but *Sniff* I man I Cant, I-.. I Just Cant talk about This.. (The Following Minutes continue with a Outburst of Sobbing and Excesive Loud Crying) Alright, Well I Lost my Family to those F*cking Cannibalistic Things... No-.. I Cant, Fucking NOOO-.. (Loud Banging and Undeciverbal Yelling Can be Heared before a Loud Thud Strikes the End of the Recording)

2.August 19:03
-(Slow and Deep Breathing can Be Heared along Side a Repeating Clicking Noise Similar to a Revolers Drum) I met a Nice Guy Yesterday his Name was Theodore, We talked-.. We shared a Can of Spam and we Exchanged Supplies and I actualy Started to Like him-.. (Maniacle Laughter Starts to Build up Lasting Half of the Audio tape before Its interupted short by a Loud Gunshot) But Of course everything I Liked or Loved gets Taken away From me-.. Of Course, the Guy gets torn Apart infont of my Derranged and Disturbed Eyes-...
From All the Things I witnessed he Could have Helped me Recover-... But Nooo...

4.August 02:29
-No more Food, No more Clean Water-... NOTHING *Loud Thud* ... and One more Bullet in my Python Revolver, How Ironic
I guees since I look Like a Psychopath already any normal sane person would Kill me on Sight.. I went through Hell and back, just so I die-...
Iยดll guees Im going to Finish it Tomorrow..

5.August 06:03
-Theyยดre here, those things Found me.. (Heavily Loud Banging and Thuding Can be heared From Across the Room along Side Yelling and Screaming before the Audio Recorder is Picked Up and taken with For a Short Moment, after that It Fades to Quietness)
Ach Rebecca, was Wรผrd ich Nun tun um dich Zu sehnยด Wah-... Hoffentlich Lebst du noch,- bitte Leb noch..
Auf wiedersehen..

Translation -
Oh Rebecca, what Would I do to See you again Eh, Hopefully youยดre Still Alive,-Please be still Alive

(A Short Clicking sound Can be heared before a Loud Bang Sounds up with Gargeling of Stefan before he
Completly becomes Silent)

The Audio Tapes were Found by Two Evocity State Marshal Troopers


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