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๐Ÿ“„ My home


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10 December,1998.
I finally find a place where I can sit for a while.
I do not know if hordes of zombies or bandits can find me here. must say it's safe and the lock is still operational.
During my search I found weapons, water and food that was well kept in a secret room. I also find a corpse in this room a 70-year-old man probably dead from heart attack. I did not take a chance I burned him, you never know.

Balance I have water and food for 2 weeks if I'm not greedy and good sofa that will serve as a bed. I do not know if the former owner was expecting that, but thank God he had to put his life to save mine. Rest in peace

David (NordaHL)
Posted 1567300782
I like the small moments roleplay of this kind. You write this until you sleep in game? :)
On Zworld we will see more players doing solo roleplay than with the others. This is cool. :)

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