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๐Ÿ“„ Hugo Andrรฉ, survivor journal


Posted 1567872022
June 22,

I finally left my hideout that poor Mario had built, a horde was waiting outside and he was going to destroy the door, I took the weapons and resources that the guy prepared to survive.
would I survive? was I going to die? no matter I live to survive I go on the job!

June 24,
I spent 24 hours rifle of the dead alive ... I thought not that I would get there. I consumed all the balls of my M16 and he stripped after the penultimate bullets I finally thrown.

June 25,
above a supermarket I took refuge on you to rest. I took a good stock of food and water and started lighting a fire with the wood that was probably hanging to reinforce the front door. I feel safe here I have food, water and what to defend myself but for how long? I do not know...


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