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๐Ÿ“„ Derricks Survival Diary 2


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Day : 25
Year : 1998
Season : autumn
Hour : 12:41

Many days have passed since I've wrote something in my diary, maybe because nothing really happened but today I feel something is different. The band of thieves didn't showed up this morning, usually at hour 08:20 I would have been defending my house from those creeps... but today they didn't showed up, It's not like I miss them but still it makes me feel uncomfortable... Well screw this, I don't care if something happened to those dicks, they might even burn in hell now for all of that things they forced me to do. Beside the whole "Thief B' Gone" I've made myself go to that old street. It didn't looked really good, like I've never seen that kind of mess, and believe me diary I've seen so much gross things but this thing... It made me almost puke... Like those burning bodies smelled like shit!


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My images didn't loaded :C

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