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Day : 45
Year : 1998
Season : Winter
Hour : 17:25

It's been so many days, another 20 days missed from my notes, not like I didn't want to write something in you Diary, but I just couldn't get through all the mess I've seen... Anyways I'm about to check that old office, I saw a couple moving into it a week ago. One male age about 56 and female, looked really young about 22 i think. They didn't looked dangerous, I hope I can trade with them since I'm running on low with water... Damn winter freezes the water.

Hour : 17:45

Jesus! When I got close to the backdoor since the front door was blocked from inside I've found a dead female body under a blanket... There was a letter covered in stains, probably from tears. It looked like that female died from a serious bite... looked like a zombie bite but these days everything can kill you. Also I've found a hanged zombie body, guess that freak took her life so that male decided to hang him...


Hour : 17:50

As I predicted, the male couldn't stand it, after his daughter died from a bite he just took his life... The whole house looked really secured, like you don't see barricaded windows with bricks now. I'm glad they had so much food left, at least I can make it... There was a lot of vodka around that male body and also some pills... He wanted to take his life by this method, but still it took too long so he took his life with a deagle... I digged a grave for the couple with a shovel I found in their house... God bless their souls...


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