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Diary Micha
Day 2: Start Apocalypse .I wasn't have time write first day because i was live too close center city and wasn't have time.I with my friends Artyom and Mark leaved city. Thanks god Artyom has car.We stopped to stay on night in abandom house.
Day 5:We come to village.On seen he abandomed.
Day 5 Night:We stay in basement on night but hear what zombies near.I dont think i will write anymore in diary because we all time in way.
Day 10: I one... We was defend house and in house blown up gas ballon I was thrown through the window and i runned away.I wasnt can helped they because i got lost my shotgun.I dont know .. they alive or no ...But i have hope they alive.
Day 27:Soo lonely.I was in way 17 days.I checked 5 safezone..they all was destroyed.Zombies everyday become stronger and fastest.I still hope they live.Today i stay in city. With Food and drink fine.Weapon too.
Day 43:I already dont hope they alive.We set frequency 434 on radio.Still dont answered.... i think need go on white mountains "Boreas".There is last safezone what i dont checked.If i will not find people... i will stayed here on forever.

PS:I dont soo good in english and there may be errors :)

David (NordaHL)
Posted 1569629059
Hello Vlad, server 6 is now on boreas. I take some time. Sorry. :)

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